How to export iMovie to MP4? iMovie is Apple’s own proprietary video editing software that is only available for Mac and iOS. You can create video editing projects in iMovie and edit your self-shot videos. It is a nice bundled software for Mac-only users. iMovie lets you export iMovie to MP4 via QuickTime. And you can export the iMovie project to some other video formats as well. But the problem here is that the exported movie using QuickTime may not be compatible or recognized by most devices because of the codec used by QuickTime. In order to solve this problem, you'd better Convert video to MP4 format. 

Even if you aren’t using QuickTime then you can still convert this iMovie format to a common video format which is almost supported by every media player or gadget out there. MP4 is a common video format that can be easily played on smartphones, PCs, HDTVs, and even gaming consoles. So you should export iMovie as MP4 if you are going to play that video on multiple devices and want full compatibility. So in this tutorial, we will discuss some useful software that will let you export iMovie to MP4.


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QuickTime is Apple’s own proprietary software for playing media files. QuickTime can let you export iMovie to MP4 by just following a couple of steps. The reason why we don’t recommend QuickTime is that Apple is slowly pulling back its support for the QuickTime. So, there won’t be many settings and customizations to make for a video. To export the iMovie to MP4 in QuickTime follow the steps below.

  • Open iMovie and load your project into the program
  • After the iMovie project/video gets loaded click the ‘Share’ tab in the options menu. Then click ‘Export using QuickTime..."

  • A popup dialog box will appear. Here you can enter the name for your video and select the destination where you want to save it. 
  • How to export iMovie to MP4. Here, click ‘Export’ and select the output video format. Select the output format to ‘MPEG-4’.
  • Finally click the ‘Save’ button and wait for few seconds.
  • Your iMovie will be exported to MP4 to your desired location.

As I said earlier that the export iMovie to MP4 format may not find itself compatible with most smartphones, media players, or even HDTVs. The main reason being here is the codec used. So, you will be lucky if the converted video gets recognized by your TV, smartphone, or tablet. If it doesn’t then you should check some alternatives which are mentioned below. I hope you will know how to save iMovie as MP4.

DVDFab is a versatile and powerful Video Converter for Mac that can let you export iMovie to MP4. The best thing about the DVDFab video converter is that it supports almost all video types including MOV, as the best iMovie export MP4. And secondly, it also provides device specific-video conversion. This means if you want to convert iMovie to MP4 then you can do it by selecting your favorite phone or tablet from its inbuilt device profiles. DVDFab video converter for Mac supports a wide range of smartphones including Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia and many more. So besides "export iMovie to MP4", you have more choices.

DVDFab Video Converter also gives you the option to manually select the output video format and set the custom video resolution. All you have to do is to load the video into the software and click the ‘wrench’ icon to customize output video settings when you export iMovie to MP4. Other notable features include a built-in video editor with options like trim, cut, crop, and watermark. Working with dual audio movies is also easy as the dual audio language is preserved while conversion. You can also select the audio language to make it default during iMovie to MP4 video conversion and skip other audio languages.

DVDFab Video Converter for Mac should be your first choice to learn how to export iMovie to MP4 if you are looking to export iMovie as MP4. You’ll be amazed by its versatile features, built-in video editor, 1:1 lossless video conversion, customizable video settings, dual audio language preservation, 3D video support, 2D to 3D video conversion, online video downloader and converter, and device-specific video conversion. DVDFab video converter is free to try and is fully functional for a period of 30-days (first time installs). You don’t need to pay any money during these 30-days and you can use all the features of this iMovie to MP4 converter during this period. To convert iMovie to MP4 in DVDFab follow the steps below.

  • Make sure that the DVDFab video converter for Mac is installed on your computer or Macbook.
  • Open the DVDFab video converter and click the ‘Converter’ function option.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button just below the copy function to load your iMovie.
  • When the iMovie gets loaded into the program then you will see the video details along with editing options. See the screenshot below. Try any of the options when you learn how to export iMovie to MP4

  • Click the device ‘Profiles’ option just before the ‘Add’ button to select any device profile if you want pre-configured settings for example for iPhone.
  • If you are not using the pre-configured profiles then click the video settings ‘Wrench’ icon to change the settings like quality, FPS, resolution, Bit-rate, and audio. Also, click the video editor icon just next to the video settings ‘Wrench’ icon to launch the video editor. Many functions are easily accessible when you export iMovie to MP4.

After making all the settings click the folder icon just before the ‘Start’ button to select the save location. Finally, click the green ‘Start’ button and wait till the video conversion gets completed. After the iMovie export MP4 conversion, the DVDFab video converter for Mac will notify you.

You have successfully exported iMovie to MP4 using the DVDFab video converter for Mac. How about the "iMovie to MP4" journey?

DVDFab Video Converter

This program is able to convert videos into multiple formats so that they can be compatible with your different devices.


3. (AVC) Any Video Converter for Mac Free

Looking for a free iMovie to MP4 converter? Then check out the Any Video Converter by Anvsoft. This is the only free video converter that can be said as versatile. But since it is a freeware software it is not as versatile as DVDFab video converter for Mac. AVC supports most video formats and it can still export iMovie as MP4. But there is a problem with this free video converter when it comes to working with large video files. AVC free takes a long time to convert large video files. I think it doesn’t utilize Intel’s quick sync or Nvidia’s Cuda technology which are now have become a benchmark for video conversion. AVC supports all file formats but the conversion process of "export iMovie to MP4" will be very slow for large files which may annoy you.

AVC also provides video editing tools like crop, cut, rotate, watermarks, and subtitle edit. It also supports dual audio language. AVC also provides device-specific conversion but for mere devices only and it doesn’t have a large pre-configured device profiles base just like DVDFab video converter for Mac. Now follow the steps below to export iMovie to MP4 on AVC.

  • Launch AVC on your Mac and click ‘Add video’ to select the video which you want to import.
  • Click the profile in the Profile drop list on the main interface. After selection, the selected format will be set for all files on the list.
  • Click the output location folder drop list and then click ‘Choose’ to set the save location (export iMovie to MP4).
  • If you want to edit the video then just click the magic wand button inside the filmstrip.
  • Click the ‘Convert Now’ button in the bottom right corner and wait till the conversion process gets over.

This is how you export iMovie to MP4 in AVC. Remember, If you are planning to work with small video files to export iMovie as MP4 then go with AVC otherwise invest some time with DVDFab for a fully-featured and fully functional video converter software.

Handbrake is the simplest and a free video converter for Mac. It’s a simple video converter that just supports only two output formats MP4 and MKV. Though it can still convert iMovie to MP4. Consider handbrake as a free, tiny, and simple video converter which doesn’t take much space on your Mac’s storage. But don’t expect advanced features from this video converter. It doesn’t have the ability to play a video file on its own and it doesn’t provide device-specific conversion.

I would say choose this iMovie export MP4 video converter only if you have no budget and want to work with low-quality videos only. There is nothing much about Handbrake which needs a detailed description as its features are very limited. You can even prefer AVC over it and DVDFab above all for full features, absolute productivity, and full functionality which can be found in an ideal video converter. It is the most basic video converter that can let you export iMovie to MP4 without any further customizations. Use the following steps to export iMovie to MP4 in Handbrake.

  • Open the program on your Mac and click ‘Open Source’. Select the iMovie that you want to import.
  • Now select the ‘Destination’ and choose the location where you want to save your converted video.
  • Now in ‘Format’ select ‘MP4’ (export iMovie to MP4).
  • Tap the ‘Video’ tab and change the basic settings like quality, fps, encoder, bitrate.
  • Similarly customize the settings for pictures, audio, subtitles, and chapters if you want.
  • After making all the settings click the ‘Preview’ button in the top right corner to check that video is playing correctly.
  • Finally click the ‘Start’ button and wait till the iMovie export MP4 process finishes.
  • Go to the destination location and play your converted iMovie video file.

DVDFab video converter is the ideal software to learn how to export iMovie to MP4. It doesn’t ask for money for the first 30-days and is all its features are unlocked for full usage. No other company provides services as DVDFab does. You don’t have to trust them blindly as you are free to use their products fully for 30-days. Simply I would say if you want more productivity in your videos, device-specific conversion, faster video conversion rate, easy to use UI, and trust that the company lets you build in them during the first 30-days of evaluation then go with DVDFab video converter for Mac.

However, if you are looking for a basic iMovie to MP4 video converter then even handbrake or QuickTime will be sufficient for you which has limited functionality. You can also choose AVC if you can tolerate those long video converting minutes.

Above all this, sits DVDFab video converter which is an ideal answer to the question on how to export iMovie to MP4. It also comes with trust, 30- days money-back guarantee, and a satisfaction level that no other company can reach. Now it's up to you what choice you make. After this conversion introduction, if you are interested in Blu-ray movies download, read another article.

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