Contrary to sharpening videos, there is also a need from us to blur video, featuring the mind that we want to shade someone or something in our streaming video. Then how to blur a video? I think everyone is striving to find a free but effective assistant to finish that. If you still don’t know which one is of great help, It is time to try DVDFab Toolkit, an expert to answer how to blur a video.

1. Download and Install DVDFab Toolkit

To know how to blur out part of a video with DVDFab Toolkit, you need to download and install it first. Follow the link I give or click the “Free Download” button on the official website of DVDFab Toolkit. Prepare to start it.

2. Blur Video with DVDFab Toolkit

Which button is the key to blur video? Look at “Sharpen/Unsharpen” under the option of “Video Tools”. Click the button “Sharpen/Unsharpen” and load your video. Then set the value of “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension”, “Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension”, “Luma Intensity”, “Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension”, “Speed Matrix Vertical Dimension” and “Chrome Intensity” based on your needs to make the video blur. Here, three tips you need to know. “The sum of the value of Luma Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26”. “The sum of the value of Speed Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26”. “The value of Luma/Speed Matrix Horizontal/Vertical Dimension must be an odd number”.

How to Blur Video

3. Other Functions to Edit Videos

(1) Adjust Video Aspect Ratio: After making the video blur, is it necessary to eliminate some video background you don’t want? If you do have the need, continue to click “Crop” under “Video Tools” and load your unsharpened video to DVDFab Toolkit, the best answer to how to blur something in a video. This time you are expected to set the Aspect Ratio of your playing video. There are ready-made “Auto”, “Original”, “4:3”, “16:9”, “2.35:1” and “2.39:1” options for you. Also, you can customize the Aspect Ration of your video by adjusting the value under “Left”, “Top”, “Right” and “Bottom”. Then the video will be displayed according to your will.

How to Blur A Video

(2) Adjust Video Angle: If you shoots a video with a wrong angle, how to rotate it to the right position? Before finding a proper key to such a problem, judging which kind of rotation can solve it, two-dimensional rotation or three-dimensional rotation? If it is two-dimensional rotation, click “Rotate” under “Video Tools” and load your video out of position. Then, there are two options for you, “90 degrees clockwise” and “90 degrees clockwise”. Choose either of them to make your video in position. On the other hand, if three-dimensional rotation is needed, you are expected to click “Mirror/Flip” under “Video Tools” and load your video. Then, there are “Horizontal” and “Vertical” orientations provided for you.

How to Blur Out Part of A Video

(3) Change Playback Speed: Changing playback speed is also a viable option to avoid blur video. If you expect to display your video at a faster or slower speed than the normal speed of the source video, you should change the playback speed by clicking “Speed Up/Down” option under “Video Tools”. The adjustable value ranges from 0.5 to 16.

(4) Deshake Shooting Video: For self-made videos with GoPro, one of the primary problems you need to cope with is to make shaky videos more stable. Otherwise, blur video will appear. Can DVDFab Toolkit help you finish that? Just assign the formidable task to this expert, which is dedicated to deshaking GoPro videos.

How to Blur Something in A Video

Click “Deshake (GoPro)” under “Video Tools” and load your shaky video. Then DVDFab Toolkit provides you with four options to adjust your video, including “Shakiness”, “Accuracy”, “Stepsize” and “Mincontrast”. What does each of the four options mean? According to the notes, adjusting the value of “Shakiness” means setting the shakiness and speed of the input video. Adjust the value of “Accuracy” means setting the accuracy of the analyzing process. Adjust the value of “Stepsize” means setting the stepsize of the search process. Adjust the value of “Mincontrast” means setting the value for minimal contrast. Then what is the adjustment range for the four options. From “Shakiness” to “Accuracy”, “Stepsize” and “Minicontrast”, they are “1-10”, “1-15”, “1-10” and “0-1”, respectively.

(5) Denoise GoPro Video: GoPro videos are usually followed by noise and scream besides blur video. To offer a good watching experience, it is better to denoise such GoPro videos. Let DVDFab Toolkit help you. Click “Denoise (GoPro)” under “Audio Tools” and load your noisy GoPro video. Then, “Low Pass” ranging from 100 to 1000 as well as “High Pass” ranging from 1000 to 5000 are for your choice.

Blur Video


Could DVDFab Toolkit be your best assistant to help you blur video? Need to adjust video aspect ratio, video angle and the playback speed? Most importantly, is there any GoPro videos in need of embellishment? No matter what kinds of other problems you may have, such as converting videos and trimming audio, remember DVDFab Toolkit is always your best friend.  If you want to know other roles of DVDFab Toolkit, read A Video Sharpening Tool - DVDFab Toolkit.