DVD Players for TV are devices that allow you to play DVDs, and other video files on your television on a larger screen. Although DVD players are rare to come across these days, they were considered to be a luxury item back in the 90s, and early 2000s. A lot of people took great care of their DVD players, and chances are the DVD player that was used by your parents, or maybe grandparents still might be lying somewhere in your home.

A lot of people are often confused when they want to use a DVD player. However, for a lot of people, connecting a DVD player to a television is a task easier said than done, because there are multiple wires involved, and each one of them needs to go where it is meant to be, or else the DVD player would not work.

So how to hook up a DVD player to a TV? How to connect a DVD player to a TV? If you are also looking for the answers to these questions, then you have arrived on the right page. It is so because, in this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how to connect a DVD player to a television and more.

Additionally, we will also discuss some of the best media players currently, and why the PlayerFab Ultra HD Player is one of the best softwares for this role. So let us jump straight into the article, without any further ados.

What is a DVD Player?

In simple terms, a DVD player is a device that lets you watch DVD files on a device with a screen like your television, or a projector, or a computer. DVD Players can be physical devices that make use of DVD discs, or pen drives with the content loaded on them, and then they play these files.

dvd player for tv:What is a DVD Player?

DVD players can also be softwares that are installed on your computer. It will automatically scan the computer for all eligible files, and you can then play these files on your computer screen using this software

First, let’s discuss how to hook up a DVD player to the TV, and then we will jump on to the DVD player softwares.

How to Hook up a DVD Player to a TV?

There might be several reasons why you want to hook up a DVD Player to TV. Maybe, you have an old DVD disc, and you want to watch what’s stored in them. So how do you connect a DVD Player to a television? Just follow the steps mentioned in this guide, and you will have no difficulties in hooking up a DVD Player to a TV.

Step #1: Bring in your DVD Player near the TV

Before you can start using the DVD Player to watch your favorite movie/TV show, you need to make sure that the DVD Player is placed near the TV. It is important because DVD Players usually have short wires, and it helps if the DVD Player and TV are located in close proximity to each other.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the DVD Player is placed in such a way that its backside has some free space in front of it. It means that you should place your DVD Player in such a way that there is some gap between the back of the player and the nearby walls. It is so because DVD Players can get really hot, and to dissipate some heat, there is a fan in these DVD Players that pushes the warm air out. So it is essential to ensure that the DVD Player is well ventilated.

Once you have made all the arrangements, unplug the TV, and the DVD Player from the power sockets. It is essential because you might get electrical shocks if you try to plug in the wires while the power supply is still on.

Step #2: Connect the Cables

It is the most essential part of connecting your DVD Player to a TV. Most DVD Players use three different connection types: A/V Cables, HDMI Cables, and Component Cables. Make sure that you have all these wires. However, most DVD Players require you to use only one wire, and it depends mainly on the connection type supported by your television.

dvd player for tv:How to Hook up a DVD Player to a TV?

If you have a modern-day LED or LCD television, the TV must have an HDMI port. On the other hand, if you are still using an older generation television, you might need to pair your DVD Player to the TV using the A/V cables.

dvd player for tv:How to Hook up a DVD Player to a TV?

Opt for the cable based on the connection types supported by your TV. If possible, try to opt for the HDMI cable option because it makes room for a more stable connection, and a better audio & video quality as well.

Step #3: Select the correct channel on the TV

Once you have hooked up all the cables to where they were meant to be, power on the DVD Player, and your TV. Using your television remote, open the “Source” option on your TV. Once you have pressed the button, you will get the list of all the eligible connections with your TV. Select the one with which you have paired your TV and the DVD Player.

For example, if you have used HDMI cables, select the HDMI option. Else, if you have opted for the A/V Cables, select the A/V option.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do if you want to hook up your DVD Media Player with your TV.

PlayerFab All-In-One: Best Choice to Play DVD and Other Files

But what if you have a DVD disc, and you do not have a DVD player to play it. So do you go to the market, and spend hundreds of dollars on a DVD Player that allows you to view the contents stored in the DVD file. What if I tell you that you can still play the contents stored on that DVD file without shelling out a huge amount of money? All you will need is a laptop and an active internet connection.

If you meet these criteria, allow me to introduce you to one of the best media player softwares on the planet currently: the PlayerFAB Ultra HD Player. The PlayerFAB Ultra HD Player is an all-in-one media player software that not only plays DVD files but also supports a host of other video files like .MKV, Blu Ray, MP4, and much more.

How to Use the PlayerFab All-In-One?

One may argue that there are hundreds of media player softwares in the market. So what makes PlayerFAB Ultra HD Player one of the best media player softwares out there, if not the best. One of the major benefits of using the PlayerFAB Ultra HD Player is that it is an extremely easy-to-use software, with a simple & clean UI. This means that anyone can use the PlayerFab All-In-One application without any trouble.

However, in case you are facing difficulties in using the application, you can refer to this guide to help you with using the PlayerFab All-In-One.

Step #1: Download the Setup File

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One of the best ways of downloading the PlayerFab All-In-One is by using the official website of the software. Although, you can get the setup file from several websites, and stores as well. However, it is not recommended primarily because no one knows the authenticity of these files.

Just head to the official website of PlayerFAB, and select the Ultra HD Player option. Or simply, just click once on this link. Once done, you will be redirected to the official PlayerFab All-In-One website.

On the very top, you will see the “download” button that would start downloading the setup file. However, before you can start downloading the application, you will have to ensure that you have selected whether you want to download the file for a Windows computer or MacOS. Once you have made your choice, hit the download button. The website would automatically select the best file based on your system specifications, and start the download immediately.

Step #2: Install the Software

Once you have downloaded the setup file, you need to install the software on your computer. Head on to the Downloads folder present in your device’s internal storage. Locate the PlayerFAV Ultra HD Player setup file. Once you have found it, double click on the software. Grant the permissions the software asks for.

Once done, the installation wizard would open up, which will do the rest of the job for you. Once the installation is completed, the PlayerFab All-In-One icon would be created on your desktop. However, before starting to use the application, you should restart the device once, as it is recommended to reboot the system settings.

Step #3: Explore the Software

Now that you have downloaded, and installed the setup file, it is time for you to start using the application. Just launch the software, and dive deep into the world of features offered by the PlayerFab All-In-One. The basic home window would look like the one shown below.

dvd player for tv:How to Use the PlayerFab All-In-One?

If you have plugged the DVD disc into the DVD Drive on your device, locate the “Discs” option in the left menu. All the discs that are connected to your device, would show up automatically here. Select the disc that you want to play.

If you have plugged the DVD disc into the DVD Drive on your device, locate the “Discs” option in the left menu. All the discs that are connected to your device, would show up automatically here. Select the disc that you want to play.

As of now, our computer is not connected to any disc drive. However, when you connect your disc to your device, you will have the option here.    

Step #4: Using the Internal Storage

What if you have a file already stored on your PC that you want to play? The PlayerFab All-In-One would still be a great choice because it supports hundreds of different file formats including 8K, 4K, 2K, Full HD, Blu Ray, and more.

Just locate the “File Explored” option present in the My Computer section on the left menu. Select the file that you want to play, and the media player will start playing the file for you.

Final Thoughts

As technology is evolving, the world has witnessed a sharp decline in the use of these DVD Players, because they have been replaced by better physical, as well as digital media players. It is one of the major reasons why a lot of people often face difficulties when they are trying to hook up their TV with a DVD media player.

If you are going through the same issues, then we have brought this article specifically for you. In this article, we have told you a complete step-by-step guide on how you can connect a DVD Media Player to your TV. Additionally, we have also talked about what to do if you want to play a DVD disc, and you do not have a media player for doing so.