DVD enthusiasts can never think of anything better than playing the disc in comparison to streaming. If there is one thing, the digital world has not been able to surpass is the enjoyment that comes with DVD movies. That being said, having the best 4k blu ray player at your disposal is one way to enhance your viewing experience because not all DVD players work great.

What Is The Difference Between Blu Ray And DVD Player?

Speaking of DVD and Blu-ray DVD players, these types differ in terms of technology used to record or read data.

Blu ray vs dvd, Blu ray technology refers to the blue laser that is used to read the disc. It allows more information to be stored in a smaller amount of space. On the other hand, DVDs use a longer-wavelength red laser to record and read discs.

Blu ray vs DVD discs

Before getting onto Blu-ray and DVD players, you must understand what these two technologies are and how they work. Hence, you can make the best decision when it comes to watching your favorite 4k blu ray movies in high-definition.

DVD Discs

Digital video discs (DVDs) are small optical discs that store digital video content.

  • The information on a DVD is written with a 650 nanometer (nm) red laser, which generates minute bumps in a groove on the disc as it travels across it. The red laser within a DVD player read the bumps in the spiral track of data.
  • A standard DVD is capable of holding 4.7 GB of data.
  • It is possible to record high-quality music and video on a DVD.
  • The video is encoded in the MPEG-2 standard format.
  • DVDs offer 720-pixel resolution in high definition.

Blu-ray Discs

The Blu-ray DVDs are written with a 405 nm blue laser, which speaks for the name itself.

  • This laser emits a narrowly focused beam and is capable of burning more data onto the same amount of space as a red laser
  • A normal Blu-ray Disc can carry up to 50 GB of information.
  • Generally speaking, commercial music and video are encoded in a proprietary format known as Blu-ray Disc Movie (BDMV).

On the other hand, it is more difficult to see fine details on Blu-ray discs than on DVDs. On a Blu Ray vs DVD comparison, the resolution of Blu-ray is greater than on DVDs. The audio quality on Blu-ray is comparable to that of a professional recording studio. In addition, Blu-ray Discs are typically equipped with a laserdisc drive that offers interactive menus, numerous audio tracks, and other special features.

Is blu ray 4k?

Normal Blu-ray discs look fantastic, but their maximum resolution is just 1920 x 1080 at the highest quality setting. A 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is the highest possible resolution. That's a fourfold increase in the number of pixels.

5 Best 4k Blu Ray Player

If you have a huge collection of DVDs or like watching Blu-ray DVDs, it is of weight to consider the best options available in the market.

Particularly concerned with the visual and audio quality, the optimum balance of detail, subtlety, brightness, and realism is crucial. However, the quality will be significantly affected if you have a Blu Ray player with wifi.

1. Sony's UBP-X800M2

It is a high-definition DVD player, an ideal choice for audiophiles that appreciate quality sound.

best 4k blu ray player:1. Sony's UBP-X800M2


  • It offers a sleek and minimalistic design
  • Support Bluetooth headphone streaming
  • Dolby Atmos, 4K Ultra HD, and Dolby Vision + HDR10 compatibility


  • It does not support HDR10+
  • A bit expensive in comparison to others.

2. The Sony BDP-S6700

It is the best 4k upscaling Blu-ray DVD player with a wide range of features and exceptional high-end image and video quality.

best 4k blu ray player:2. The Sony BDP-S6700


  • Excellent upscaling from 1080p Blu-rays and DVDs
  • 4K streaming from all of the main streaming services
  • Control with a smartphone


  • The design is a little clumsy.

3. Panasonic DP-UB150

If you are looking for the best budget Ultra HD player, then this is the most promising DVD in the market because of its quality and features.

best 4k blu ray player:3. Panasonic DP-UB150


  • The greatest Ultra HD player for the money
  • The image is bright and lively
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Panasonic's High-Resolution Audio at a reasonable price


  • Dolby Vision is not supported

4. Pioneer UDP-LX500

If your concern is “can blu ray players play DVDs”, then yes. Pioneer 4K Blu-ray DVD player offers 3D Blu-ray support along with the latest HDMI cable that enhances your viewing experience.

best 4k blu ray player:4. Pioneer UDP-LX500


  • 4k Crisp and sharp image quality
  • Dynamic and expressive sound
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight


  • Does not support HDR10+

5. Microsoft Xbox Series X

Watching 4k blu ray movies can be the most entertaining with this Blu-ray player. It offers lifelike colours and stunning details.

best 4k blu ray player:5. Microsoft Xbox Series X


  • Exceptional value
  • 5GHz blu ray player with wifi
  • Wide range of streaming apps
  • Regular updates


  • May not fit in popular A/V cabinet

Play DVDs in HD without Blu Ray DVD Player: PlayerFab All-In-One

Your concern “can blu ray players play DVDs” is correct if you are looking for an immersive viewing experience or want to put your DVD collection to good use. However, you can watch DVDs in good quality with players that upscale DVDs to meet high-end image quality expectations.

best 4k blu ray player:Play DVDs in HD without Blu Ray DVD Player: PlayerFab All-In-One

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PlayerFab All-In-One DVD player allows you to play local videos and stream the most popular channels without additional charges or hassle. Having an all-in-one player is not just a dream with PlayerFab DVD player because of its nifty features, including;

Play DVDs in HD

A video player that is capable of playing local videos as well as DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD discs, enhancing the quality. Without worrying about the format, you can play all kinds of files locally stored on your computer, DVDs, UHD, and Blu Ray DVDs.

Online Streaming

PlayerFab all-in-one is your one-stop playback platform. Its streaming playback convergence platform, allows you to watch videos from a broad range of major streaming services, such as;

  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Tubi
  • Peacock, and many more, in one place.

Furthermore, you do not have to waste time searching for your desired videos on various streaming sites since PlayerFab has got your back.

Making it overall the best media experience it offers a quick, straightforward, and convenient playback features, including;

  • Online video playback in Full HD 1080p video quality
  • EAC3 audio quality
  • There are several videos and audio quality options
  • You can jump right to the main content by skipping the introduction
  • PlayerFab allows you to alter the playback speed
  • PlayerFab “auto skip next episode” enables users to have a continuous and immersive viewing experience
  • You can select from a variety of customizable audio and subtitle options

Organized Media Library

If you have been dealing with issues like having no space proper space to organize your DVDs or finding it hard to look for the right movie at the right time, PlayerFab is your saviour.

All you have to do now is drag and drop your files from your hard drive into the 4K player programme. It automatically sorts all of your data neatly according to albums, artists, and genres almost immediately.

  • Metadata is downloaded automatically; When you upload a media file to PlayerFab, it will automatically scrape and download posters for all of your media files from the Internet and organise them into precise groupings.
  • Collection of videos; PlayerFab automatically combined all your series files and movies into a single file, allowing you to save time and have a better viewing experience.
  • Auto download metadata and quick editing; for future editing or viewing, PlayerFab automatically downloads metadata for better sorting.
  • Multiple Languages; unlike other players, PlayerFab has the ability to change the language of video information such as the cast and descriptions into your desired language.
  • Auto-update of the library; PlayerFab will automatically update in order to adapt to the most recent condition whenever your local files change, for example, when you upload some new videos or remove an old one.
  • Audio Formats Support; Almost all major audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, CUE, APE, and others, are supported, including MP3 and WAV.

Backup and Import DVDs

In order to keep up with the rapid release of new movies and television shows, you must regularly add your newly acquired DVD and Blu-ray discs to your personal media collection. To help you out in this situation, the Disc Import feature of this super-capable 4K media player comes in helpful. You can import a Blu-ray or DVD to your local media library from an optical drive. Moreover, it allows you to save files in an ISO file for subsequent viewing.

GPU Acceleration

A seamless viewing experience does not only depend on the player you are using, but also the system it uses. PlayerFab offer hardware decoding for AMD, IQS, and Nvidia platforms in one package. PlayerFab’s up-to-date powerful GPU acceleration technology, including AMD, IQS (Intel Quick Sync), and NVIDIA CUDA hardware decoding. It offers a smoother viewing experience with improved image quality.

Computer To Smart Screen Viewing

This all-inclusive media player comes with two playback modes, each with its own distinctive user interface design. PC Mode is optimised for a really immersive media viewing experience on computer screens. On the other hand, when it comes to large-screen smart TVs, “TV Mode” is committed to providing a cinematic audio-visual experience that works in conjunction with the Microsoft Remote Control for Windows Media Center.

User-friendly Interface

DVDFab never stays behind when it comes to keeping user preference and convenience a priority. If you want to construct a player with a wide range of capabilities, PlayerFab claims to provide the most straightforward and intuitive user experience possible.

Let’s have a look at how convenient it is to navigate within the programme.

  • Speed manager; It allows you to alter the video speed in accordance with your requirements.
  • Hotkey for ease of use; PlayerFab also comes with a robust set of tools and controls that are well worth exploring. You can use a hotkey to make the viewing experience more convenient.
  • Quick and easy playlist; you will find it straightforward and convenient to construct and manage your own personalised playlists in the media player.
  • Quick snapshot; You can use the snapshot function to capture important scenes for any reason.
  • Thumbnail; you can conveniently navigate swiftly to the desired sections with a quick preview by hovering the mouse over the timeline.

Are you still wondering about the difference between blu ray and dvd?

PlayerFab not only allows you to play DVDs and Blu-ray DVDs in HD but give complete freedom to your hands. Create a bespoke media player from custom language to multiple playback modes available to you at the touch of a button.


Entering the market, you will find a wide range of DVD and Blu-ray DVD players, but not all players are the best. There are a lot of factors that contribute to high-definition video quality. Moreover, you can enjoy HD quality local and online streaming without having the need to get a DVD player. PlayerFab is an all-in-one media player that comes at such an affordable price as compared to the nifty features it has to offer.


1. Can I convert a region 1 DVD to a region 2 DVD?

Depending on the player you are using, you can change or adjust the region in your player's settings. You can right-click the DVD drive and select Properties from the menu. Then, select the DVD drive from the Hardware menu on the left. Click the “Properties” button in the menu. Here you can select the region from the DVD “Region” drop-down menu.

2. Is the PlayerFab DVD player region free?

The good news is that if you have a full version, PlayerFab DVD Player allow you to watch DVDs without region restrictions.

3. Can Blu Ray players play DVDs?

Blu Ray DVD players are equipped with both red and blue laser technology used to read DVDs. Hence, if you wish to play DVDs on your Blu Ray player, it will activate the red laser to run the DVD. Moreover, you must know that a Blu Ray player can play a normal DVD, not otherwise.