DVDFab Free Download

  1. Is my purchased license eligible for free updates?

    Yep. Once you purchased DVDFab iFoneRestore, you are granted the lifetime minor updates and major upgrades, totally free.
  2. I have ever purchased your Windows software and now I changed my PC to Mac. Can I install this software onto my Mac? Or can you send me a Mac version?

    All of our software products are platform-independent ones, a Windows software cannot be installed onto a Mac computer and vice versa. In your case, you need to buy a separate license for the Mac version, please keep any eye on our website, there are promotions which offer deep discount, from time to time.
  3. Can I use the same license code on different computers?

    The answer is NOPE. DVDFab iFoneRestore is licensed per computer, which is to say, one license canonly be used on one computer to activate one copy of the software.
  4. I entered the license code you sent to me, but the software said “Registration info is invalid”. Why?

    There are several possible reasons:
    1. There is no space at the beginning or the end of the code; otherwise the code is recognized as an invalid code.
    2. Don’t mix up the Windows and Mac version products, which are completely two different products and have separate licenses of each own.

  5. Why I didn’t receive the license code for several hours after my purchase?

    The reasons could be one of the following:

    1. Your E-mail service provider rejects E-mail from unknown senders, and out e-mail cannot reach to you.
    2. It might be your E-mail setting, the e-mail containing your license code went to Trash directly. Have a look there.
    3. You offered an invalid e-mail address when making the purchase.

    4. There was a typo or minor mistake when you enter your e-mail which you did not even notice.

  6. How long it will take me to receive the license code after making my purchase?

    Generally, it will take only a couple of minutes. You will receive the license code via E-mail, so make sure the e-mail account you offer is valid.
  7. Do you provide technical support for trial users?

    Absolutely! Should you have any question when using DVDFab iFoneRestore, just write an e-mail to service@dvdfab.cn, our support team will get back to you within 48 hours.
  8. What’s the difference between the trial version and the registered/paid version?

    There’s no difference in what data will be displayed in the application. However, with the trial version, you cannot recover the data to your computer. You need to pay for a license to do that.
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