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  • Top MP4 Video Player Options for Your Devices

    An MP4 video player may suggest just a single format however it is capable of playing many more formats as well. Moreover, with our list of top MP4 video player options for Windows, Mac, and Android you will be able to explore a wide range of audio and videos as per your mood and need along with fabulous quality.

  • Change Video Frame Rate for an Amazing Watching Experience

    Is video frame rate being a new term for you? If yes, you must look forward to knowing more new terms associated with videography in this blog post. We will cover a video frame rate that includes the best frame rate for 4k video. If your curiosity level is a bit high, stay with us.

  • How to Add Music to Facebook Profile?

    We keep you up to date with the new trend set throughout our blogs. In this context, we will inform you of the latest trend of social media giant Facebook and its most happening feature of enabling users to add music to Facebook profile. Keep reading to know how to add Music to Facebook profile to add your favorite tune.

  • HTML5 Video Not Found: Fix the Error and Keep Watching

    It's annoying when you try to play your favorite video, and suddenly the browser gets an HTML5 video not found error. In a lousy mood, you must check how to fix the HTML5 video file not found error. If you tried and failed, read our blog as it will brief you about how you can set the HTML5 video not found the issue and help you continue playing the video.

  • Free Mp3 Music Downloads for Android: Download Your Favorite Melody

    Do you want to listen to your favorite tune on your new Android phone? Well, you need free mp3 music downloads for Android. Download the songs and store them on your device with the help of free mp3 music downloads for android phones. Our blog post will help you download mp3 songs with the free mp3 music downloads for Android. Tune in your mood with us!

  • Bundle of Options for an App that Combines Videos

    Quite a several times users are looking for options of merging two or more videos so that they can be posted on their social media accounts or can be shared over mail easily. This requires an efficient app that combines videos and works efficiently with Android, iPhone, and other devices as well. So, here we are with a ready list of a variety of app options that combine videos for use.

    Diana 03/08/2023
  • VLC Blu-Ray: Now Play Blu-Ray Movies Without Any Trouble

    If you have been wondering about how to play Blu-ray on VLC, stop right there. Yes, the VLC media player’s 2.0 and later versions Blu-ray media playback apart from certain other added operations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Blu-ray VLC, VLC Blu-ray codecs, how to play VLC Blu-ray on Windows 7, and everything else you need to know about VLC Blu-ray.

  • YouTube Archive: Everything Stays on the Internet

    Are you searching for a deleted video on the YouTube archive? It's a typical scenario for YouTube creators and users to search for old videos. Probably you go for the YouTube video archive. Sit and read our blog post as we will unearth the YouTube archive and show you how to watch YouTube archive deleted videos.