Blu-ray is the new cutting-edge technology when it comes to viewing movies and tv shows. They can store hundreds of gigabytes of data, making it ideal for storing 4K and 8K movies in lossless quality.

Sony has been known for its amazing technologies and for its contribution to the market of Blu-ray players. They have released Blu-ray disks that are affordable and can store a ton of data. Plus, they also create amazing Blu-ray players.

Do you know what could compliment a Sony Blu-ray player? A perfect media player app. If a media player has the necessary features to make the most out of a Sony 4K Blu-ray player, then it is a must-have for anyone who loves to watch movies and TV shows.

And that is why, here, we have brought to you some of the best Sony Blu-ray player applications that you should definitely have if you want to utilize all the features of Sony Blu-ray players.

Best Alternative of Sony Blu-ray Player

PlayerFab Ultra HD Player

sony blu ray player

DVDFab has been a big name and has a massive contribution in creating software that is beneficial for people who love to watch movies and TV shows from DVDs, Blu-ray disks, streaming platforms, etc.

This is another of their amazing tools, a Sony Blu-ray DVD player, that will give you the experience when you visit a movie theater.

Let us move on to talk about its features.

Create A Detailed Personalized Library

The very first thing that will catch your eye is PlayerFab’s ability to create libraries for your movies. This feature can be extremely helpful if you have a large number of DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

PlayerFab reads the contents that are present in your DVD and arranges the playlist accordingly. If there is some metadata missing, like poster, name of the director, etc., then PlayerFab will automatically find out metadata and insert it into the movies.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a genuine DVD or a ripped ISO copy, this Sony Blu-ray player remote app will add all forms of metadata effortlessly.

Look For a Movie Everywhere at Once

With so many streaming platforms out there, getting the right movie from the right platform is a big hassle. However, thanks to this Sony Blu-ray DVD player, you can simply search for the movie in a single search box, and PlayerFab will find it and play it for you.

Utilize Your Blu-ray Disks to The Fullest

Blu-ray disks contain movies and TV shows that come in lossless quality and enhanced visuals and sound. For example, many movies these days come in 8K resolution, HDR quality, EAC3 5.1, etc.

Now, you will need a Sony Blu-ray player that will make use of all these technologies to give you a realistic experience. Be it 1080P, 4K, 8K, or any other resolution, you will feel like you are sitting in a movie theater.

Control Playback Speeds

Some scenes can bore you to death, while others can keep your eyes peeled. In some cases, you may want to skip the exposition, and in other cases, you want to see the action scenes slowly. Or perhaps, you want to skip the credits scene of MCU movies so that you can see their iconic post-credit clips.

Using PlayerFab, you will be able to set the playback speeds according to your wish. So, from now on, you don’t have to wait through a boring scene just to get to the interesting part.

Skip Intro of Each Episode

A lot of TV shows have really cool intros. But if you are binge-watching a series, listening to that intro so many times can get boring and even annoying.

So, this Sony DVD Blu-ray player has the option to skip the intro of a TV series that you are watching. It automatically detects the intro section from any video and skips it.

Skip Directly to The Next Episode

Since we are talking about TV shows, this Sony Blu-ray player remote app also gives you the option to skip to the next episode automatically.

This can be really useful if you plan on watching an entire series at once, as you don’t have to go to the next episode manually all the time.

Make Use of The Multiple Audio Files

Most of the movies and TV shows that are released on Blu-ray discs are dubbed in different languages or come with subtitles of some other language.

Using this Sony Blu-ray player, you are able to choose any audio or subtitle file according to your convenience using this PlayerFab’s simple interface.

Get Rid of Ads

No one likes it when you are watching a movie or a TV show, and suddenly an advertisement pops out of nowhere – ruining your flow. Life would have been so much easier if some app could remove those annoying ads automatically.

Oh, wait! There is a tool – PlayerFab! It can detect any advertisements present in Blu-ray discs and remove them automatically beforehand. This will ensure that you do not have to wait through an entire advertisement to continue watching your favorite movie.

Compatibility With All

Generally, Blu-ray discs come loaded with videos in MP4 format. And there are lots of codecs of the MP4 format. Some Blu-ray players may not be compatible with a couple of codecs.

But that’s not the case for PlayerFab. This Sony DVD Blu-ray player application is able to support all the available codecs and video formats. Even if a new format comes to the market, PlayerFab will release updates as soon as possible to make sure it is compatible with the new format.

Navigation-Menus Under Your Fingertips

All commercial DVDs and Blu-ray discs these days come with a navigation menu that helps you to choose from scenes, episodes, etc.

Such a cool feature becomes useless if you play it on your Blu-ray player but are not able to control it. However, PlayerFab detects any navigation menu (commercial or homemade) and allows you to control it – giving you full access to all the disc’s contents.

Get Even Smoother Playback with Latest Hardware Acceleration Technologies

Sony Blu-ray 4K players read a disc and then decode it so that you are able to see the movie on the screen. The decoding is generally done in advance so that you get a smooth viewing experience.

However, in some cases, video decoders in a Sony Blu-ray DVD player may not be able to cope with the playback speed.

In such cases, hardware acceleration comes handy. If you have good hardware in your computer, you can utilize it to improve the decoding rate so that you can always get a buttery smooth experience.

PlayerFab supports all the latest hardware technologies like NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync (IQS). If you have a good processor and a graphics card, then PlayerFab will utilize it to give you the most premium experience.

Goes Easy of Your PC

Another amazing thing about PlayerFab is that even though it gives you so many features, it doesn’t consume any significant amount of resources. If you have an Intel i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 40 GB of hard drive storage, you are good to go. And if you have better hardware, you can utilize the hardware acceleration technologies of PlayerFab.


  • Cool and interactive user interface.
  • Lots of attractive features
  • You can create some premium libraries
  • Comes with the latest hardware acceleration

How to Use PlayerFab to Create an Amazing Library

One of the major selling points of this Sony 4K Blu-ray player is its ability to create detailed and well-designed libraries.

To help you out, here is a comprehensive guide on how to create libraries in PlayerFab.

Step 1: Download PlayerFab from the official site and then authorize it to get access to all of PlayerFab’s features.

sony blu ray player

Click on the menu located on the left side of the minimize button and click on Authorize. On the next window, enter your DVDFab credentials, and you are good to go.

You will get the following message.

sony blu ray player

Step 2: After you have successfully authorized PlayerFab, take a look at the left side of the window. There, you will see your library and other streaming platforms.

To create your custom library, click on any of the options like Movies, Collections, etc.

sony blu ray player

Here, you will be able to see the libraries that you have created. To create a new one, click on Add Now.

sony blu ray player

In the next window, you can add videos, select audio and subtitle files, and do a lot of other stuff.

Step 3: If you want to play a video from a streaming platform, click on VIP Streaming located on the left side of the screen.

sony blu ray player

Select any of the streaming platforms. A built-in browser will open up. Sign in to your streaming account, and you can easily get access to the movies and TV shows from there and watch it in the Sony Blu-ray player remote app.

VLC Media Player

Now, this is a Sony 4k Blu-ray player that is completely free and open source. VLC Media Player by VideoLAN is an excellent alternative to PlayerFab if you cannot afford to spend money on buying software.

Since this is a media player that is totally free, you can get access to all of their amazing features without spending a penny.

Here are some of the most notable features of VLC Media Player.

Free Video Downloader

If you plan on downloading a 4K video from YouTube, then you don’t have to look for any other place. VLC has a built-in video downloader that lets you download online videos for free.

Synchronize Audio and Subtitles

There are some cases in which the audio becomes laggy and does not remain in sync with the video. The same thing can happen with subtitles.

Using VLC, you will be able to set the audio and subtitle delay using keyboard shortcuts. You can increase or reduce the delay by any amount so that you can get audio and subtitles in sync with the video.

Cross-Platform Support

VLC Media Player is a Sony 4k Blu-ray player that is available on all operating systems. That is why it is designed in a way that it can support any video format among every operating system.

Great Customization

The VLC media player is open source. So, the code is publicly available. You can download it and make your modifications and contributions.

Plus, there is a large community that creates different add-on features and themes, which you can download and install in your VLC media player.

While this may not be useful for everyone, you can install the VLC media player module on your python programs. So, you now have an integrated Sony DVD 4K Blu-ray player on your personal project.


a. Free and open source.

b. Cross platforms support

c. Allows you to adjust audio and subtitle delay

d. Gives you great customization abilities


Since it is free software, there is a limit to how many features this Sony 4K Blu-ray player can provide.

That is why you will find a couple of features, like library management, hardware acceleration, etc., missing in VLC.

Final Words: Comparing These Two Services

PlayerFab is known for providing features that no one else is able to provide in the freemium range. Meanwhile, VLC is completely free and open-source software that has quite some advanced features that no other free Blu-ray player will give you.

PlayerFab constantly updates itself to keep up with the changing video industry and to ensure that you never face any compatibility issues. VLC has a large community that contributes to this video player so that it is available on all platforms and supports all formats.

While PlayerFab has some excellent hardware acceleration technologies and library management facilities, VLC comes with a built-in DVD ripper, an online video downloader, and it can be used to adjust audio and subtitle delays.

So, if you are looking to play your Blu-ray disc on a Sony DVD Blu-ray player, then you should definitely check out these two at first.