From entertainment to requirement, YouTube has all the answers to all of your uncommon, unknown, or unresolved quarries. So, when you need consistent support from your favorite YouTube world at every moment, you must know how to save YouTube videos to camera roll for your offline companionship. So, here, you go with the four authentic and easy methods of how to download streaming video to camera roll Android.

Method 1: How to save YouTube videos to camera roll Android with YouTube Premium Subscription 

One of the most authentic options is downloading YouTube videos with the YouTube Premium subscription of $11.99/month for a single or $17.99/month for five profiles. While using the official YouTube app on your mobile, you must follow how to download YouTube videos to Camera roll Android.

Step 1: After opening the YouTube app on the Android device, you must log into your YouTube Premium account with your credentials through an activated Google account.

Step 2: While selecting your desired YouTube video for downloading, you should choose the "Download" icon beneath the video. 

Step 3: Go for the "Video Quality" option of FHD (1080p-100MB)/ High (720p-50MB)/ Medium (360p-18MB)/ Low (144p-9.4MB) from the pop-up & tap "Download."

Step 4: You can also save the "Download settings" option for a hassle-free & effortless direct video downloading process from the next time onwards. 

Step 5: Once the downloading process is over, you can check the "Black Tick," & you will get the "Read Downloaded" option.

Method 2: How to save YouTube videos to camera roll Android Via Built-in Screen Recording Option 

To enjoy YouTube videos in your offline world on your Android smartphone, you don't have to go anywhere else since Android 10 & later versions offer the most effective built-in screen recording option. So, following the steps below, you will easily know how to save YouTube videos to the camera roll for later access.

Step 1: After opening your Android device, you should swipe down the notification panel from the top twice to locate and open "Menu" to access the "Quick Settings" option. Go for the "Screen Record" icon.

Step 2: If you can't find the " Screen Record" option in the "Quick Setting" menu, you should move to the "More" menu icon > Edit option > scroll through the right side to reach the "Screen record" option. 

Step 3: In some models, you have to select the pencil-shaped "Customize" icon from the "Menu" to locate the "Screen Record" option. Next, you must drag the option from the bottom to the top to add it to the "Quick Settings" option. Then select the "Arrow" icon to exit.

Step 4: You can select the screen recording with the audio option and your screen touch-showing option. You have to swipe the toggle to the right to activate any of these options.

Step 5: To initiate screen recording select the "Start" option. Once you are done with the recording process, click on the red "Screen Recorder notification mentioning "Tap to Stop" while swiping down the screen from the top.

Step 6: To access your recordings move to your devices' default camera roll/ gallery > library > get all the recordings.

Method 3: Save YouTube videos to Camera Roll Android through Online Downloader 

how to save YouTube videos to camera roll Android:Method 3: Save YouTube videos to Camera Roll Android through Online Downloader 

If you want to save your favorite YouTube world on your Android device without any registration hassle, the easy & simple downloading feature of will be the best option. While enjoying MP4/MP3 file format downloads to HD quality resolution, you can get your YouTube downloads to your specifications.

Step 1: Once you open on your Android device using any web browser, you must select the video you like to download and copy the URL while clicking on the "Share" option of your selected video.

Step 2: Open on your device & paste the copied video link into the corresponding dashboard at the top of the web page.

Step 3: Select the "download" option and go for your desired file format, video quality & downloading speed from the app settings. After finishing the downloading process, your YouTube download is ready for offline watching on your Android device.

If you are thinking about whether there will be any problem using these methods for YouTube video downloading, you will be disappointed to know that there are a few limitations that you may face with these methods. So, let's see what these limitations are to overcome them.

  • YouTube Premium doesn't have any dedicated app to download videos on the computer.
  • All videos can only be downloaded by paying for an expensive premium subscription.
  • Downloaded videos will auto-delete after a certain time.
  • With screen recording, you can only download part of the video in one click.
  • There is no audio & video quality or format selection option to customize storage space on your device.
  • Online tools are risky for devices & your data.
  • A batch, automatic & ads-free downloading option is missing in this online tool.

So, to eliminate all of these obstacles while downloading YouTube world for your flexible offline watch, you must try the ultimate & unlimited downloading option of StreamFab for Android. While downloading YouTube videos, you can download any of your favorite videos from more than 1000 websites. So, let's see how this software works.

Method 4: How to save YouTube videos to Camera Roll Android with StreamFab for Android 

While downloading your favorite YouTube videos on your Android device, the maximum customization available in StreamFab for Android is the first and foremost advantage you can avail of. When most YouTube video downloading methods have many limitations to provide minimum customization, StreamFab for Android allows you to customize your favorite YouTube video as per your needs and preferences.

While enjoying YouTube downloads on Android devices, if you want to widen your downloading experience on the big screen of your Windows/Mac computer StreamFab for Android is here to meet your requirement with utmost customization. So, you can explore the exclusive features of maximum audio-video quality selection options, fastest downloading features, more available formats, etc., without any buffering or suffering.

how to save YouTube videos to camera roll Android:Method 4: How to save YouTube videos to Camera Roll Android with StreamFab for Android 


  • Enjoy ads-free YouTube downloads on your Android device.
  • Share your download to any device with Mp4 file format saving.
  • Choose video quality from 480p/720p/1080p resolution.
  • Enjoy high-quality sound with AAC 2.0 audio & 320 kbps.
  • Get unlimited downloads permanently.
  • Enjoy batch downloading with subtitles & metadata.
  • Locate YouTube videos through the built-in browsing option.

YouTube Video Downloading Steps 

Step 1: Launch the software & select the website.

After downloading, installing, or launching the software on your Android device, head to the Homepage to select the YouTube icon from the available website options.

Step 2: Reach the site via built-in browsing

Alternatively, you can find the YouTube website while placing the URL in the address bar of the built-in browser.

Step 3: Find the video to play

Next, locate the YouTube video for offline watching and start the playback.

Step 4: Customize the output profile

Start customizing your selected video by selecting video resolution, audio quality, format, number of episodes, or any show you want to download.

Step 5: Complete Downloading process

After completing your output video customization process, you must opt for "Download Now" to complete the downloading process.


Where to find YouTube downloads saved through online downloaders on Android?

Android app drawers > My Files/ File Manager > select "Downloads" > get all the downloads.

What are the advantages of downloading YouTube videos to Camera roll Android?

  • You can share & edit the downloads.
  • Watch the downloads while traveling without the internet.
  • After sharing the downloads with other devices, you can remove them from your Android device to increase storage space.
  • Enjoy downloads without any ad disturbance.

What is the primary purpose of YouTube downloads?

  • For making any inspirational, tutorial, educational, or any other video.
  • For dependency-free offline entertainment purposes.
  • To save any favorite video permanently for repeat watch.
  • To save the video before it gets removed from the platform.

Last Word 

Suppose you want to know the most authentic and convenient option of how to save YouTube videos to camera roll android. In that case, you must go for the one that will give you freedom and flexibility in downloading YouTube videos. So, if you don't want to compromise with your offline YouTube entertainment, stay stuck with the systematic & limitation-free downloading option of StreamFab for Android.