MKV format is a format similar to other famous formats like AVI and MP4 but with a much better compression capability. This helps it in delivering high-quality videos in a very small file size. However, many major media players lack the support to play this format. Even on mobile, Android operating system doesn’t have a native MKV player for Android to run MKV videos. This has not stopped many online streaming websites to make their content available in this format. So if you want to be able to play MKV files on your Android smartphone it is important to have a good MKV player for Android installed on your phone. Let us see the best Android MKV player apps. If you want to find an advanced Android player to play MP4 files, please click the top Android MP4 players.

VLC for Android

Everyone’s favorite VLC media player is also available for Android platform and just like on PC, here too is supports all major media file types. It is one of the Editor’s Choice app for playing media files. It is a perfect MKV player for Android without any ads or cost associated with it. It is an open source community work and can play MKV files present just not locally on phone and SD memory but also on network streams (including adaptive streaming), network shares, drives and more. Just like its desktop version, you also have an equalizer and filters in the app to help you modify the audio tracks as per your wish.

mkv player for android

It supports selecting from the different audio tracks of a video file, auto-rotation, brightness adjustment, aspect-ratio adjustments, seeking and gestures for volume control.

MX Player

mkv player for android

MX player is an MKV player for Android that supports hardware acceleration and subtitles. It is too one of the Editor’s Choice media player for Android. It can play local media files as well as network streams. It can also resume broken network streams and is designed to take advantage of multi-core systems to deliver the best performance. You can even pinch to zoom or pan your MKV video with MX player.

Wondershare Player

This MKV player for Android has a few features that distinguish it from other players mentioned in the list. Those features are its list of curated videos from different online streaming media platforms, media streaming from your Android phone to your home television, ability to play media files stored on your computer from your phone by the use of a desktop application and a Wifi connection.

android mkv player

Wondershare Android MKV player provides you with a “Watch Later” feature. This you can use when your network connection is weak and you want the app to download your media file in the background so that you can comfortably watch it later offline when you are free.

MKV video player for Android

This MKV player for Android doesn’t give you the feel of a good app when you read its small poorly written description on Play Store. However, its developer strength is probably more in a development language than the English language. This is an ad-supported app that does what it says - plays MKV videos seamlessly. It can play other format videos too and that is why when you start the app first, it runs a scan for all the videos present in your device and displays their thumbnails. If you don’t mind the developer earning a few dollars through his app by looking at a few ads, this is a good MKV player to go for.

GOM Media player

android mkv player

Just like VLC, GOM is a well-known media player for desktops. Now they are available on Android smartphones too as an MKV player for Android. The application is completely free to use but is ad-supported. It supports multiple media formats including 360 videos. You can play your media files from multiple cloud storage solutions and through network protocols like FTP.

MKV Player

android mkv player

MKV Player for Android does more than justice to its name. It is capable of playing not only MKV videos but other video formats too without the need of downloading any extra codec. While there are many old reviews that report the app frequently crashing, it has come a long way from there and easily plays long or short MKV files in full screen. You can select files manually from both your phone and SD card memory.

Wrap up

The above Android MKV players are highly rated and well-tested apps. Depending on your smartphone, it is quite possible that a particular app might be unable to play the video and crashes. In that case, you can give chance to another player. Just like on an Android smartphone, if you are looking to play MKV videos on a desktop you must have the best application to see your videos in the highest quality possible. One such application is DVDFab Player 5 which makes sure that the HD720p, 1080p and even 4K resolution MKV video experience that you have missed out on your small smartphone screen, is not missed when you play that high quality video on your desktop.