If you are a videographer, you must have used GoPro to record videos when you are riding, surfing, running or skiing. Then you must have been in a situation where you have filmed a very important video by spending your whole day and get disappointed in the end because you found out that your GoPro video is so shaky and wobbly that people can barely recognize what you are filming. Fortunately, some reliable video stabilization software is developed to help you fix shaky GoPro videos. DVDFab Toolkit is one of them. If this is exactly what you need, please continue reading to learn more.

A Brief introduction to DVDFab Toolkit

Like always, there are some free video stabilization software as well as some paid ones. DVDFab Toolkit is one of these paid ones. However, you have a trial time to make sure whether this software can satisfy you or not. Before you know more about this tool, it should be noted that DVDFab Toolkit is designed for those people who need to stabilize shaky GoPro video yet lack of professional video knowledge. Therefore, it is very easy to operate and easy to use. Moreover, apart from the function of GoPro video stabilization, you can also edit videos or audios or images in other ways, such as remove your GoPro video noise, speed up/down your video, reduce noise in your GoPro videos or make screenshot while you are viewing, etc.

How to stabilize videos with DVDFab Toolkit

As we have mentioned earlier, DVDFab Toolkit is pretty easy to be used to de-shake your video. Now, let’s see how to utilize this software together.

Step 1: Download and install this video stabilization software

This software can only be installed at the Windows system so far. To get it downloaded and installed, you can visit its product website and click the “Free Download” button. Alternatively, for your convenience, you are free to click the downloading button below to download and install it directly.

 i  Free Download   

Step 2: Run this software

After successful installation by following its guidance, you can run this software through double-click. Then, the main interface will reveal in front of you. Obviously, this software is divided into three parts: Video Tools, Audio Tools, and Image Tools. For the stabilization of GoPro videos, please go to the Deshake (GoPro) module in the Video Tools part. Click it once, and then you will enter the interface to fix shaky GoPro video footage.

GoPro video stabilization

Step 3: Load your video file

Loading your video file is pretty easy which only needs a few clicks to get it done. You can choose to click on the “+” button or choose to drag and drop video files to the middle of the interface. Both ways work well.

How to stabilize GoPro videos

Step 4: Set parameters for your output video

As long as your video is loaded in, you will see a new window from which you set some parameters, including Shakiness (set the shakiness and speed of the input video), Accuracy (Set the accuracy of the analyzing process), Stepsize (set the step size of the search process) and Mincontrast (set value for minimal contrast). You are allowed to adjust these parameters by sliding the bar back and forth.

Furthermore, there is still a function that needs to get your attention. On the left upper side of the interface, you can see an “Add from Local” option. Click this option, you can choose another shaky video to fix and let this video waiting in the line.

Free video stabilization software

Step 5: Initiate the process

Before you decide to initiate the process to de-shake your video, please do not forget to select a location to save your output video by clicking the folder icon on the bottom of the interface.

Then, a short time later, you can get a stabilized video.

Why Choose DVDFab Toolkit

1. Since you have read how to utilize this video stabilizer software, you must have aware that you have no difficulty in using it, even though you are new to this.

2. We have mentioned before that DVDFab Toolkit is not only a video stabilizer, it packs 15 handy video, audio, and image conversion and editing tools that people use frequently in everyday life. Each is an independent module that works on its own to do one primary job. And more functions are coming soon.

3. Though possessing so many functions, DVDFab Toolkit can only cost you $ 44.9 per year.

Some other functions of DVDFab Toolkit

1. Edit videos the way you like

In the “Video Tools” part, there are 9 modules included. With the Video Converter module, you can convert videos of all formats into H. 264/H.265/MPEG 4 encoded MP4/MKV videos. With the Trim module, you can decide what time the video starts to play and also end at that time, cutting off the video clip you dislike. With the Speed Up/Down module, you are allowed to fast forward or slow down your video. Download DVDFab Toolkit and explore the other module in person. You will love it.

2. Edit audios per your preference

As you can notice, the “Audio Tools” part includes 4 modules, among which is Denoise (GoPro). GoPro has topped the ranking list of an action camera. Yet the audio issues frequently happen. That’s why Denoise (GoPro) is designed to help you reduce/remove noise in your GoPro videos.

3. Take screenshots or make GIFs from videos

I bet it happens many times that you want to take a screenshot or make GIFs when you are watching videos to share with your friends or save them as beautiful memories. Luckily, all you want are provided in the “Image Tools” part. Using no matter the “Video to GIF” module or “Video to PIC” module, you can have fun and connect with your friends better more than ever!

In the End

GoPro has always been most people’s choice whenever they need to film a video while they are skydiving, snowboarding or doing other sports. Because of this, your GoPro videos may be unstable most of the time, causing difficulties in viewing them. How to stabilize these videos? Well, I believe DVDFab Toolkit is a nice choice for you. It should be pointed out again that DVDFab Toolkit is not just a GoPro video stabilization software, it also includes so many other functions that are waiting for you to explore. If this software has already got your attention and you are eager to have a comprehensive understanding of it, you can click here to see how to edit video/audio and make GIF with Toolkit.