From evaluating employees' performances, backing up confidential information, recording training tutorials, recording video calls or conference calls, creating unique videos via screen recorded footage to software's bug or error recording option, making educational tutorials, screen recording of video game tricks, recording of any online streaming content, you can do any of these and even more with the high-end techniques of Quicktime player screen recording option.

Through this article, you will get the two most effective parts to record screens on your Mac computer, one with Quicktime player screen recording and the other with DVDFab Screen Recorder and Editor for iOS.

Part 1: How to record screen with Quicktime Screen Recorder?

QuickTime is mainly a multimedia framework extension developed by Apple Inc. It tackles different formats of digital video, sound, picture, panoramic images, and interactivity. QuickTime player, better known as QuickTime X, is a built-in digital media playback and editing application for Mac. From streaming any online media file to playing any local media file, this software can handle both. Along with streaming videos, you can record any audio or video content with the QuickTime screen recording option. You can also edit and export the final recorded file. Let's have a look at what makes QuickTime screen recorders high in demand.

Why are the Fundamental Features of QuickTime Screen Recorder?

  • It can edit your recorded clips through the cut-copy-paste option.
  • You can merge different separate audio & video tracks.
  • With cropping & rotation features you can easily place any video track on any virtual platform.
  • You can save and export video codecs supported by QuickTime.
  • QuickTime has a preset video exporting option for iPhone, iPod & Apple TV.
  • You can save QuickTime movies directly from the web browser to HDD.
  • It does encoding & transcoding any audio or video file from one format to another.
  • Through the "PictureViewer" component you can view picture files from the still image format.
  • QuickTime supports AIFF, MP3, WAV, DV-DIF & MPEG-4.

How to do Quicktime Screen Recording?

Step1: Open application

Go to the "QuickTime Player App" on your Mac computer from the "Application folder" & select file & then select the "New Screen Recording " option from the "Menu" bar to open screenshot & display tools. You will see the "on-screen control " window above or QuickTime "screen recording" window below.

quicktime screen recording with audio:How to do Quicktime Screen Recording?

Steps 2: Select Options

Click on the "Options" to customize what you like to record. From selecting a location to save your screen records to including pointers, you can choose any option of your choice.

quicktime screen recording with audio:How to do Quicktime Screen Recording?

Step 3: Customize Settings

Before initiating recording click on the "Arrow" option shown next to "Record Button" to customize the recording settings.

  • To record other audio with current screen recording select a "Microphone" option.
  • To monitor the audio recording, go adjusting the volume slider.
  • To get audio feedback, you can lower the volume or go for headphones with the microphone.
  • To see the black circle in your pointer, select the "Show Mouse Clicks in Recording" option.

quicktime screen recording with audio:How to do Quicktime Screen Recording?

Step 4: Recording Options

To initiate recording the "Record" button & select any of the given options below.

  • Click any portion of the screen to record the entire screen.
  • Drag & select any particular portion of the screen to record & then click "start recording" within that particular portion.

quicktime screen recording with audio:How to do Quicktime Screen Recording?

Step 5: Stop Options

To stop recording, tap on the " Stop Button" given in the "Menu" bar. Or you can press Command-Control-Escape together.

quicktime screen recording with audio:How to do Quicktime Screen Recording?

Step 6: Ready to Edit

Once you stop recording, it will open automatically and it is ready for editing, playing, or sharing.

Now after getting into the detailed description, step-by-step screen recording instructions with how to stop QuickTime screen recording in Quicktime screen recorder let's clarify some more queries that mostly trigger your mind.

Does Quicktime screen recording record audio?

Yes, Quicktime screen recording with sound is very much possible by following a few simple steps. Go to Quicktime player app on Mac> file>new audio recording>click pop-up menu>select microphone & quality>adjust volume control>click the record button to start & pause> stop button to stop the recording> select file>save it while selecting name & location of the file> recorded audio can be trimmed or split into clips or you can rearrange them or add other audio clip.

However, if you want to use Quicktime screen recording no audio option, after selecting the "File" option go straight to the "New screen recording option" instead of the " New audio recording option". The rest of the steps are the same as "how to do Quicktime screen recording".

How to Quicktime screen record audio from the computer?

Even though through the Quicktime player screen recording with the audio option you can edit or add audio to any of your video content, Quicktime screen recording audio from a computer is only possible through a Mac extension called " Soundflower" software. Once you finish downloading and installing this software on your Mac PC, refresh your system. Go to system preference>visit sound tab>select sound output> select Soundflower(2ch) as active output>go to Quicktime screen recording window to initiate the recording process by following the same steps of "How to do Quicktime screen recording".

How to do Quicktime iPhone Screen recording?

There are two options to access Quicktime iPhone screen recording.

Option 1

You can record the screen of the iPhone/iPad/iPod Connected to the Mac via Quicktime. Connect the device to Mac>open Quicktime player app on Mac> select file> New Movie recording. Follow the rest of the steps given to "how to do Quicktime screen recording". Finally, you have to save the recording as a movie file on your Mac.

Option 2

Since Quicktime Plug-in is a built-in option for your iPhone, you can open any Quicktime file received through MMS or email on your iPhone. The Quicktime plug-in also converts the received media file into Quicktime, so that you can play them again on your phone.

Click on the email/SMS icon on your phone>find out massage with Quicktime attachment or you can send a test Quicktime file to your phone>log in to email on Mac>go to " Massage"/"Compose">type email ID configured in iPhone> attach Quicktime file from Mac>click "Send"> go to the email account on phone>click attached Quicktime file>after clicking on Quicktime icon it will be converted to a long bar once it is downloaded>click on the bar to launch the Quicktime application on phone>you can play the Quicktime file on iPhone but you cannot save the file.

How to fix the QuickTime screen recording not working?

If your Quicktime screen recording not working properly, you must try the given below four options to stop QuickTime screen recording issues. When QuickTime stops screen recording, it targets different causes. While figuring out the major four causes you can easily stop screen recording QuickTime problems.

1) Update software

Go to "system preference" from "Apple menu">" Update Now">resatart Quicktime.

2) Properly set up QuickTime if iPhone mirroring to Mac QuickTime stops working

Go to "File"> " New Movie Recording"/ "New screen recording">" Arrow" icon>"iPhone" under "camera" & " microphone">"quality" & "other options">click the " Record" option.

3) Repair Disk Permission

Go to "Disk Utility" app>"boot volume"> "First Aid">" Repair Disk Permission button">restart "Quicktime".

4) Find the recording where Quicktime gets stuck

If Quicktime is not working in Chrome & gets stuck in the finishing process, go to " Terminal">type "top-u">click "enter">write down the " Quicktime player process ID"> type "Sudo kill"[process ID]>press " Enter" to exit Quicktime>get back to the recording.

Part 2: How to record screen with DVDFab screen recorder & Editor for iOS?

quicktime screen recording with audio:Part 2: How to record screen with DVDFab screen recorder & Editor for iOS?

DVDFab screen recorder & Editor for iOS is an easy-to-use but smart option to capture every moment on the screen of any of your iOS devices. Once you have this screen recorder cum editor on your Mac computer, you don't have to worry about anything going on your screen because you can easily record and save them for your future backup. From recording movies to making professional video tutorials with recorded video clips, you can do anything with the high-end editing features of this screen recorder.

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Why should you pick the DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS?

  • You can record any audio-video content you watch on any of your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices through this screen recorder through AirPlay Mirroring and you can play the recording back without any lag with perfect audio-video synchronization.
  • While turning on the built-in camera of your Mac or any webcam with your microphone you can create a unique demonstrative video with your voiceover and picture-in-picture (PPI) effects.
  • This screen recorder comes with excellent audio & video editing features including crop, trim, adding transition, animation, zoom in & out, callouts & captions, and more.
  • You can preview the recorded video along with all the editing you have already made to ensure the quality of the final product.
  • This software automatically saves your frequently used configuration as a personal profile to make your access to this screen recorder easier and faster than before for the next time.
  • The final screen recorded file will be saved in the default container file format Mp4. You can convert this Mp4 file to any other format or you can also turn it to Blu-ray or DVD video content.

Recording the screen with DVDFab screen recorder & editor for iOS: Know the steps

Step 1: Locate DVDFab

quicktime screen recording with audio:Part 2: How to record screen with DVDFab screen recorder & Editor for iOS?

To launch this screen recorder on your Mac, you need to double-click on the "DVDFab 12" icon. Go to the utility section to locate the DVDFab screen recorder & editor for iOS.

Step 2: Device Connection

Through the pop-up window, follow the given instructions to connect any of your iOS devices to this screen recorder by AirPlay Mirroring.

quicktime screen recording with audio:Recording the screen with DVDFab screen recorder & editor for iOS: Know the steps

Step 3: Default & Manual option

While streaming the video on your iOS device, it will be recorded automatically by default. But to have manual control, you have to go the the "Switch" shown on the left side of the timeline.

Step 4: Add Audio/Video track

To add another video clip to your existing video to have a PIP effect, you must click on " the "Add Video Track" option, from a webcam or any other camera connected to your PC. Or to add any voice narration click on "Add Audio Track" option.

Step 5: Start to Record

Once you are done with your setting customization process, click on the "red record" button to initiate the recording process.

Step 6: Preview & Edit

Once you have finished your recording, click on the "preview" option to ensure the accuracy of your recorded video. Next, you can edit your recorded video through the customizable editing features to make your video exclusive.

quicktime screen recording with audio:Recording the screen with DVDFab screen recorder & editor for iOS: Know the steps

Step 7: Save to HDD

Once your editing is done, click on the "Save" button given next to the "record button" to export the file to the Mp4 format that would be saved on Hard Disk Drive.

So when you know how to record screen with QuickTime along with a clear option of how to stop screen recording QuickTime and another screen recording option with DVDFab screen recorder & editor for IOS, it's time for you to choose the most appropriate one for your specific requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access QuickTime player on your Mac?

To find QuickTime players go to the "Applications" folder which is given on the dock of your Mac computer. Keep one thing in mind the " Scratch Disk" is the default setting area where your QuickTime screen recorded file would be saved in Hamilton Lab computers. For personal computers, the default location is the "Movies" folder.

How to trim a movie with QuickTime player on Mac?

Go to the QuickTime player app>open the movie you want to trim>"Edit"> "Trim">drag down the yellow handle on the trimming bar> the outside area of the handle needs to be trimmed>click " trim".

How to edit a clip with QuickTime via trimming?

Go to QuickTime player app>select "View"> Show Clips>double click on the clip you like to trim>select the area of the clip that you like to keep by dragging the yellow handle in the trimming bar> click on "trim".

Last Lead

If you have been looking for the most user-friendly screen recording application to capture all of your onscreen activity for your personal or professional purpose then the simplest and smartest QuickTime screen recording steps and customizable features are always at your service to meet up any of your screen recording requirements. If you want to bypass certain limitations of the in-built and free Quicktime player screen recording options, the DVDFab screen recorder & editor for iOS would surely live up to your expectation with flawless perfection.