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John, a tech blogger with a focus on streaming reviews and product coverage, has a background in information technology and a strong interest in figuring out the features and cons of the software. When he’s not reviewing products, he’ll be searching online for makeup ideas or photography tips. We all call him "Crystal of DVDFab".

Latest Posts

  • How To Watch The CW Live

    The CW is expanding its content as its tries to sell it and the series are worth watching. But do you know how to watch CW live? With all your favorite shows and movies from the DC universe on this network, it is very important for users to know how to watch CW live as well as on demand to get the best of the network. Today, this article will talk about some of the best methods that can be used to watch CW live. In addition to this, we will also have a look at how to download shows from the streaming service for offline viewing. Let us have a look.

  • Three Ways to get Twitch on Roku: Steps & Instructions

    Enjoying your favorite video game on Twitch doubles your excitement when you enjoy it with your ultimate Twitch on Roku experience.

  • Best Pluto TV Channels To Watch Right Now

    Pluto TV has been present in the industry for quite some time now. The service has had abundant to develop an actually cool collection of channels. Currently, the coolest thing about the service is that they are not channels like users were used to watching over on cable. While it is true that Pluto TV channels comes with some classis stuff that users will find on cable, such as MLB, CNN, CBSN, Fox Sports, Sky News, and others, for the most part, they have their own channels focusing on specific shows or a certain type of content.

  • How To Stream PS4 On Twitch

    PS4 users always wish to livestream their game. And what would be a good platform other than Twitch. If you are one of the users who wish to know to how to stream on Twitch PS4, then this is the right place for you. Today, we will have a look at different methods that will help you stream your gameplay not only on PS4, but also on different platforms. Read below to know more.

  • Everything To Know About Discovery Plus On Roku

    Finally Discovery Plus was made available as a premium subscription on the Roku channel. Apart from all the original content, this inclusion brings more than 70,000 episodes of shows from HGTV, Discovery Channel, TLC, Food Network, Travel Channel, ID, Animal Planet, OWN, History Channel, A&E, Magnolia Network, and Lifetime. The subscription costs for the streaming platform via the Roku channel are the same as if you would get the service as a separate entity. Hence, this gives the answer to “can I get Discovery Plus on Roku” question of a number of users. Read below to know about how to get this service on Roku easily.

  • How To Cancel ESPN Plus

    ESPN Plus is a well-known streaming service due to its huge library of live sports programming along with sports documentaries, original content, and many more. While the service is not the most costly streaming platform, ESPN Plus comes for a price tag of $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. If you need to take a break from the service, the process to know how to cancel ESPN Plus is very simple. The exact steps might differ, though, relying upon on what platform you're using and how you are billed. Read below to know more about the cancelation process.

  • How To Get Apple TV On Firestick

    The market currently is full of streaming platforms and Apple TV Plus is one of the best options that users have at their disposal. The critically acclaimed and some of the best TV shows from Apple TV Plus has made a special spot in the heart of the users. And hence, users are willing to watch the content from this platform on different streaming devices. And, nowadays, users are looking for answer to the “is Apple TV on Firestick?” question. If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, then this article will definitely help you in knowing how to watch this streaming platform on this device. Read below to know more.

  • 5 Ways to Fix the Disney Plus Error Code 42

    Your entire streaming experience may suffer frequent errors like Disney Plus error code 42. Learn about some methods to get rid of it permanently.