Even in the era of online streaming, DVDs are still popular among the masses. All of the popular movies come in DVDs, and some people like to collect hard copies and flaunt their collection.

So, if you are a fan of DVDs, then you should have the best free DVD player for Windows 10. And that is why we will talk about PlayerFab UHD Ultra Player – the best free DVD player for Windows 10 and its alternative, VLC Media Player.

While Windows 10 has Windows Media Player by default, it isn’t the best DVD player that you can get. You need to download additional libraries for different codecs, plus you don’t get many features.

So, we will talk about what is the best free DVD player for Windows 10, what are its benefits, drawbacks, etc. Plus, we will talk about how to use a couple of useful features of PlayerFab.

So, how do we decide what is the best free DVD player app for Windows 10? Well, here are some things that you should look for.

a. It should be able to efficiently develop and manage audio and video collections.

b. The user interface should be simple enough for even a novice to use.

c. You have the option of adding additional audio and subtitle tracks from other sources at any time.

d. It should be able to support all of the MP4 codecs that are currently available.

e. You should be able to see all of the metadata associated with any movie or TV show you’re watching.

Now, let’s move on to looking at our favorite best free DVD player for Windows 10.

PlayerFab UHD Ultra Player + All-in-One

best free dvd player for windows 10:PlayerFab UHD Ultra Player + All-in-One

PlayerFab is an extremely popular MP4 player and can be considered one of the best free DVD player programs for Windows 10. It is optimized to ensure that you get the best experience when you play DVDs in this player.

Let’s look at its features.

Create Your Own Libraries

The ability of PlayerFab to create libraries for your movies is the first thing that will catch your eye. If you have a lot of DVDs and Blu-ray discs, this feature can be incredibly useful.

PlayerFab analyzes the contents of your DVD and organizes the playlist accordingly. If certain metadata is missing, for example, the genre of the movie, the main cast, etc., PlayerFab will automatically discover it and insert the info in the movies.

Don’t have a genuine DVD? Well, even then, you will be able to find and add metadata as PlayerFab can detect any movie from any DVD and add any missing metadata.

Control Playback Speeds at Will

Some movies have boring exposition scenes but really cool action scenes. Say you want to see those action scenes. It will be a pain to go through all the boring scenes.

Thanks to PlayerFab, you don’t have to do so. Using their playback speed controls, you can skip to any section of the movie at any speed that you want.

This can be an excellent feature if there are some mid and post-credits scenes, and you don’t want to go through the entire credit scenes.

All Streaming Services United Under One Search Bar

With so many streaming services out there, it is a serious pain in the neck to find the movie that you are looking for.

PlayerFab is able to play videos from streaming services directly to the player. But it can do much more than that.

When you have signed into multiple streaming services and searched for a movie, PlayerFab will look for that movie on all the streaming platforms and then show you the result.

So, now you can watch movies exclusive to Netflix with all the benefits of PlayerFab.

Experience What You Pay For

DVDs these days are much more advanced than the ones produced a few years ago. These days, DVDs contain movies in 1080p with HDR and other technologies like Dolby, EAC 3 5.1, and many more.

There is no meaning to buy these DVDs if you don’t know what is the best free DVD player app for Windows 10.

Unlike a lot of DVD players out there, PlayerFab supports all these technologies and lets you experience the wonders of all those features. Once you play a DVD in PlayerFab, you will feel like you are watching a movie in a movie hall.

Commercial DVDs also come with navigation menus that help you select specific scenes or extra content that come with the DVD. Using PlayerFab, you will be able to make use of that navigation menu effortlessly.

The same goes for navigation menus that you made on your own on a ripped DVD.

Skip Annoying Introductions

If you are binge-watching a TV series or web series, then it becomes annoying to see an intro every time a new episode comes up.

Using this best free DVD player for Windows 10, that won’t be an issue. PlayerFab automatically detects any intro sequences and automatically removes them so that you have a smooth viewing experience.

Go to The Next Episode as Soon as The First One Ends

Since we’re on the subject of TV shows, PlayerFab UHD Player also allows you to instantly skip to the next episode.

This is especially beneficial if you plan on watching an entire series at once because you won’t have to manually advance to the next episode every time.

English Isn’t Your Favorite Language? No issues

For non-English speakers, DVDs come with audio and subtitle files in different languages. PlayerFab allows you to choose any audio or subtitle file according to your convenience.

Thanks to PlayerFab’s simple user interface, you won’t have any problem choosing your preferred language.

Goodbye Annoying Ads

When you’re watching a movie or a TV show, and a commercial arrives out of nowhere, it’s annoying. At that moment, you wish that some program automatically removes the ads so that you don’t have to wait through them.

But hold on! There’s an application called PlayerFab that you can check out. It can detect advertisements from DVDs and streaming platforms even before they are played. Then it can simply remove it. This means you won’t have to wait for a commercial break to resume viewing your favorite movie.

Butter-Smooth Experience with Hardware Acceleration

A DVD player for Windows 10 reads a disk at first and then decodes it. Only after that is it displayed on the screen. Generally, the decoding takes place in advance so that there are no jitters during playback, and you get a smooth viewing experience.

However, video decoders in your PC may not be able to keep up with the playback speed in some situations. While weak hardware is mainly responsible for that, in some cases, the PC is unable to utilize the hardware and decode the disc.

Hardware acceleration comes in beneficial in these situations. If your computer has good hardware, you can use it to boost the decoding rate so that you always enjoy a buttery smooth experience.

NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync are among the latest hardware technologies supported by PlayerFab (IQS). If you have a powerful processor and graphics card, PlayerFab will make use of them to provide you with the best possible experience.

Can Play Every DVD

DVDs typically include videos in MP4 format. The MP4 format has a large number of codecs. A few codecs may be incompatible with some of the DVD players for Windows 10, especially Windows Media Player.

However, this is not the case with PlayerFab. All available codecs and video formats are supported by this best free DVD player for Windows 10. Even if a new format enters the market, PlayerFab will deliver updates as soon as possible so that you never have any problem running the latest DVDs.

No Pressure on Your PC

Another fantastic feature of PlayerFab is that even though it offers so many options, it does not consume a considerable number of resources. You’re good to go if you have an Intel i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 40GB of hard drive capacity. You can also use PlayerFab’s hardware acceleration solutions if you have superior hardware.


a. Easy and attractive interface

b. It is a powerhouse of features

c. Allows you to create premium-looking libraries

d. Supports all the latest hardware acceleration technologies

e. Supports all forms of navigation menus


a. Some of the features are locked behind a paywall

b. That large number of features might be a bit overwhelming for newbies

How to Use PlayerFab to Create Customized Libraries

You can use PlayerFab to create some really cool libraries. That’s what makes this DVD player stand out among all the players out there.

Here is a complete guide on how to develop libraries in PlayerFab.

Step 1: Download and install PlayerFab from the official site and then authorize it to get access to all of its features.

best free dvd player for windows 10:How to Use PlayerFab to Create Customized Libraries

If you haven’t bought the PlayerFab license, then click on the “Upgrade to Paid Version” icon and get your license. If you have an existing account, then click on the icon beside the button. From the drop-down menu, select Authorize. Then, enter your PlayerFab credentials.

Once the authorization is complete, you will get the following confirmation message.

best free dvd player for windows 10:How to Use PlayerFab to Create Customized Libraries

Step 2: Examine the left side of the window after you’ve successfully authorized PlayerFab. You’ll see the default libraries under the “Library” section.

Click on any of the selections, such as Movies, Collections, and so on, to start building your own library.

best free dvd player for windows 10:How to Use PlayerFab to Create Customized Libraries

Here, you can see the libraries that you have created. To create a new one, click on Add Now.

best free dvd player for windows 10:How to Use PlayerFab to Create Customized Libraries

In the following window, you can do your personal customization to the library. You can select a video, choose its audio, and set subtitle tracks. There are many more things you can do. You just need to do a bit of exploring.

How to Access VIP Streaming Platforms?

Below the “Library” section located on the left side of the window, you will see another section called “VIP Streaming”. From there, select any of the streaming platforms.

best free dvd player for windows 10:How to Access VIP Streaming Platforms?

A built-in browser will open up. Enter the credentials of your Netflix (or some other account), and you are good to go. After that, whenever you select a movie from the streaming platform, it will be displayed on the player.

VLC Media Player

best free dvd player for windows 10:VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player by VideoLAN is a completely free and open-source media player. People have been using this for over two decades, and it is undoubtedly one of the best free DVD players for Windows 10.

This media player has no premium version and no ads. So, you are getting access to its entire library totally for free.

Let us take a look at some of the amazing features of VLC Media Player.

Download Videos for Free

VLC Media Player allows you to stream videos from YouTube directly into the player (although the process is a bit complex). However, it can do much more than that.

When you are streaming a video from YouTube, you can download the video and save it directly to your PC.

Synchronize Audio and Subtitles

There are times when the audio becomes laggy and does not keep up with the video. Subtitles can be affected in the same way.

With VLC, you can use keyboard keys to set the audio and subtitle delay. You can adjust the delay by any amount to ensure that the audio and subtitles are in sync with the video.

Support For All Platforms

VLC Media Player is available on all operating systems, including android. So, it is designed in a way that it supports all audio and video formats, including all codecs. Unlike Windows media players, all the libraries will come out of the box.

You Can Add New Features

As we mentioned before, VLC Media Player is open source. So, it means that the code for this media player is available to the public.

So, there is a large community of developers who contribute to this code so that they can add more features to this already amazing media player for Windows 10.

Even you can do that if you are a programmer and feel that some feature is missing.

Add Skins

Don’t like the current theme of VLC Media Player? Well, you can download and add new skins from the internet to give a fresh look.

The themes are created by people from all around the world and can be downloaded for free. You can even get festive skins.


a. It is a free and open-source software

b. Supports all operating systems and formats

c. Allows you to keep video, audio, and subtitles in sync.

d. You can install skins according to your mood.


a. The number of features that come with VLC is comparatively lower than the premium media players out there (like PlayerFab).

b. Using some of the advanced features requires a moderately high learning curve.

c. It cannot support all the technologies that come with commercial DVDs.

Comparing The Two Players

PlayerFab is literally a powerhouse of features. Universal compatibility, hardware acceleration, smart library management, and anything else you as for. This media player is designed and optimized in a way that it utilizes all of the features of commercial DVDs and gives you the best experience. However, some of its features are locked behind a paywall, and you have to buy a license. Plus, it isn’t open-source compared to VLC.

VLC is completely free and open-source, so you are not paying a single penny to use its features. Plus, you have a lot of customization options. However, you do not get as many features as the premium media players, plus it cannot support all the technologies that come with commercial DVDs.

If you have homemade DVDs and want to watch movies casually, then VLC is a good choice. But if you have a lot of commercial DVDs and want to get the best experience, PlayerFab is the best free DVD player for Windows 10.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what is the best free DVD player for Windows 10. PlayerFab is an excellent media player that gives you a premium experience when you watch commercial DVDs. VLC is a completely free and open-source media player which will be useful if you casually watch homemade movies.