Can blu ray play DVD? The question strikes you if you want to run a DVD on blu ray player. The mechanism of blu ray player is different from than DVD player. A blu ray player can play blu ray, DVD, cd, etc., with better audio-visual quality. If you think a blu ray play a DVD, you guess right, and one more of your query can you play a DVD on blu ray player is sorted out. Being a consumer, there are multiple questions you need to ask before making a purchase decision. Similarly, you must have the correct information about the relevant product you will purchase. 

can blu ray play dvd:

Let’s look at both blu ray player and DVD player and their functions to access or read to get a clear picture. 

What is Blu-Ray Player?

To give you an outstanding streaming experience, the Blu Ray player was introduced to the consumers as the DVD replacement. The blu ray disc is an advanced player that offers high-definition pictures. The player is perfectly matched with your smart TVs and various streaming platforms. The recent launch of blu ray player comes with portable models, rechargeable batteries, car adopters, and battery chargers. With extensive features, some blu ray player offers 3D capability.

Types of Blu-ray players available in the market? 

At present, there are two types of Blu-ray Players available. They are: 

  • 1080p Blu ray player
  • 4k UHD Blu ray player

Both provide a standard picture and audio quality. 4k functions Ultra High Definition that consists of all the latest movies, videos with sharp graphics, and detailed views.  

How blu ray player reads blu ray disc? 

Blu ray uses a blue laser beam to read the blu ray disc. The shorter wavelength ( 405 Nanometers) of the blue ray helps to read the information precisely. The pits of blu ray are smaller in size 0.15 microns long, which allows the laser to focus more intensely. 

Can you play a DVD on a blu ray player?

Yes, it can. Other than any scratch over the surface of the DVD, the Blu-ray player plays DVD. To read the DVD, a red laser beam is required. When a blu ray player reads DVD, it turns on the red laser, which helps to read the data on the DVD surface. In the present scenario, manufacturers produce both blu laser and red laser so that both can be readable in a single-player. 

Can you play blu ray on a DVD player? 

No. the DVD player cannot read blu rays as to read blu ray; it requires a blu laser beam. If you don’t have blu ray player, then it will be a waste of your money to buy blu ray disc as you cannot watch your favorite movie on blu ray on DVD player. We hope you summarize the answer to the question can a DVD player play blu ray. For the laser beam and the wavelength, you need blu ray player to play blu ray, not a DVD player.

However, as blu ray player is compatible with both blu ray and DVD, cd, it will be wise to buy a blu ray player. You can watch the high-definition content with intense audio-visual effects clarity.

Is Blu-Ray player buying is a wise decision now? Why?

Quality watching would be a different perspective if you mixed it with blind faith on blu ray. Cause the changing technology never allows you to settle down with six months old player, even blu ray. You need to upgrade with time, especially in the media and technology sector. Streaming resolution touches 4k resolution, requiring the high-end player to stream and watch if you want to enjoy every oz. 

Plus, region-restrictions codes are another major downside of blu ray or DVD. Users encounter a problem in terms of protecting content privacy: you need to remove the restriction code when you try to play the blu ray disc. Further, with the rising cost of a blu-ray player, it can affect much on your financial budget.

Watch Blu ray with PlayerFab All-in-One: Play your Blu ray with ease

can blu ray play dvd:Watch Blu ray with PlayerFab All-in-One: Play your Blu ray with ease

PlayerFab All in One, a product of DVDFab, can reduce your anxiety of whether running blu ray on a DVD player or supporting 4k streaming on blu ray player. The software supports blu ray, DVD, local disc for streaming and offers you many functions that suit your needs. Even the tool supports UHD and various streaming platforms to provide quality streaming every time you hit the play button. With PlayerFab, there is no need to encounter the query like can you play DVD on Blu ray as you can play any blu ray, DVD, UHD, etc., after removing the restriction codes and playing without any region errors. Compatible with Mac and Windows, the tool provides good functionality. 

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In what way should you pick PlayerFab instead Blu-ray player? 

You will not get certain features in a blu ray player and can watch the better picture and audio quality of your movies and videos. The notable features are: 

  • The streaming player can play blu ray, DVD, UHD, local disc
  • The tool supports various streaming platforms so that you can access maximum entertainment 
  • Its online playback support FHD 1080p and EAC3 5.1 audio quality
  • It offers auto-adjust playback speed, intro-skipping, and auto-playing the episodes of TV series
  • It supports various video and audio formats, including H.264, H.265/HEVC, MP4, MKV, FLV, VOB, etc
  • Regardless of format, the tool supports 4k Ultra HD blu rays without any extra cost
  • It helps 3D content that the average blu ray player cannot
  • It can produce high-quality HDR effects that include HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision
  • Backup your DVD and Blu ray player for further watch in your media library


To avail of all the features, you need to pay $169.99. And if you are an existing user of DVDFab, you pay only $69.

If you buy a blu ray player, you only buy a player with limited options, but if you go for software that supports your multiple entertainment trail, you will no longer be happy with the limited options.

If you go with a comparative discussion, you can conclude that a tool with versatile operation is always better than a player with limited features. Still, if you have more queries and clarify everything before making the buying decision, look at the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why my Blu-Ray player cannot play DVDs?

There might be several reasons that include scratch disc surface, region restrictions codes, compatibility issues with the player, etc. DVDs become obsolete from the market significantly sooner or later.

What is the difference between DVD and Blu-ray?

The significant difference between DVD and Blu-ray is you cannot watch high definition on DVD. Whereas Blu ray support standard streaming definition. DVD support 480SD and Blu ray starts with 1080p, the standard definition that can give you crystal clear picture and quality audio. 

What will happen if I enter a Blu-ray into a DVD player?

It will not play, and you might be disappointed. The reason is both the disc thickness is similar 1.1 mm polycarbonate layer. But both store the data differently, and the designed DVD player cannot access the data on Blu ray. If you enter a blu ray into the DVD player, it will not run. 

Can a blu ray player play DVD?

Yes, it can. You can play all kinds of DVDs CDs on blu ray player as its support even specified disc, including audiophiles, Super Audio CDs (SACDs), etc. If you want to take a digital copy or run a DVD to watch or listen to music videos or content, blu ray player will allow you to do so. 

Final Words 

In the fast-changing digital world, you have to adopt the habits to change with time, curving down the chance of becoming obsolete. You must know that a DVD is lost and Blu-ray replace it quickly since the question arises, can blu ray play DVD? We show you the reasons to examine the facts. Thus we can conclude to answer you, can you play a DVD on a blu ray player? And you can understand that blu ray player has its multifunctionality that allows you to run DVD, cd, along with blu ray disc. If you want to bypass the player issue and take help from software, PlayerFab will serve the purpose for sure.