Summary: This article revolves around how to slow down a video with DVDFab Toolkit, professional but versatile software, with which video fans can highlight their wanted video action, especially when shooting short videos during extreme sports such as bungee jumping, skateboarding and parachuting.

As a video fan, you might be keen on shooting videos, and further slow down some part of the video clip to emphasize the action. Of course, you must have seen different sorts of video editing tools online. However, the one that gives you a wide range of speed choice when it comes to  slow motion is few and far between. Hence, to seek an optimal solution to slow down a video is a must for you to produce eye-catching video action!

To be frank, you have come to the right place upon your click on this article, which has everything you need if you aim to slow down a video. The following tutorial will guide you how to slow down a video with DVDFab Toolkit, professional and versatile, designed to give you more than that when dealing with issues related to video, audio and image.

PART 1: How to Slow down Video with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 1: Run DVDFab Toolkit and choose Speed Up/Down’ module from ‘Video Tools’

Download, install and launch this program from official website with prominent label ‘Free Download’ on the product page. Up to now, only Windows version is available. Upon installation, feel free to enjoy it immediately. Then locate ‘Speed Up/Down’ that stands next to ‘Trim’.

Slow down video with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 2: Load the source media file (audio/video)

There are two options available for you to load source video. For one thing, simply press ‘+’ button on the center of the interface to import your wanted video. For another, you can drag and drop the video file onto ‘+’ section. Note that you can add more than one video file at one go.

Load source to slow down video with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 3: Adjust video speed

The slider standing parallel to the playback timeline is designed to adjust the video speed. If you want to slow down the video, hover your mouse over the speed slider to change the video speed, from right to left, to get your desired slow speed, or directly change the speed value as needed in the box along side the slider. This software overtakes other products in its flexible setting value of playback speed, not just limited to 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x..., when users hope to adjust video speed at their own wish. Similarly, if you want to speed up the video, just move the speed slider, from left to right, to get your wanted speed. Look at the screenshot, you can add a second video when the first one is under conversion and the like.

Slow down video by moving speed slider or changing speed value

Step 4: Set file directory and hit ‘Start’ button

Subsequently, set the file destination to save the slowed down video changed in playback speed. Once done, tab the ‘Start’ icon to wait for the resulting video file. Here you can see real-time progress on the timeline, the same goes for the information on encoding, time elapsed and remaining. What to do next is enjoy your edited video whenever and wherever possible.

Wait for slowed down video

PART 2: How to Slow down a Video with iMovie on Mac

If you are an iSO user, there can be some other way out for you to slow down a video. Below is a simple guideline as to slow down video with iMovie on Mac device, through which you can adjust the frame rate of any clip.

Step 1: Run iMovie and load the video you want to slow down its speed

Step 2: Select the video clip you aim to change its speed on the timeline

Step 3: Tab the ‘Speed’ button like a clock

Step 4: Choose ‘Slow’ from the pop-up speed menu and further hit a speed button to set your unwanted speed.

Special tips: there will appear an icon, a turtle or a rabbit, on the clip and a speed slider at the top of the preview window. If the video clip is slowed down, it will become longer on the timeline. Conversely, the accelerated clip will be much shorter on the timeline.

Of course, if you are dissatisfied with the previous speed adjustments, you can drag the speed slider at the top of a clip that has speed change. Mind that you can drag the slider to the right to slow down the video, or to the left speed up the clip. Besides, the speed slider is intended for regular speed adjustments, with which you can see the duration change on the timeline. What’s more, you can try out to adjust the playback speed of a part of the video by selecting a range in the video clip on the timeline through holding down the ‘R’ key and dragging along the clip. The sequel steps is omitted here. You can explore it on your own.

PART 3: Appealing Features of DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit possesses all features essential to satisfying the needs of video, audio and image, which means you can edit your video, audio or image files as hoped. This integrated software is a great favor to video fans and music lovers, outperforming other homogeneous products.

Video Tools: this multi-functional tool is capable of converting videos between various formats, trim unwanted video clips, crop undesired sections, adjust playback speed of videos,  flip videos horizontally or vertically, rotate videos clockwise or counter clockwise, sharpen or unsharpen the video screen, stabilize shaking videos, and convert interlaced videos to progressive ones.

Audio Tools: this software is able to convert audios between popular formats, trim unwanted audio clips, adjust audio volume, and reduce redundant noises from audios.

Image Tools: it can be used to make GIF images from videos and take pictures from videos based on specified frame or time intervals.

Generally speaking, these features can find their wide use in video/audio editing and image converting. Thus, to lower volume of a video with DVDFab Toolkit is cost-efficient since you can experience other features at the same time.


In the final analysis, DVDFab Toolkit achieves three things at one stroke, handling common problems relating to video, audio and image within one program, not limited to slowing down a video as expected. So through this tutorial, you must have got the hang of how to slow down a video when you trying to make some memorable videos. Nevertheless, if you are in a dire need of experiencing all features forever, it is highly recommended that you pick out some dollars from your pocket for this worthwhile tool. Once paid, it will bring you an unexpected result.