In this article we will be comparing DVDFab DVD Copy and DVDFab HD Decrypter. So before starting the comparison we should know what are these software and what purpose they serve. Are they free or paid? You may have questions like this which will be cleared after you read this article completely.

Part 1: What is DVDFab DVD Copy and What it Does?

DVDFab DVD Copy as the name suggests is DVD Copy solution for physical DVD discs, ISOs, and DVD folders. DVDFab DVD Copy is the perfect solution for encrypted DVD discs. Encrypted DVDs can’t be copied to other blank discs because of their scrambled data. DVDFab DVD Copy not only removes this DVD encryption but it also lets you save your DVD disc movies as ISO, folder, or you can even burn your original DVD data to a new blank DVD5 or DVD9.

:Part 1: What is DVDFab DVD Copy and What it Does?

DVDFab DVD Copy basically provides six copy functions and they are listed below.

  • Full Disc: Copy the entire DVD disc to an ISO or a folder or directly burn it to a blank DVD5 or DVD9.
  • Main Movie: Only copy the main movie and skip the rest. You also have options to ‘Choose Other Titles’ and select multiple DVD videos for copying and save them as an ISO, folder, or burn to a blank DVD disc.
  • Clone/Burn: Make a copy or clone the DVD disc to an ISO in a 1:1 lossless ratio.
  • Split: Split a DVD9 disc into two DVD5 discs.
  • Customize: Copy any content from the DVD disc you want.
  • Merge: Merge multiple DVDs in to one single DVD.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

You all know this that DVDs aren’t scratch proof and it will cost you extra money if you want to buy the same movie DVD when the disc gets scratched. So instead of buying the disc you should make a copy of it and save it on your computer’s hard drive. This is the best solution because a computer hard drive rarely fails and it is easy to move or copy that DVD image from one storage media to other storage media. It comes with a 30-day trial period with full functions. You can buy a lifetime license at a minimal fee.

Part 2: What is DVDFab HD Decrypter and What It Does?

When DVDFab DVD Copy’s 30 day trial period expires then it gets converted to DVDFab HD Decrypter. You can say that DVDFab HD Decrypter is the free and limited version of DVDFab DVD Copy. So the purpose of HD Decrypter is also the same as that of the DVD Copy but with several limitations. First of all it is free to use DVDFab HD Decrypter for lifetime and you won’t be asked to forceful upgrade or pay money to buy it. Use it as long as you want with limitations if it fulfills your DVD copy needs. It is currently the best free DVD encryption removal software.

:Part 2: What is DVDFab HD Decrypter and What It Does?

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Part 3: DVDFab DVD Copy vs. DVDFab HD Decrypter – The Main Differences

In this part we will discuss the main differences between DVDFab DVD Copy and HD decrypter.

  • Providing fully functional DVD copy solution and when it expires it turns to DVDFab HD Decrypter.
  • Remove DVD copying protection.
  • Dealing with the newest protections while HD Decrypter can only copy some old encrypted DVD movies.
  • Providing six copy functions which are ‘Full Disc’, ‘Main Movie’, ‘Customize’, ‘Split’, ‘Merge’, and ‘Clone/Burn’. But HD Decrypter provides only two copy functions which are ‘Full Disc’ and ‘Main Movie’.
  • Supporting output to DVD5, DVD9, ISO, and folder. Except DVD5, the HD Decrypter supports DVD9, ISO, and folder.
  • Capable of supporting DVDFab burning engine and third party burning engine like ImgBurn and Nero. While HD Decrypter isn’t allowed to use DVDFab burning engine and it has to rely on third-party burning engines like ImgBurn or Nero.
  • In DVDFab DVD Copy you are allowed to select multiple DVD titles/videos for copying but in HD Decrypter you aren’t allowed to select multiple titles.
  • In DVDFab Copy you can combine two DVDs to make one DVD but in DVDFab Decrypter there is notsuch a provision.
  • If you have a DVD9 then you can use split function of DVDFab Copy to split that DVD9 into two DVD5 discs or ISO. But HD Decrypter won’t give such functionality.
  • With DVDFab DVD Copy you can copy a DVD9 or DVD5 to another blank DVD, ISO or folder in 1:1 lossless ratio. But if you look upon DVDFab HD Decrypter then you won’t find any option to do this.


So it is clear from the above information that DVDFab DVD Copy software is a fully functional DVD Copy solution and HD decrypter is its expired version. You are free to use use HD decrypter for lifetime and if anytime you want more DVD copy functionality then blindly upgrade to DVDFab DVD Copy.