When you try to find the best place to watch anime, it’s common to run into obstacles. Not to mention, there are several different series, and different websites offer different shows. It’s inevitable. Worse yet, you might not even have the opportunity to pay for a legal anime website, since streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime will block your access based on location.

Therefore, we listed some of the best streaming sites for watching anime, including both paid sites and free websites. Don’t rely on outdated advice, we’ve made sure that each of these websites is functional and up to date. Furthermore, you’ll learn some of the risks of using free sites and the best way to improve video quality on any streaming service.

How Do I Find the Best Anime Site for Watching Anime?

Sometimes, you can’t just find the best anime sites using Google. You need to do a little digging to find the website that streams the series you want to watch. Make sure you check the website and series ahead of time to make sure there aren’t any broken links. After all, you don’t want to be midway through a series and unable to watch more episodes!

Furthermore, you should check a couple of videos to decide whether they are good enough to watch. Sometimes, they have very poor audio or visuals. Even worse, the subtitles could be of extremely poor quality. If the site uses anime that’s dubbed instead of subtitles, then make sure there isn’t too much lag time between the voices and the action. Otherwise, your show will be unwatchable.

How Can I Watch Anime for Free Online?

Of course, it feels even nicer to watch anime when you don’t have to pay. Contrary to popular belief, streaming anime for free is not illegal. As a user of the website, you’re not at risk. The only people who can get in trouble are those who run the free website. This is because it’s illegal to distribute content that you do not own the license to.

While you can’t be arrested, there are some things you need to look out for when you use free sites.

How Can I Protect Myself on Anime Streaming Sites?

Since many streaming websites allow you to watch anime for free, you can imagine they want something from you in return. Typically, they earn money by selling ad space on the site, therefore, they’re giving your data to third parties.

Most of these ads aren’t dangerous, but there is an off chance that they could lead to a virus that infects your computer. The biggest problem with these ads is simply that they are annoying.

To reduce the risk to your computer, there are several precautions you can take. Firstly, you can install an adblocker, this helps a lot to get rid of annoying ads. Furthermore, make sure you install antivirus software on your computer and update it regularly. This will give you basic virus protection.

Can I Watch Anime Outside of Streaming Sites?

:Can I Watch Anime Outside of Streaming Sites?

You can also download the videos and watch them on your computer using a tool like PlayerFab. Downloading videos means that you won’t need to go back and forth on those risky websites all the time. No matter which streaming service you use, Player Fab is compatible with almost any video format.

Another good solution for watching anime is to use the DVDFab all-in-one video player. With this option, you can be sure that you can play pretty much any video from any source. After all, watching anime means searching through lots of different sites to find the video you need. Sometimes, that video isn’t compatible with your media player. So that’s why we made the all-in-one player.

With the all-in-one, you can play local videos, Netflix videos, Amazon, and more. If you want, you can also adjust the playback speed and skip through the intro. After all, you don’t want to constantly watch the intro of the same series.

One final tip. If video quality on one of the sites we mention is poor, then you’re best served using DVDfab video-enhancer AI. With this tool, you can reinvent your low-quality videos and turn them into 4k masterpieces. This is quite helpful when you’re watching anime, a lot of free streaming sites don’t provide the best quality.

:Can I Watch Anime Outside of Streaming Sites?

Not to mention, using the DVD enhancer is dead easy. All you need to do is open the app, select your desired video, choose your desired output and then wait for the process to complete.

The 10 Best Anime Sites for Watching Anime

Let’s look at the 10 best sites for watching anime. Some of these are entirely paid, others offer free anime shows, though in that case, you’ll likely see a lot of ads. Remember that regardless of the video format these services use, you can download the files and stream your favorite anime show using PlayerFab.

1. Funimation

:1. Funimation

As the top anime streaming website on our list, Funimation allows viewers around the world to stream thousands of anime for free online. You can easily search through all their videos to find the one you need. That said, you will still need to watch their ads as well unless you pay for a subscription.


· Widest selection of English-dubbed anime

· Great Android and iOS app


· Only available in English-speaking countries

2. Crunchyroll

:2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is probably one of the most well-known anime streaming services. And for good reason. You can stream many of the latest releases straight from Japan on this free-to-use anime platform. Although, they offer paid tiers as well.


· It’s a little cheaper than Funimation

· Get the latest releases


· Only ad-free on a paid subscription

3. Hulu

:3. Hulu

Hulu is one of the biggest streaming platforms both for anime and for all types of shows. What’s great about this service in particular is that they allow you to search through many different subcategories of anime to find the one that you want to watch.


· Cheap subscription for what you receive

· Excellent dubbed anime


· Some paid subscriptions include ads

· You must pay, no free offerings

4. Netflix

:4. Netflix

Since it’s one of the best streaming services in the world, everyone is familiar with Netflix. In recent years, they’ve expanded their anime offerings as they’ve negotiated to license several different streaming rights. You can enjoy several anime series on this platform too, but unfortunately, none are on offer for free.


· Stream more than just anime

· Excellent video quality

· Easy to use


· Some anime shows are only available to North American clients

· Limited selection compared to Japanese

5. AnimeLab

:5. AnimeLab

A popular streaming option in Australia and New Zealand, AnimeLab offers viewers a plethora of different genres. Many prefer AnimeLab because of the uniquely themed anime they offer.


· Free, legal anime

· Easy to use the app


· Limited selection of popular anime

6. Anime Planet

:6. Anime Planet

One of the longest-running anime services, Anime-Planet gives users the option to get to know each other in their proprietary forum. Just sign up for an account to discuss all your favorite anime series. Better yet, watch one of the hundreds of series they have on offer. Alternatively, use their website to read manga online!


· Great, community-focused website

· Several different anime and manga options


· The ads are rather intrusive



Why wait for anime to air in your country when it’s already broadcast in Japan? HIDIVE lets you access all the latest anime releases in Japan for a lower monthly price than most services.


· Includes an intuitive, easy-to-use app

· Fairly wide selection


· Streams its episodes from other websites

8. Amazon Prime Video

:8. Amazon Prime Video

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has attempted to bring more anime series’ onto its platform. That said, a lot of popular anime shows like Monster Anime are only available to customers in North America. Since VPNs are expensive, you might have a tough time justifying using this particular site.


· Many shows available outside of anime


· Few anime choices available

· Some shows are only for North American clients

9. Gogo Anime

:9. Gogo Anime

With this option, we’ve ventured into websites that are of questionable legality. Gogo Anime is probably the best place to watch anime for free. While this option is mostly safe, you still want to practice good internet safety habits when you use this website. That said, it offers far more shows for free than most websites.


· Abundance of free anime shows


· Probably illegal

10. VRV

:10. VRV

VRV isn’t just an anime website, they also offer several other options for people interested in gaming, horror, and other geeky interests. That’s why if you subscribe to their services, you’ll get access to more than just anime.


· Gives you full access to the same anime as Crunchyroll


· Has all the same drawbacks as Crunchyroll

· Slightly expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about streaming anime? Not to worry, we’ve anticipated and answered a few extra questions you might have.

How can I improve video quality on streaming sites?

Sometimes, you can have issues when you’re trying to download your anime videos. After all, the quality doesn’t convert automatically. Moreover, many sites that offer free downloads will only provide videos with extremely low quality because that’s all they have to offer.

So, what’s the solution?

You need a video enhancer like the one we offer at DVD fab to make your streams clear and flawless even if the video input isn’t that great. We draw from powerful AI tools to make any old movie or video look as good as new. It’s perfect for grainy low-quality anime videos from free streaming websites.

Once you’re finished converting your video to a better resolution, make sure you also check out our PlayerFab video player. It will help you watch these videos more easily.

What is the best place to watch free anime?

There are lots of places where you can watch anime for free online. However, it’s difficult to decide which websites are trustworthy. Luckily for you, we’ve identified trustworthy and legal options as well as one that is perhaps trustworthy but not legal.

For free anime videos that you can trust, use a streaming site like Crunchyroll or Funimation. While their free plans force you to watch a lot of ads, you might feel that it’s worth it to reduce the risk to your computer.

On the other hand, using a completely free website like Gogo Anime could be your best option. After all, they offer far more anime series’ than any paid platform. That’s because they get their videos from various illegal websites. But don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble with anyone for using this platform.

Where is the best place to watch anime dubbed?

One of the biggest issues with anime streams is that they aren’t dubbed properly. Fortunately, platforms like Funimation and Hulu are known to have the most accurate dubbing. It’s quite annoying when the actors’ voices trail the action by a few seconds, so look out for those sites.

Where is the best place to watch anime without ads?

If you want to watch anime without ads, there is a trade-off. You’ll need to pay for the privilege of not seeing any ads. Therefore, platforms like Netflix or Hulu offer the best place to watch anime free of ads.

Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to find the best place to watch anime. Whether you have a show you want to watch in mind, or you’re just looking for anime in general, you can easily search these websites for the series or category that you like. If you find a series that is hard to acquire, try and download it. You can use one of our superior video players like PlayerFab to help you watch these videos in high definition on your computer.