We all need some good quality media player on our PC to play our favorite movies, TV shows, web series, etc. However, the video players that we get in our operating systems by default, be it in macOS, Windows, or Linux, do not give us the optimal experience.

That is why we look for a media player that gives us a ton of features and makes our watching experience much more enjoyable and memorable.

One of those media players is the VLC Video Player. It is a free and open-source media player that is extremely popular among the masses. It is customizable, available on all platforms, including mobile devices, and has a wide range of additional benefits. But it has its share of problems as well, and that's where PlayerFab UHD Ultra Player comes into play.

Today, we will take a look at VLC Video Player, the reasons behind its popularity, the benefits, and its drawbacks. Other than that, we will also discuss why PlayerFab UHD Player is a great alternative to VLC Video Player.

VLC Video Player

vlc video player:VLC Video Player

VLC Video Player download is a completely free multimedia player that supports almost all video formats and has a wide range of tools that come in handy.

Available on All Platforms

VLC Video Player is available on every platform. So, everyone is able to enjoy its resources, no matter what device they are using.

Open-Source Platform

VLC Video Player is completely open-source. It means the code of this media player is available to the public.

This has several benefits. The first is that it improves the security and trust of the users as anyone can check the code and find out if there is any malicious stuff present in it.

Other than that, anyone is able to add features to this media player and make it better every single day. And that's what people have been doing for more than two decades.

Download Videos from the Internet

Some of the oldest users of VLC Video Player might be unfamiliar with this feature, but you can download videos using this VLC Video Player downloader.

You can take a link from the internet and stream it directly in this player. Then, you can save it on your PC.

Audio and Subtitle Delay

There are cases where a video does not get recorded or processed properly. In such cases, you may see that the audio or the subtitle is not synchronized with the video.

In VLC Video Player, you are able to adjust the audio and subtitle delay. You can either increase or reduce the delay to get the audio and subtitles perfectly in sync with your video. This is something you don't generally see in a lot of the video players out there.

A Powerful Video Editor

VLC Video Player is so much more than just a video player. You can use VLC Media Player edit video. It has a lot of basic features like VLC Media Player rotate video, etc.

The process of using the features of the editor is pretty simple. We really loved using VLC Media Player trim video as it can be handy when you want to share small clips of a movie with someone.

Design The Player to Your Liking

VLC Media Player is well-known for its customization options. You can download various themes and skins from the internet and apply them to this media player. The skins are developed by various people out there, and the list never ends.

Why is VLC Media Player Not the Best Media Player Out There?

With so many features and benefits, and all of them for free, why is it not the best media player out there?

Well, the thing is, this free media player can give only so much. While VLC Video Player gives you a lot of useful features, it lacks many as well. The most notable of them are:

a. The process of editing metadata and performing some other functions is extremely hectic.

b. There aren't any proper Blu-ray playback options. This can be a problem as Blu-ray disks have been gaining massive popularity these days.

c. It lacks some of the advanced features like hardware acceleration, library management, etc.

Many modern video players have the latest features that VLC Video Player lacks. And the best one among them is PlayerFab.

Best Alternative to VLC Video Player: PlayerFab UHD Ultra Player

vlc video player:Best Alternative to VLC Video Player: PlayerFab UHD Ultra Player

If you are looking for a VLC Video Player download alternative, then this is just the media player you are looking for.

DVDFab is a famous brand that has contributed massively to creating software for people who enjoy watching movies and TV shows on DVDs, Blu-ray discs, streaming platforms, and other types of media.

PlayerFab is another addition to their excellent line of products. They have designed this video player to ensure that you get the optimal experience and make you feel like you are sitting and watching a movie in a cinema hall.

That's enough for an introduction. Now let's jump into its features.

Superior Library Management

PlayerFab can create well-made libraries that will help you organize your large collection of movies, TV shows, etc. This feature might be quite beneficial if you have a lot of DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

PlayerFab analyzes the contents of your DVD and creates a playlist according to factors like genre, name of the director, etc.

PlayerFab will automatically detect and insert missing metadata, such as a poster or the director's name, into the movies. They add the information from their servers, so you don't have to move a muscle to add the additional info.

Plus, even if you don't have a genuine copy of a movie or a TV show, you can still add metadata to it and make it look cool.

One Player to Stream All

Just like the VLC Video Player downloader, you can use PlayerFab to stream video from various streaming platforms. But it works in a different way here.

PlayerFab has a built-in browser, where you can log in to any streaming platform and view your favorite movies and shows using the player.

With so many streaming platforms out there, finding the right movie can be a bit time-consuming. However, if you search for a movie in PlayerFab, it will find out on which streaming platform the movie is located and show it to you.

Wide-Range Support for Blu-ray Devices

Blu-ray discs contain lossless high-definition movies and television shows with improved image and sound. Many movies are now available in 8K resolution, HDR quality, EAC3 5.1, and other formats, for example.

Plus, Blu-ray discs have navigation menus as well. They allow you to select scenes, episodes, or other bonus content. PlayerFab can support these navigation menus and allow you to access and control them. It doesn't matter whether the navigation menu came with the disc or you made it - PlayerFab will detect it successfully.

It supports all the technologies that come in a Blu-ray disk and can give you optimal performance. Plus, you can access the playback menu as you do on your Blu-ray player.

Playback Speed Control

Some movie scenes are tedious to watch, while others keep you on the edge of your seat. You may want to rush through the exposition scenes but take your time watching the fantastic action sequences to fully comprehend what's going on.

Movies made by Marvel are well-known for their dramatic post-credit sequences. And the worst part is waiting for them to arrive.

That, however, will no longer be an issue. You can adjust the playback rates with PlayerFab to your satisfaction.

As a result, you can skip over the uninteresting bits to get to the cool scenes, which you can watch slowly.

Don't Let Intros Interrupt You

Movies and TV shows sometimes have really long and boring intro sequences. They can be annoying if you are binge-watching a series.

If you use PlayerFab, this VLC Video Player download alternative will automatically detect intro sequences and skip them so that you can watch the episodes one after the other without any interruption.

Designed for Binge-Watching

Nobody enjoys clicking Next Episode every time an episode ends, especially when binge-watching an anime or a TV show.

If PlayerFab discovers another episode in the list, it will immediately switch to it once the current one has ended. Plus, nothing can stop you from having a buttery smooth binge-watching experience if you skip the intros of each episode.

Choose Between Various Language and Subtitle Files

Blu-ray discs these days come with multiple languages and subtitle files as they are distributed all around the world. PlayerFab has an interface that allows you to choose which audio and subtitle file you want to use with the video.

No More Ads

Nobody likes it when they're watching a movie or a TV show, and an advertisement pops up out of nowhere, interrupting the fun. There are some streaming platforms that show you ads even after you have paid a subscription fee, and everyone would love to get rid of it.

PlayerFab can detect and remove advertisements from Blu-ray discs and streaming services even before they are played. This means you won't have to wait for a commercial break to end to continue viewing your favorite movie.

Compatible with All

There are so many video formats, so many codecs, etc., and the list keeps on increasing. While VLC Video Player supports most of the popular video formats, you need to wait for an update if there is a new video format out there in the market.

But that's not the case when you use PlayerFab. As soon as new formats are being detected and used by PlayerFab, it will automatically update itself and show you all the contents of the video without any difficulty.

Supports Hardware Acceleration

Whenever a video player displays something on your screen, it decodes the contents of the video at first. If the video player gets sluggish, you will notice that the playback is not smooth and that you are experiencing buffering problems.

Generally, it happens if you have outdated hardware. But sometimes, the player is at fault. It might not be able to make the most of your hardware and decode the video properly.

PlayerFab, on the other hand, can make the most of your PC's hardware. The latest hardware acceleration technologies supported by PlayerFab include NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync (IQS). PlayerFab will take advantage of your powerful processor and graphics card to give you the smoothest experience possible.

Supports Low-End PCs as Well

Here are the minimum required specifications for PlayerFab to run on a PC.

  • Processor: Intel i3 or above
  • RAM: 4GB or Above
  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 40 GB or above
  • Other Requirements: Live internet connection for online streaming platforms

Any budget PC with the basic hardware can run this video player very easily. So, your hardware won't debar you from getting the best playback experience possible.


a. The interface is designed to be helpful for beginners

b. A powerhouse of attractive features

c. You can create well-organized libraries based on various parameters

d. Supports all the latest hardware acceleration technologies


a. This is not an open-source tool

b. Some of the features are locked behind a paywall

c. With so many features, it might be hard for beginners to find and utilize them all.

How To Create Libraries in PlayerFab

One of the biggest plus points of this media player is its ability to create well-designed libraries. In case you are unable to figure it out, the guide below will help you do that.

Step 1: To access all of PlayerFab's features, you first need to buy a PlayerFab license and then authorize your account. While you can use PlayerFab for free, you miss out on some of the benefits.

vlc video player:How To Create Libraries in PlayerFab

Open the menu located beside the "Upgrade to Paid Version" button and click on Authorize. This will open up a pop-up window. Enter your DVDFab credentials there.

After the authorization has been performed successfully, you will get a confirmation message.

vlc video player:How To Create Libraries in PlayerFab

Step 2: On the left side of the window, PlayerFab shows the different libraries that are present by default.

If you want to create a custom library, click on any of the options located on the left side.

vlc video player:How To Create Libraries in PlayerFab

The following window will show you the list of libraries that you have created. If you plan on adding a new one, click on Add Now.

vlc video player:How To Create Libraries in PlayerFab

You can add videos from a disc, a streaming platform, or local files in the next window that appears. You can also add your own language and subtitle files. You can play around with the features here to see which ones you like.

How to Access Streaming Services in PlayerFab

Another excellent feature that PlayerFab has is its ability to play movies, TV shows, web series, etc., directly from VIP streaming platforms.

Here is how you can do that.

On the left side of the window, below the list of libraries, you will see a section called VIP Streaming. Below, there is a list of services to which you can sign in.

vlc video player:How to Access Streaming Services in PlayerFab

The built-in browser will open up. Enter your credentials for the streaming service, and now you can watch all your favorite movies and shows in PlayerFab.

Wrapping Up

VLC Video Player is an excellent day-to-day media player which is free and has lots of useful features that might be enough for watching normal videos. However, it has very bad support for Blu-ray discs.

So, if you frequently buy Blu-ray discs, you will not get the most of it if you use VLC Video Player. Instead, you will need to use other media players. And among all of them, PlayerFab UHD Ultra Player is the best, with features that no other media player can give.

PlayerFab will ensure that you get a premium experience and get access to all the technologies that you are playing for.

PlayerFab is a freemium service, but once you use it, you will feel like every penny is well spent.