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  • How to Convert Handbrake DVD to MP4 Free & Fast

    HandBrake DVD to MP4 will convert your video from almost any format. Are you frustrated by paying packages to get your work done? This guide leads you to free and reliable HandBrake MP4 converter software that can be the best solution for your problems.

  • Best Region Free DVD Players to Play DVDs Freely

    Do you want a region free DVD player to play all DVD content? This article revolves around DVD playback issues restrained from DVD region codes and presents you a simple list of best region free DVD players that enable you to play DVDs without region code restrictions. Read on to take your pick.

  • [It Works!] How to play DVD on HP Laptops on Windows OS

    When talking about how to play DVD on HP laptop, we need to consider Windows versions like XP, Vista, Win 7/8/10. When your HP laptop won’t play DBD, you have to check its OS version and the laptop DVD drive. This post details how to play DVD on HP laptop computers with the best HP DVD player. Read on for details.

  • Copy New DVD Release Easier than Ever Before

    What are the newest DVD releases? What are the top 10 DVD releases? What movies are coming out on DVD? If you are a movie buff, these topics must be your concern in daily life. Luckily, you are on the right page! We are going to resolve your problems and offer the optimal solution to make professional copies of the new release movies on DVD for regular playback or for private sharing among your families or friends.

  • Digitalize Your Stuff by Ripping DVD with VLC

    Have you tried the VLC ripping DVD feature? Want to master how to rip a DVD with VLC? Know any other alternative to rip copy-protected DVDs and digitalize them for mobile playback? You will get all desired answers in this post.

  • Copy Netflix DVD Rental Movies to PC/Mobile Free & Fast

    When people are accustomed to Netflix DVD rental for the latest blockbusters, why not try copying the DVD rental Netflix movies for offline playback both on your PC or mobile whenever you like? This post aims to details the optimal solution to make a quality backup for your favorite movies.

  • How to Fix Scratched DVD & Digitalize the Content for Later Play

    There might be times when you fish out a stack of old but valuable DVD discs only to find some of them are too scratched to be played on your home player. Throw them away or fix scratched DVD, that is a question. To maximize the loss, you might as well read this post for the optimal solution for how to fix a scratched DVD and digitalize the content for later playback.

  • How VLC Trim Video: Know in Detail 2023

    VLC has been a trusted name since we started using Windows to perform many tasks. VLC trim video can give a formidable challenge to any latest software. Our blog will highlight how VLC trim video on Windows and Mac. Stay with us!