If you are into training professionals, a Youtuber, leading a team remotely, even in the medical stream dealing with remote patients, your profession needs my screenrecorder to perform all the tasks you require at your workplace. If you check out the list of best screenrecorder, you may come across screenrecorder free or screenrecorder online with distinctive features. Further, there are screenrecorder for Android and screenrecorder for windows also available. It manifests that despite any profession and any device you are using to uplift your professional growth, utility spotlight screenrecorder is always at your service.

Let’s move on to the next part and know about screenrecorder.

What is a screenrecorder?

Screenrecorder is an application that can record your device screen along with the audio. The application can record full-screen, half-screen or partial screen as required. The applications bring various editing options as well. You can edit the video frame, add effects, text, annotations and use it. The tool is widely accepted and beneficial in the videography industry, upcoming Youtuber or professional trainees. If you are using your PC or smartphone, you can use it to record your device screen and can use it wherever you want.

what is a screenrecorder

List of best screenrecorder: Record your screen aptly

OBS Studio

obs studio screenrecorder

OBS Studio is one of the best and most potent screenrecorder applications with its impressive features of ultra scenes composition with multiple sources. You cannot go with its basic screen recording or editing options. If you're a Pro in this field, OBS Studio has a lot to give you to enhance your potential in your relevant area.

The features

  • Multiple scenes composition options with various sources like images, texts, window capture, webcam, capture cards and many more
  • It can record live streaming and video recording of your PC screen.
  • Its built-in audio mixer with per source filters gives you a filtering option for each recording.
  • It has advanced configuration options for each video frame.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: $19/ month, $149/ year. The free version comes with basic features


  • There's no recording limit
  • It doesn't add a watermark
  • It can work with multiple streaming services


  • Not suitable for quick screen recording
  • Non-tech may find it challenging to run the program


screenrecorder camtasia

Camtasia is a highly productive and detail-oriented tool for professional screen recorders. You can record video and audio one by one and mix the results afterward. It offers animation and video effects in the editing part. It provides a screen overlay option for the Youtubers. You can record the screen and add quizzes or interactivity in videos with Camtasia, which is the distinctive feature of this tool.

The features

  • You can record video and audio separately and combine them to create a new one
  • You can edit audio, video and cursor tracks separately
  • You can add captions and quizzes to make your video more engaging
  • Frame by frame editing option is available

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Price: $299.99. Free trial is available for 30 days


  • It's a powerful tool with many benefits
  • It offers a massive library of royalty-free music and sound effects
  • You can integrate webcam


  • Not suitable for significant commercial recording purpose
  • Expensive than other tools

Movavi Screen Recorder

movavi screenrecorder

Movavi offers extensive features to capture video calls, webinars and other online meetings and events. It's a great tool to provide various professional activities. It includes multi-tasking options recording webcam and audio, recording PC screen, and saving the video recording as a gif. Even you can take a screenshot with Movavi and share the image and recorded video to the social media accounts directly.

The features

  • You can record the video recording as video and Gif
  • It can record PC screen and audio at a time Or separately
  • It offers a screenshot capturing option
  • You can save the video in HD and supports multiple formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, and MKV

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Price: $49.95/ year for Business License. $39.95/Lifetime for Personal License


  • You can schedule your recording
  • It can integrate with a webcam
  • In the recording mouse, a display option is available


  • In the trial version, you can record only for 5 minutes
  • The video editing option doesn't come with it


my screenrecorder ezvid

Ezvid software is for those looking for a tool to make video clips and share them on social media. It claims it's the no. 1 easiest screen recorder, and it's not false to claim. The best thing is its speed and quick sharing option, which saves user's time. It's one of the favorite tools for gamers who can enjoy gaming clips and share them on their social media walls. David is, among all, is a helpful screenrecorder for windows tools.

The features

  • It offers quick recording and making video clips
  • Ezvid offers high definition resolution 1280p x 720p
  • It offers the flexibility that users can control the output video speed
  • Its brilliant feature consists of the system-generated speech for narratives

Compatibility: Windows

Price: Free


  • Intuitive and modern interface
  • The tool is available with popular music tracks
  • Direct social media sharing option is included


  • There are minor bugs issues
  • Edit option is not that much powerful to remove background noise


my screenrecorder camstudio

CamStudio is a great screen recorder that can create AVI files. This lightweight software does not fit for regular screen recording or primary recording purposes. It can record the screen made in AVI format, later converted to SWF.

The features

  • It can record screen-in-screen
  • It can create small file size video
  • It offers an AVI format for output video
  • It provides a custom cursor option

Compatibility: Windows

Price: Free


  • It's a lightweight open-source screen recorder
  • It's suitable for small video files


  • Minimum editing option
  • Further development needed


screenrecorder for windows sharex

ShareX offers more than a paid tool provides to users. If you're frequently engaging in online activities, ShareX could be your best partner. It provides many features that suit the Pro users. It offers custom features to users to experiment with the output video.

The features

  • The tool is integrated with hotkeys for quick navigation
  • It can record the entire screen, monitor, and window
  • It supports URL sharing service
  • It offers the comprehensive export option

Compatibility: Windows

Price: Free


  • It offers import videos, music and photos
  • It's an ad-free open-source tool
  • It provides color effects and custom watermark


  • It doesn't support webcam recording
  • Game recording quality is low


screenrecorder for windows streencast o matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a complete package of screen recording and video editing. You can customize the recording option and record any part of the screen. It can be integrated with the PC webcam and take screenshots.

The features

  • It can record the whole screen or partial screen as much as you want
  • It offers a vast editing option
  • It offers 15 minutes recording time
  • It has a stock of music libraries you can choose from if you want

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Price: $5/month.


  • It offers the functionality to add narration to the captured video
  • You can import videos and audios
  • The editing option is extensive, and you can experiment with your recording


  • It takes time to record screen
  • The free version doesn't allow to record fullscreen


free screenrecorder tinytake

TinyTake is different from its competitors because of its cloud-based gallery for storing and sharing options of the captured video. Tiny take allows you to capture the screen image, record the PC screen, edit them and share it on your social media.

The features

  • It has a built-in online file viewer for videos, documents and images
  • It offers a cloud-based gallery for storing and sharing
  • TinyTake allows you to make custom shortcut keys
  • You can share multiple files

Compatibility: Window, Mac

Price: Personal use is free. For commercial use, you have to pay. Pricing is $29.95/year, $59.95/year, $99.95/year.


  • Its commercial use is beneficial for long term
  • The cloud-based gallery is for safe storage


  • Supports mp4 video files only
  • Editing features are limited

These screenrecorders can perfectly record your PC screen, and you can send or share the output videos anywhere you want.

What should you do if you are in a position where only PC screen recording does not help you, and you need advanced editing to your output videos? Not to worry.

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI could be the best solution. Let’s know more about the tool.

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

screenrecorder dvdfab video enhancer ai

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is empowered your video by redesigning it with various editing effects, enlarged resolution and many more options for users. DVDFab Video Enhancer enhances the video quality by increasing the resolution audio quality and giving an overall make-over to the video you want to share among your circle. The AI technology nurtures the video quality and provides a new look. If you are into a commercial aspect or personal use, DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is suitable for everyone.

The features

  • It can enhance the video quality and enlarge the low-resolution video, old video, deblock, deinterlace old videos etc.
  • It increases the resolution up to 4k.
  • It sharpens the blurry lines during enhancing, removes artifacts, and boosts video images' saturation and brightness.
  • It provides higher image fidelity through GPU-based machine learning, deep learning and computer vision.
  • The neural network helps to work with various genres.
  • It offers auto processing mode, which reduces your workload.

Compatibility: Windows

Price: $79.99/ month. The free trial is also available for a limited time and lesser features access


  • The software is a AI-empowered video upscaler
  • It can upscale the lowest video to 4k
  • It can work to fix the old videos and even movies
  • It has auto-remove functionality to remove video noise and blur

The latest AI technology removes all the components that make the video dull and gives a bright shining look to the video.

If you have queries regarding screenrecorder, you can check our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best screenrecorder io?

If you want to use screenrecorder io, you can check Sure. io, Veed. io etc.

What is Microsoft screenrecorder?

If you visit Microsoft Store, you'll get a free screenrecorder tool ShareX that can be used for screen capturing and recording purposes. It comes with Windows and cannot try for high level editing or resolution enhancement. Microsoft screenrecorder best for beginners to set the hands-on.

What is the best screenrecorder Android app?

AZ screenrecorder for Android is the best app you can use on your mobile.

Concluded Part

If you're looking for a screenrecorder that can perform various roles and keep intact the quality of the output video, you can use any of the above-noted brands. And if you want to give your video a smart look and stand out amid the rush, Dvdfab Video Enhancer AI could be your best pick. Despite the reasons you're using a screenrecorder, use the best screenrecorder that never compromises the quality. If you're new in this field, try screenrecorder free to set your hands with new modules and technology.