From the funniest viral tweets in the social media world or adventure addictive movie time with your friends and family world to sizzling sensational moments in your romantic world, Netflix is "The Match" for you that you always swipe right. No matter whether any dating app is installed on your phone or not, having 222 paid subscribers and a $29.7 billion revenue, Netflix must always be on the top of the app list of your favorite entertainment content collection. So, you don't have to explain how frustrating it can be when you are on with your favorite Netflix content, and Netflix wont load. Don't worry; you have already headed in the right direction while opening this page to have the reasons and solutions of why won't Netflix load.


Being one of the worldwide leading American subscription streaming service and production companies, Netflix doesn't need any introduction with its record-breaking statistical data that is changing every second in

every aspect, from watching hours to the availability of content with its unstoppable popularity.

When "Orange Is the New Black", "House of Cards", or "Black Mirror" have broken all the bars of popularity and success of this platform worldwide, the recent Twitter announcement of "Heartstopper's Nick and Charlie", The Final season of " Grace and Frankie" and the Final Episode of "Ozark" has been flooded with likes and retweets within few hours of their announcements. So, your desperation to detect the specific solution for why wont my Netflix load is quite comprehensive and justifiable.

netflix wont load:Introduction

Here, with this article, you would not only get the most effective and accurate solution to any of your Netflix loading issues to cause Netflix wouldn't load on TV or any other device, but you would also get the best solution to enjoy your favorite fantasy world in your flexible and flawless watch with the most advanced and customizable options of PlayerFab All-in-One media player. So, let's begin with the most common cause of Netflix wont load.

Why wont Netflix load?

netflix wont load:Why wont Netflix load?

There is no one-word answer to this most commonly asked and frequently faced problem. Multiple reasons can cause Netflix wont load issues, and different reasons come with different solutions. So, here you go, some of the most common causes that trigger the My Netflix wont load issue.

  • The Netflix server is down or offline.
  • Poor internet connection. It is better for you to use a Netflix video downloader to download videos.
  • Router issue caused by network hardware.
  • If your device hangs suddenly.
  • Netflix has not been updated for quite a long time.
  • Login and logout issue of the Netflix App.
  • Multiple screens watching on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Multiple "error code" issues including 11800, M7111-1331, F7111-5059,10013, etc
  • If your device has not been updated for a long time.
  • If there is any problem with your ISP.
  • If the screen of your device suddenly goes black.

How to fix the Netflix loading issues?

While seeing the long list of reasons that commonly cause Netflix wont load on Samsung TV or any other devices, you don't have to worry at all since you will have the most appropriate solution for each reason that bothers your loading Netflix on your devices. So, all you need to do is just to find out the most specific reason for your Netflix loading problem and fix it immediately while following the exact and adequate solutions given below.

  • Close your Netflix app and restart it.
  • Delete your app and reinstall it all over again.
  • Log out from your account and sign in again.
  • Reboot your router.
  • Check the connection, speed, and quality of your existing internet service on different devices.
  • Upgrade your Netflix app.
  • Sign out from the Netflix app on all of your devices where you have a simultaneous watch with a maximum of four people at a time.
  • You can use VPN to bypass ISP issues.

Now, even if trying out these solutions wont help you to fix your Netflix loading problem on any of your particular devices, here you will get some more solutions to fix your different Netflix errors and loading issues on different devices and platforms.

How to fix Netflix Error 12001 on Android

This error is specifically caused due to the outdated data on any of your Android phones or tablets. You need to refresh the data to make Netflix work again. Go to the "setting" option on your Android device> select "app & information"> click on the " See all app" option>click on "Netflix entry" while scrolling down>click on "Storage & Catches" under the Netflix sub menu>click on "Clear storage & clear cache".

How to fix Netflix Error 1012 on iOS

netflix wont load:How to fix Netflix Error 1012 on iOS

This error especially occurs on iOS devices because of the network connectivity issue, and Netflix wont load since the app can't access the Netflix server. While resetting the Netflix app, you can fix this problem on any iOS device. Go to the "Setting" menu> select Netflix, and then you need to flick the toggle given next to the "Reset" option into the "On" mode. While clicking the "Home" option twice, you need to close any of your running Netflix sessions. Now you have to swipe up on the Netflix app and relaunch it. You need to re-enter your login details.

How to fix the Black screen issue on your PC (Windows/Mac)?

netflix wont load:How to fix the Black screen issue on your PC (Windows/Mac)?

This Black screen problem appears especially on your Windows or Mac computer whenever you try to play any Netflix video.

  • First of all, you need to clear the cookies of your browser, and since the cookie clearing steps vary from browser to browser, you need to follow the specific steps while going to the "Setting" menu.
  • Secondly, you need to delete "Microsoft Silverlight" if it is there in your system.
  • Thirdly, you need to disable the security "Antivirus" software of your system that can prevent Netflix payback.
  • Fourthly, if the black screen still appears, you should try using different browsers, or you can disable the different plugins you are using.

How to fix Netflix wont load on Samsung TV or any other Smart TV.

The smart TV has come up with the inbuilt Netflix app in it so that you don't need any external hardware to access Netflix on your smart TV. However, among different smart TV brands, Netflix wont load on Samsung tv has become the most common problem since Samsung Smart TV runs Linux-based Tizen OS. To fix this, Netflix wont load on TV issues you need to follow the steps.

  • Unplug your Samsung smart tv for 1 to 3 minutes and restart it again to give a fresh start.
  • You need to disable the "Samsung Instant On" feature to work Netflix perfectly on your TV by going to the "setting" option and then to the "General" option.
  • You can try the hard reset option through factory settings with the professional support of the Samsung technical team. This process may take around 5 to 10 minutes, and it will delete all of your existing tv apps and settings that need to be reset by the team.

How to fix Netflix that wont load on Xbox One?

netflix wont load:How to fix Netflix that wont load on Xbox One?

Microsoft's Xbox One console has come up with the features of having the most popular streaming app in it, and Netflix is one of them. However, Netflix wont load Xbox One has become a very commonly faced problem. Here, you go with the solutions.

  • While visiting the official Xbox One network status web page, you check whether the Xbox network online service is down or not. If you see a green checkmark shown next to the " Xbox One Apps", then the Xbox network app is working perfectly. If the checkmark sign is not shown there, then the Xbox network is probably down. It can be continued for a few minutes or a few hours.
  • By uninstalling the Netflix app, you can fix this problem. Go to the "Xbox Dashboard"> My Games & Apps>while scrolling down the options, select the " App">Netflix>"Menu" given on the controller>Manage app>uninstall all>uninstall all again to complete the process.
  • After the uninstallation, you need to reinstall it by going to the home screen on Xbox one> scroll right to go to the "Store">App> Netflix> install> launch and try to start Netflix all over again.

How to fix Netflix that wont load on Xbox 360?

If your Microsoft home video game console, Xbox 360, is showing a Netflix loading issue, then the given steps would surely help you to fix Netflix wont load on Xbox 360 issue.

  • To uninstall the Netflix app, go to Xbox 360 Dashboard>Apps>My Apps>Netflix>click on the X button>delete>Ok. And then reinstall it.
  • To confirm Xbox DNS settings, go to the " Guide" option shown on the controller> settings> system settings> network setting> select your network> configure network>DNS settings> automatic>turn off Xbox & back it on. Try Netflix again.
  • To clear the system cache, go to the Guide option> setting> system setting> select "Memory unit", " Hard Drive" or "USB storage"> click "Y" on the computer> select " Clear system cache", if it is not shown go to different storage device>select Yes> once cache gets cleared, try to start Netflix again.

So, once you have a clear and compact idea to fix Netflix wont load issues on different devices and platforms, then it's time to get rid of any of your above-mentioned Netflix loading issues with its most effective solutions and start to enjoy your favorite Netflix content with the most relaxing, flexible and most customizable watching experience on PlayerFab All-in-One media player.

Watch Netflix with PlayerFab All-in-One

netflix wont load:Watch Netflix with PlayerFab All-in-One

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  • Playback regional content of any country.
  • Enjoy playback in 1080p resolution & EAC3 5.1 Audio track.
  • Auto skip intro option to bypass unwanted video portion.
  • Choose subtitles and audio options according to your needs & niches.
  • Autoplay options for Netflix episodes.
  • GPU acceleration for flawless viewing option.
  • Ads skipping option to save your time.
  • All audio-video formats are compatible with this media player.
  • The navigation menu is there on DVD, Blu-ray & 4k UHD Blu-ray.
  • 3D playback support for 3D content.
  • Hi-Res audio output support with Dolby Atmos & DTS: X.
  • Enjoy 4k UHD video in HDR10 effect.
  • Auto metadata download option with an easy editing feature.
  • User-friendly interface with convenient hotkey option & screenshot feature.

How to watch Netflix with PlayerFab All-in-One?

netflix wont load:How to watch Netflix with PlayerFab All-in-One?

To enjoy all the above-mentioned features and many more in your Netflix watching, all you have to do is just to install this PlayerFab All-in-One media player on your PC and select the PlayerFab Netflix Player option and while following the given instructions, enjoy your Netflix watching on your PC or TV depending on your screen size preferences. While watching, explore all the customizable features and functions of this media player to make your watching smooth, convenient, and flexible.


How to fix Device and connectivity issue-related error codes?

There are some specific error codes (5403, 11853, 1011, 0041, the-st-120,1016, -11800, AIP-704, UI-400) caused by device or internet connectivity issues and could be fixed by clearing app data and checking out internet connection.

How to fix error codes 100, 1001 & 10023-5009?

These errors happen on iOS devices. By signing out and reinstalling the app, and restarting the iOS device, you can get rid of this error code.

How to fix error codes S7111-1957-205002 and S7111-11101?

Both of them are browser-caused error issues. The format error happens in the safari browser and can be fixed by clearing browser data, using the force-quit safari option, and reopening it. For the latter browser that caused the error, you can clear cookies or visit

Last Lead

When you know why wont Netflix load and how to fix Netflix wont load issues on different devices and platforms, what are you waiting for? You must hurry up to target the most specific Netflix loading problem by going through the given reasons and solving it with the most useful solutions given. If one solution doesn't work, don't forget to try the other options. Once you are sorted with your Netflix loading issue, you must celebrate your fixing loading issues achievement with the most flexible and smooth Netflix watching experience of your much-awaited shows, series, or movies with the PlayerFab All-in-One media player.