The culture of USB and then online streaming services left no stone unturned to ensure that there was no use of DVD players anymore. But despite all these efforts, they could not achieve proper access as there are still millions of people around the world who use DVDs. These DVDs are used to transfer or share data, including videos, audio, games, etc.

Optical storage has been common ever since the 90s, when these were way more expensive than they are now. As the manufacturing cost reduced with time, so did their cost. And eventually, these were being used by a large sum of people around the globe. Although all the advancements affected the priorities, Optical storage still survived through everything.

A DVD can store about a three-hour-long film in high quality, or you can store multiple movies in a low-quality format. Now, you may find it a bit difficult to play these videos on DVD. If that is the case, the best option you have is to use DVD players. Here we will show you a way to DVD player download Windows 10.

dvd player download

DVD Player Download Windows 10

Nowadays, there are systems in the market that do not support DVDs. These cannot be used to enjoy movies or TV shows from DVD drives. So, firstly, you ought to make sure you have a computer that contains a DVD room. As for the DVD player, it is like most of the media player software that assists you to play videos on PC or laptop.

Before getting into the details, we should know that Windows also provide DVD players, but they might not support a variety of formats. Therefore, various third-party software comes highly recommended if you are looking for a DVD player to download Windows 10. So, without further ado, let's get into our list of best DVD player free downloads.

1. PlayerFab DVD Player Download:

PlayerFab all-in-one is the best option for you if you are looking for a media player to play DVD videos. It allows you to play videos in various formats, including DVD and Blu-ray. It even allows you to stream the videos from Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services. The most beautiful thing about the software is that it can play videos not allowed in certain parts of the world.

dvd player download

PlayerFab DVD player is safe to use and is available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11. It would be best to have at least a corei3 processor to use the software properly. PlayerFab offers both TV and PC modes that allow you to play videos on PC or connect them with HDTV.

General Features:

You should have a clear-cut idea about certain features before PlayerFab DVD player free download.

  • It is supported on multiple operating systems and allows you to play different formats, including MP4, MP3, FLV, M4A, etc.
  • The program offers a free version with particular functions. But if you want additional functions, you may have to buy a premium account.
  • DVD manufacturers may allow it to work in certain places. PlayerFab allows you to bypass those restrictions and enjoy the movies or videos.

2. VLC Media Player:

VLC media player by VideoLan is the best option you have got if you are looking for a DVD player free download. VLC is a media player used to play almost all kinds and formats of videos. The software is not restricted to Windows only and offers services for almost all electronic devices, including iPhone, Android, Mac OS, etc.

dvd player download

VLC has developed extra ordinally during the past two decades to create one of the best media players. With its reputation over time, there is no need for any formal introduction of VLC. The software is easy to use, and more importantly, it is for free, and there is no need to buy a premium of any kind. So, if you want to download windows 10 DVD player, VLC is the best option for you.

General Features:

Before going on with VLC media/DVD player free download, you should realize certain features of the software.

  • The software is free, easy to use, and provides a large variety of shortcuts.
  • It can support multiple formats, including 4k and 8k, so you will not face any problem using VLC as a DVD player.
  • The program also offers video editing options on a fundamental level.

3. GOM DVD Player Download Windows 10:

GOM DVD Player download is the answer for you if you are not a professional but still need a DVD player for your computer that can perform all of the essential functions. It can also support several formats and blend them flawlessly. If you want to use GOM Player to play Blu-ray discs, you'll need to make sure you've got the codecs needed.

dvd player download

One of the most critical advantages that GOM DVD player download offers is that it searches for the subtitle automatically and adds them while using this software. The software offers a large variety of functions for free, but you can buy a premium to avoid unnecessary ads.

General Features:

Before moving on with the GOM DVD player download, you should realize certain features offered by the software.

  • The software is easy to install, and there is no need to fulfill high system requirements.
  • While using this program, you can add subtitles by searching online. The software searches for a suitable subtitle and adds it to the video.
  • You might need an extra codec for specific video formats.

4. KM Player:

KM Player, like VLC, is compatible with a variety of electrical devices. The media player is well-known for smoothly playing high-definition videos. It can play a variety of video and audio formats, including MP3, MP4, MKV, FLV, and many others. KMPlayer is offered in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Computers, or you can use it on an Android or iPhone smartphone.

dvd player download

Elegantly designed KMPlayer allows you to play high-quality videos, including 3D and 4K efficiently. Apart from that, the software is straightforward to use. Whether changing audio, adding subtitles, or other such functions, you can simply use shortcuts to make sure everything goes swiftly and smoothly.

General Features:

Before going on with the KMPlayer DVD player download, you should have a clear-cut idea about what you are in for.

  • The program is entirely free of cost, and there is no need to buy a premium of any kind.
  • You can play high-quality video up to 4K without having any trouble with the resolution.
  • Shortcuts are available for almost all the essential functions that make things easier.

5. Media Player Classic:

More than 3 years have passed ever since the last time Media Player Classic was updated; still, you can't ignore it while discussing windows DVD player download. The program is free of cost to use, and there is no need to worry about malware. So, MPC can be considered if you are trying to download Windows 10 DVD player

MPC is one of the very first media players and can work on computers since the 2000s. Like the media players discussed above, MPC does not offer many features, but it does support multiple video formats. Furthermore, the software is free, and there is no need to buy a premium account.

Final Thoughts

DVD is an optical storage device used to store and share data. The data can be in the form of documents, audio, videos, etc. Sometimes, playing the videos on DVD seems complicated as Windows media players do not support specific video formats. Here we have written down some of the best Windows DVD player downloads.

Google People Asked Questions

Is free DVD player download for Windows 10 safe?

Some of the DVD players may use malware that can corrupt your system. Therefore, you need to be careful while you are choosing to download a DVD player. The DVD players discussed above are very well-known and do not pose any danger.

Can we enjoy a DVD player free download?

There are many DVD players that are entirely free to use. Most of the tools discussed above are free and do not require you to buy a premium of any kind. So, to answer that, yes, you can enjoy a DVD player free download.

Why can't Windows Media Player play DVD videos?

You might face errors while using Windows Media Player to play DVD videos. It is because the plugin needed to play that video is missing. In such cases, you can always download DVD player discussed above.