Nier Automata characters have a variety of personalities. Some are incredibly complicated, while others are easily recognizable. These characters are all integral to the game's story. Videos about Nier Automata are very popular on streaming websites, like YouTube. You maybe know about this game and its characters through the streaming videos. Let's explore some of their traits below. Pascal: A pacifist machine with feelings and a strong interest in philosophy and human behavior, Pascal is a vital character in the game's plot. He teaches the machine children about fear and asks the player to erase memories from the children's minds in order to prevent them from experiencing it again.


One of the main characters in the anime series "Nier Automata" is 2B. She has a lot of emotions, including frustration and pain. But she also expresses joy when 9S transfers her consciousness into her Machine body. It is important to note that 2B is a very sociable character, but she can also be reserved and withdrawn.

TwoB is the main character of the Nier Automata anime and manga series. She is a female YoRHa android, and part of the YoRHa android force. She has become a popular subject of fan art and cosplay, and she was even the subject of extensive hornyposting online.

The character's design is influenced by haute couture. In haute couture, clothes are custom-made and are usually extremely detailed. The clothing is also tailored to fit the model's body and shape. Since 2B is an android, she would probably be able to modify her clothes to fit her body. Without her delicate attire, 2B would not be as influential in anime fashion as she is today.

2B is a playable character in the Route A mode of the game. She is part of the YoRHa squad, which specializes in close quarters combat. She starts the game with a large sword called the Virtuous Treaty, and a short sword named the Virtuous Contract. 2B is also known for being a bit "too serious" at times, which makes her prone to self-destruct. She will also remove her skirt if she tries to self-destruct, though she isn't able to use the Dress Module.

Another Nier Automata character is Kaine. The android is possessed by the Gestalt, but he has a short black dress and a trademark bob.


As one of the hacker units of the Yorha corporation, 9S has the most emotional character arc of all the characters in Nier: Automata. His relationship with 2B is unmatched, and his hatred of A2 only heightens this bond. This relationship could benefit from further development, particularly in an anime adaptation.

The character's name indicates that he is an android, and he has a strong desire to learn about new technologies and knowledge. He has stated his desire to learn the language Pascal, and to visit the Machine village to understand how the world works. He also has a distrust of Machines, making him the most bigoted character in the series.

The relationship between 9S and 2B develops gradually over the course of the game. Specific dates are not given, but after meeting for the first time, 9S asks 2B to call him "Nines". They also discuss non-mission subjects, although 2B is initially reprimanding him for doing this. However, once the war is over, they agree to go T-shirt shopping together.

In Nier Automata, 9S accompanies 2B for most of Route A, and then stars alongside him in Route B. In addition to this, she also plays a huge role in Route C. As such, she feels like the true main character of Nier Automata, despite the fact that other characters are competing for the same spotlight.

The relationship between 9S and 2B has a rocky history. Although the two characters share a great deal of common traits, they are also polar opposites. In the first game, 9S supports 2B's quest to defeat the machine.


The Nier Automata game features two characters named Kierkegaard. First is Kierkegaard, the leader of a religious robot sect. His cult seeks to become gods by destroying themselves, but later on takes refuge in the Factory Zone. This character is named after the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, who later died of tuberculosis. Kierkegaard is an existentialist who wrote on forgiveness and death, though he did not advocate suicide.

Nier Automata also features intense philosophical themes. It takes ideas from prominent existential thinkers and applies them to realistic scenarios. These ideas include the Categorical Imperative, which is the scientific equivalent of the Golden Rule. Another important philosophical theory is Existence Before Essence, which says that existence precedes essence. Although Nier Automata is a hack-and-slash RPG, it maintains its philosophical roots by adding humor and a playful attitude to its characters.


Ner automata character Anemone is a steadfast and compassionate leader of the Resistance. She also has a strong personality and cares deeply about her friends. Anemone was also the star of a stage play based on the game. The character's first meeting with 2B is a reference to her previous allegiance to A2 in the stage play.

Anemone's character could also be explored in a Ner automata anime. Perhaps her life before the game could be explored. She would have been a member of Yorha before the game began, but eventually left her position when she realized something wasn't right. It's also possible that she'd appear with the 2B and 9S in the forest.


Pascal is one of the most important NPCs in Nier: Automata. A pacifist who avoids fighting, he has an interest in human philosophy and the history of humanity, as well as machine lifeforms. He is a helpful character, who can trade items with you and even form truces with other characters. You first meet Pascal during the story quest Machine Recon.

Pascal watches over the children in the factory and tries to console them. However, when he is left alone, he is attacked by the Machines and A2 tries to stop him. The children are frightened and want to get home. Pascal goes to the abandoned factory and meets with A2 and 9S, who are both attempting to protect the children.

The aliens who used machines to attack Earth are now dead. However, the alien machines have begun to feel emotions and gather in groups. Some of them want to live while others are trying to figure out their purpose. For instance, the feudal machine society is tasked with nurturing the infant king. Pascal, on the other hand, is obsessed with personal beauty.

In Nier: Automata, humans and machines are constantly struggling for a purpose. Adam and Eve chose war, but Pascal chooses peace. He proves to be invaluable to his ally 2B and 9S. However, his ultimate objective is to save his children. Unlike other characters in the video game, he is a robot, but he possesses human characteristics.

During the storyline, the robot learns to cope with human emotions and is very helpful to the player. He also learns how to make toys for children, listens to deep thinkers, and helps the player get to know the people in the village. He also helps the player to overcome his mistrust of the machine.