Google Drive is a cloud storage service which lets us store files in a single account which can be accessed on multiple accounts later. Google Drive offers 15GB of storage per account. And in that much storage, you can store around 10 full HD movies. If you aren’t going to store movies then you can also use this 15GB storage to store your personal MP4 videos shot from your Android phone or iPhone. Keeping the MP4 videos in a cloud storage account like Google drive has multiple benefits. The first benefit is that it is free up to 15GB of storage space, secondly you can access those files simultaneously on multiple devices at any time 24x7, and lastly you don’t need to worry about data corruption. Just make sure to keep your Google drive account in a healthy and working state.

It is quite possible to watch and play MP4 videos in Google Drive. Google Drive has a built-in MP4 video player that works on all devices including computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad. All you need to do is to install the Google Drive app on these devices or use the web interface to watch and play MP4 in Google Drive. In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to play MP4 in Google Drive on devices like Android, iPhone/iPad, and computer.

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How to Play MP4 in Google Drive on Android

1.       Make sure Google Drive app is installed on your Android phone.

2.       First of all upload an MP4 video to your Google Drive account so that you can play it.

3.       Simply locate the video using a file manager. Long tap on the MP4 video and tap ‘Share’.

4.       Select Google Drive from the list to upload the MP4 video. By default Wi-Fi will be preferred for uploading but tap ‘Resume’ in notifications panel to use mobile data for uploading.

5.       The video will be uploaded to root directory named as ‘My Drive’.

6.       Open the app and tap the ‘Search’ button. Under ‘File types’ select ‘Videos’. All uploaded videos will be listed in a single place and you don’t have to search for a particular MP4 video.

7.       Tap on any MP4 video that you want to play. You will see a basic video player with two options to jump 30 seconds forwards or backwards.

How to Play MP4 in Google Drive on iPhone and iPad

1.       Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone and iPad and tap ‘Add +’.

2.       Tap ‘Upload’ and then select the MP4 videos that you want to upload.

3.       Wait for some time till the videos get uploaded to your account.

4.       Now tap the search button in the app.

5.       From the list select ‘Videos’.

6.       All the uploaded videos will be listed in a single place.

7.       Tap on any MP4 video to play it in Google Drive.

How to Play MP4 in Google Drive on a Computer

Google Drive is also available as a standalone app for PC. It can also be accessed via the web interface on a computer. So both the ways are similar, it is up to you which way you want to prefer. We will discuss the web interface of Google Drive.

1.       Open the browser on your PC and go to ‘’. Here sign in with your Google account.

2.       Sign in with your Google account.

3.       Now click ‘New’ and then click ‘File upload’. Select the MP4 video that you want to upload.

4.       Now simply click in the search field and select ‘Video’ from the list. Alternatively you can enter this command ‘type:video’ (without quotes) and hit enter. This will list all the videos in a single place.

5.       Double click the MP4 video to play it in the Google Drive’s web interface.

6.       Click the fullscreen button on the player to watch it in full screen.

7.       Also click the gear icon in the player to change the video quality.

This is how you can play MP4 videos in Google Drive on computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad. The uploading process is almost the same for all the devices. Once you upload a particular MP4 video file to your account then you can access the same file on any computer, iPhone, or iPad by logging in the same Google Drive account on these devices. So you just have to upload the MP4 videos once and you can watch them simultaneously on multiple devices if you use the same Google Drive account.

Play MP4 Files Stored on PC Hard Drive

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