Are you a fan of mystery movies on NetFlix? Do you often to watch mystery movies on NetFlix in y9our spare time? Then stay tuned because in this post we are listing some of the best mystery movies on NetFlix. However, the list is not that big. But the movies that we are listing here are worth watching on NetFlix.

Part 1: Top 4 Best Mystery Movies on NetFlix 2018

1. Basic Instinct: Basic Instint is a 1992 thriller movie directed by Paul Verhoeven. It's old but one of NetFlix top mystery movies. It stars Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. The film starts with the investigation of a police detective named Nick Curran. Nick Curran investigates the murder of a rock star named Johnny Boz. All the prime evidences points to a crime novelist named Catherine Tramell. The murder of Johnny Boz has similarities with one of the stories of Catherine Tramell’s novel. On further investigation Nick Curran finds Catherine Tramell uncooperative. She keeps on saying that he had spent time with Johnny Boz that night but she didn’t murder him. Taking the advantage of Nick Curran’s drug addiction, Catherine Tramell seduces him and blinds him. Nick becomes her lover and sees Catherine as innocent.

2. Shooter (2007): Shooter (2007) is one of the best mystery movies related to an army sniper’s life. The film features Mark Wahlberg in the main lead and Michael Pena, Kate Mara, Ned Beaty, and Danny Glover in supporting roles. Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger is a marine sniper who leaves military after a mission goes wrong which costs his friend’s life. Swagger feels himself liable for this accidental military operation and disappears. But after getting him tracked some high profile government officials partially re-instate him in the job. The government officials convince him to prevent a murder conspiracy against the US president. But soon Bob Lee Swagger realizes that he has been framed in the murder of the Archbishop of Ethiopia. Injured Swagger escapes the scene and later comes back to take his revenge by killing all the government officials who used him for a murder conspiracy.

3. Scream 2 (1997): After surviving the events of the first Scream movie Sydney Prescott is now attending a college in Cincinatti with friend Randy. Gale Weathers a reporter publishes a best selling book on Sydney’s life which turns into a film named ‘Stab’. But during the premier of the film in a theatre two students get killed and the old murder spree begins again. The film circulates around the ghostface killer and his killing spree. As one of the best mystery movies on NetFlix, you can totally have a try.

4. Jurassic Park (1993): Jurassic Park is the best mystery movie on NetFlix ever! John Hammond owner of the Jurassic Park hires paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant, Ellie Settler, and mathematician Ian Malcolm for a tour to his park. The purpose of this tour is to get positive reviews from these scholars so that John Hammond can tell the world that the park is safe to visit by general public. During the tour Alan Grant gets to know that Jurassic Park might be illegally breeding velociraptors. But one official claims that they only breed velociraptor females which can’t reproduce alone. But Alan Grant still does not get convinced because he knows raptors are able to change their genders to save their species. But soon because of an inner man’s conspiracy the dinosaurs are set freed and Dr. Alan has to change his decision in the end to mark Jurassic Park totally unsafe for any kind of tour.


Part 2: Solution to Rip and Convert NetFlix DVD or Blu-Ray Movies

If you are a NetFlix user then should be aware of this that NetFlix also rents mystery movies DVDs and Blu-ray discs. There are many mystery movies on NetFlix that you can rent anytime. They mostly send it by regular post at affordable prices. After renting the NetFlix mystery movies DVDs or BDs you can watch them completely and return them as per your convenience. But if you want to Rip those NetFlix mystery movies DVDs or Blu-ray discs then we are sharing a tutorial with you. To Rip a DVD or BD we mean converting the disc media to another video format like MP4 which can be played on almost every device that supports MP4 like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and HDTVs.

So for this purpose, we would like you to have a look up on DVDFab DVD ripper and Blu-ray ripper. The DVDFab Blu-ray ripper and DVD ripper can rip and convert DVDs and BDs to some other most used video format. The DVDFab DVD ripper supports a large number of output video formats and has built in profiles for various devices, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. This is the best software to rip your NetFlix DVDs and BDs. Here is a detailed tutorial for ripping NetFlix DVDs and BDs.

·         Download and install the DVDFab DVD and Blu-ray ripper for either Mac or Windows.

·         Open the program and click the ‘Ripper’ tab then insert the DVD or BD in the optical drive. DVDFab will automatically load the disc media in the program.

·         You can also load a DVD folder or ISO file, same goes with Blu-ray.

·         After loading the video the ripper will look like as follows. Check the tools description in the following image.

·         In the above image, you can see what-is-what, so you don’t need much explanation now.

·         You can also click ‘Choose Other Titles’ to select other titles and chapters that you want to rip. This way you don’t need to rip entire DVD or BD disc.

·         You can also change or add subtitles, change the audio language if it is a dual audio BD disc. Or can also change the title name by just double clicking and entering a new title name.

·         Simply click video ‘Profile switcher’ or the ‘Output video format’ button or the device profiles select button. See the image below.

·         Now click the ‘Format’ tab and select any format that you want to convert your disct to. Preferrably you can choose MP4 for better compatibility across multiple devices.

·         DVDFab by default rips and converts the DVD and BD content in a 1:1 losless ratio. So the output video will be the same in resolution and quality most of the time.

·         For custom resolutions click the ‘Video Settings’ wrench button to make changes to video like fps, bit-rate, audio, and resolution (click the field and enter your desired resolution like 1920x1080). Finally, click ‘OK’ to go back.

·         Click the ‘Editor’ button to edit the video. In the editor you can use functions like video crop, trim, watermark, rotate video, add subtitle, change video brightness and saturation. This step is optional.

·         After making all the settings click the folder icon in the ‘Save to’ field and select your output video save location.

·         Now click the ‘Start’ button and wait till the conversion completes.

·         The program will notify you on successfull conversion. You can now watch this ripped DVD or Blu-ray disc content on any HDTV, smartphone, or PC without loading the disc.


So this is how you can rip and convert NetFlix DVDs and Blu-ray discs using DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper. I've recommended you some best mystery movies on NetFlix alreay, you can rent multiple NetFlix mystery movies and rip them as per your convenience. However, DVDFab Ripper is a paid software but it is worth your money. You can rip multiple discs and can also merge them to make a single movie. You should try this yourself before making a serious decision.