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Best Ways for Decrypting Old DVDs & Blu-ray Discs


   Posted by Amanda

2019-03-19 01:10:04


Summary: This article lists free decryption tools for you to decrypt and copy some old DVDs and Blu-rays freely.

The Most Complete Multimedia Backup Solutions

As the world’s most complete multimedia backup solution package, DVDFab 12 offers four major modules, Copy, Ripper, Video Converter and Creator, and some other wonderful tools like the Cinavia Removal and Enlarger AI to achieve better result. And a bunch of other useful utility tools with amazing features, such as DRM Removal, are also provided.

At times, one needs just a few clicks to copy a DVD completely without much of a hassle or going through the settings too much. In case, the DVD contains only one major file or the whole DVD is supposed to be copied, a simple solution that decrypts the contents quickly is often the most preferred solution too.


DVDFab HD Decryptor

DVDFab HD Decrypter is the free and simple version of DVDFab DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy. It is distributed free of cost for the single purpose of copying complete DVDs or Blu-rays to other blank discs or your hard drive. The input formats are Blu-ray Discs or common old DVDs. The idea is simple. It would start decryption of the complete DVD in “Full Disc” or “Main Movie” mode only so that the whole DVD or the single main file of the DVD is copied and saved decently.

It is a free DVD copy software that runs on the shoulders of two giants, that is, ImgBurn or Nero Burning ROM. These help in the process of copying DVDs or Blu-rays or simply creating backup discs. In creating backups, one is not concerned about which particular thing to choose from the DVD. Mostly, it copies the whole thing and keeps it aside. However, DVDFab HD Decryptor is a little more than a DVD copy software, but also an editor with basic options to manage the tracks, sequence, and subtitles. Thus, it also allows you to preview your work using inbuilt video player before copying it. But, online is not a great option for that, hence it is a completely offline process. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux system.

The settings include allowing you to remove annoying PGCs, setting title playback order, and so on.  It also comes with a very intuitive UI that has minimal components so that any level of user can understand and operate it at ease. The icons are crisp and make sense. There is no clutter. The whole process is just a matter of a couple of steps. The software is one of the mainstream versions of the other DVDFab products that offer a lot more things than this feature alone. It is a more of a simplified version of a software that allows you to copy DVD free of cost. It is also quite faster than uploading your DVD online and allowing it to decrypt the whole thing.


DVD Smith

This is one of the pieces of software that was quite popular years ago. It mostly helps you to backup your DVDs that are protected with CSS or Content Scrambling System. The UI consists of 3 steps: Insert Disc, Select Folder, and Click Start Backup. Yes, it has been just a handy tool back then when the things were quite simple on a PC. It also has a Mac version. This is a completely freeware and freeware for Windows is a thing of celebration if you can find a software that has less bloatware and does the work just fine. And, if you are really lucky you can find a piece of software that is just synonymous with the defector standard for doing tasks like music playback, video playback and so on. There is also a need to create backups, especially with Windows that crashes so often since the early days. The other requirement is about creating backups of purchase DVDs. A lot of free DVD copy software is not up to mark considering the speed, ease of operation, flexibility in using the settings, and others.

In this DVD copy software, the various copy methods can be selected using the drop down menu. It has almost all the popularly used protection formats so that your decryption does not get affected. The reason is that DVDs are an old technology and there is not much commercial benefit trying to work on protecting those so sternly. It is also based on the principle of twofold regularity: It allows you to decrypt the whole disc at once without any hassle, or copy DVD free with its main title being selected automatically.


Free DVD Decryptor

This is very popular free DVD copy software that allows you to copy DVD free of cost without worrying about any protections ensured by producers. Since it is always an ongoing process that DVD producers try to find new ways to encrypt the content, descriptors also use the same technology to read it and create a copy on your hard disk or a blank disc. This is a piece of software that was quite popular back in the days of DVDs, but even today lot of people have loads of old DVDs and they can be made backups for storing in digital formats. Then, you can simply copy paste them as many times as you want without needing this or any such software.

The workflow is simple. You select the DVD after inserting it into the DVD player, chose an output folder, and click on start. This reads the contents, decrypts the content, and prints it back. It has some problems with DVDs that are not marked Region 0, seemingly that they cannot be copied. It also doesn't recommend copying copyrighted files. It can help to create blank DVDs in some cases where it cannot create a digital file.

Backup DVDs at home with up to 6 different copy modes

Featuring the most advanced DVD copy technologies, DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to make premium backup copies to your legally purchased DVD movie/TV Show discs at home, for non-commercial use. With 6 versatile backup modes catering various demands, you can copy your DVDs in the way that fits your situation best.

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