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Make Reddit Video to GIF


   Posted by Nicole

2020-01-19 04:53:48


Summary: GIF has been such an important part in our life. Many people have asked how to convert Reddit videos to GIF given that Reddit has been a good place to watch videos, similar to YouTube and other platforms. Even more, you may also be curious about the video to GIF app to do this as well as online video to GIF programs. In this article, we have prepared all the answers for you. Please go on reading to find what you need.

DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is so impeccable that everyone likes to ask him how to enhance their videos, audios and make their videos to Gif or Pic. It provides the best solutions to make what is good still better.

People are intended to convert videos to GIFs and post them online to attract more viewers. That’s because GIFs can express somethings that videos can’t sometimes. But not all of them know everything well about a video to GIF. Reddit has gained its popularity day by day due to its timely, personality, and interactive features, etc. Users are allowed to post videos on it, comment on other people’s blogs, or even post their questions to get answers. Hence, numerous people have asked about questions like “what is the good programs for a video to GIF conversion”, “what is the best video to GIF software”, or “what is the best video to GIF converter app?” etc. Well, no more questions! This article brings all the answers to you. Now, let’s check these answers together.


Part 1: How to make Reddit videos to GIFs?


Maybe you are only familiar with YouTube, Facebook, or other hot platforms. Truth to be told that Reddit is also a great place to watch and post videos on it. If you are also curious about the method to make Reddit videos to GIFs. Please go on reading.

In fact, to convert Reddit videos to GIFs is not a hard thing at all as long as you have found the right tool to help you. We believe that DVDFab Toolkit is that tool. This is a toolbox that provides users with dozens of tools to deal with videos and images. And convert Reddit video to GIF is one of them. However, there is only one thing you need to pay attention to before you use this toolbox to make Reddit video to GIF, which is to download your target Reddit video first. Because DVDFab Toolkit only supports to convert downloaded videos to GIF. So to get Reddit videos downloaded, you may need a little help from DVDFab Video Downloader which is a powerful one to help you download videos from more than 1000 websites, Reddit is one of those. Though this video downloader is powerful, it is super easy to use. Only a few steps are needed. Here are the brief steps for you.

First, You may need to download this software on your computer > run it. Second, find the “Reddit” website at the Supported Website section

Then, search for it to find your desired video > play it.

Last, click the “Download” button which appears later while the video is playing. As a result, the video will be saved into the location where you have already chosen.


Since you have already had the Reddit video, now let’s see how to make Reddit videos to GIF by using the best video to GIF software. Below are the detailed steps you need to take.

Step 1: Installation of DVDFab Toolkit

For your convenience, we have prepared its downloading button below. Click it for one time to have it on your computer in the Windows system.


 i  Free Download   


Step 2: Upload your Reddit video

Launch up the software. Then keep moving your eyesight down until you see the Image Tools and please click the Video to GIF module. Consequently, you will enter into a new interface where you can see a big plus. Click it to upload your Reddit video.

Step 3: Edit your video

Set up the Start Time and End Time to decide where to convert your video to GIFs as well as the looping time and GIF size. So, this GIF conversion software allows you to get GIFs per your needs.



Step 4: Click the Start button

Move to the bottom of the interface to click a folder icon to choose a location. Then click the Start button.

DVDFab Toolkit is the best Reddit video to GIF converter software. Up to now all the steps on converting Reddit video to GIFs are all explained. Let’s now move a step further to figure out the easiest way to make an MP4 video to GIF by using online video to GIF converter.


Part 2: Method to Convert Reddit Videos to GIF online is the easiest online video to GIF converter for people to use. The most distinctive feature of it is all its functions are listed on one page so that you can find what you need easily. Now, it is time to show you how to operate this online video to GIF program.



First, please open the website page of, of course.

Second, find the Video to GIF module.

Then, select your Reddit video from your computer. Alternatively, you can paste your Reddit video’s URL to that bar. Don’t forget to upload it.

Last, as soon as you uploaded your video, the online video to .gif program will start the conversion. However, it should be noted that this conversion process may take a little while, so you’d better show more patience.


Part 3: Best Video to GIF App

Giphy Cam is a free GIF creator for your Android and iOS phones. By accessing the camera on your phone, this best video to GIF converter app allows you to add some fun animation effects and share them across social media in a few seconds. Below are the detailed steps to make your Reddit videos to GIF.



1. Download this free app for iOS or Android from Google Store. Then a piece of information panel pops up as soon as you open it to ask for permission to access your camera roll.

2. Import the Reddit videos you already saved to your device.

3. Customize your GIFs before exporting them. You can apply any filter or special effect per your needs to your GIFs from the thumbnails below.

4. When all settings are done, you can save the GIFs to your camera roll or share them in a message, Facebook message, etc.


Final Thought


Though GIFs have been such a trendy today, people still have lots of questions related to them. How to make Reddit videos to GIFs? How to make a GIF from a video on Android? And how to make a GIF from a video in Google Photos? All these questions mentioned above have been answered in this article. Speaking of the best GIF maker named DVDFab Toolkit, we want to stress again that this software can do more than just converting videos to GIFs. If you show any interest in it and want to have a full review of DVDFab Toolkit, please click here.

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