When it comes to “sharpen video”, two occasions immediately spring to mind. We are in pursuit of clear video images, so if we are faced with blur videos, it is imperative for us to make them clear. Another case related to “sharpen video” is desperately required by the police, especially when they are solving a case. The more clear the surveillance video is, the more clues to the criminal suspect will be found. Therefore, learning how to sharpen a video is of paramount importance in our daily life for all walks of life.

Then, how to sharpen video quality with the least effort but gaining the most effective effect? You are expected to ask a free video sharpening app for help. Here, DVDFab Toolkit is highly recommended, which has considerable expertise in answering how to sharpen video. Now, let’s learn about this video sharpen video app.

How to Sharpen Video

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is a special gift for Windows users. With plenty of user reviews got, this free versatile software has confidence to serve you until you tap the “Free Download” button on its official website.

Notes: After three clicks, this free software will be downloaded and installed. Then click the “Little Triangle” on the right top corner > “Settings” > “Language” to set your interface language. DVDFab Toolkit is available in 12 languages, including English, Portuguese, Italian, and among others.

Step 2: How to Sharpen Video with DVDFab Toolkit

On the main interface of DVDFab Toolkit, you can clearly see the main functions of this video sharpening app are divided into three parts, namely, Video Tools, Audio Tools and Image Tools. Where is the “Sharpen/Unsharpen” functions”? Right under the category of “Video Tools”.

Click “Sharpen/Unsharpen” under “Video Tools” and load your video to DVDFab Toolkit by clicking the “+” icon. Then your video will be played automatically played in this software. Below the video screen, there are six options provided: “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension, Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension, Luma Intensity, Chroma Intensity, Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension as well as Speed Vertical Dimension”.

How to Sharpen A Video

Following is an introduction of the adjustment range of the six options we have mentioned in the last paragraph. In terms of Luma Intensity, its adjustment range if from -1.5 to 1.5. The same goes for “Chroma Intensity”. As to the other four options including “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension, Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension, Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension and Speed Matrix Vertical Dimension”, their adjustment range is the same, from 3 to 23. In addition, “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension” and “Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension” share the mutual restriction relationship. It is true of the relationship between “Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension” and Speed Matrix Vertical Dimension”. The higher you adjust the value of “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension”, the lower the value of “Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension” will become. And they keep a balance when both the values are set 13. The same goes for “Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension” and Speed Matrix Vertical Dimension”. As the tips put, “The sum of the value of Luma Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26; The sum of the value of Speed Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26; The value of Luma/Speed Matrix Horizontal/Vertical Dimension must be an odd number”.

After knowing the adjustment range of such six options, with “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension, Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension, Luma Intensity, Chroma Intensity, Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension as well as Speed Vertical Dimension” included, you can set any of them to sharpen your video, making the video images clear and clear.

Step 3: Other Functions DVDFab Toolkit Provides

In addition to the role of “Sharpen Video App”, DVDFab Toolkit is also an expert to convert videos, trim audios and make a video to GIF. How about learning about how to use such functions one by one?

(1) Convert Videos

Think you are going to spend a long trip on a bus with your favorite videos, but any of the videos is available for unmatched format with your mobile device. How annoying it is! This journey is doomed to be boring. Is there any quick way to fix the problem that “Videos are not compatible with individual devices”? Yes, DVDFab Toolkit is the best answer to such a common problem.

Click “Converter” under “Video Tools” and load your video to DVDFab Toolkit. Then click the option of “Output” and choose your preferred video format like MKV and MP4. Is there any special requirement for H.254, H.265 or MPEG4 video? Click the option of “Codec” and select one you want. During the video conversion process, choosing proper video resolution can also make your video images more clear. Or, you can choose the lowest video resolution to reduce the space of the file on your device. Here, DVDFab Toolkit offers you 8 kinds of resolution, encompassing 1280×720, 3840×2160, 1920×1080, 960×640, 720×480, 640×480, 480×320, 320×240.

Sharpen video App

(2) Trim Audios

When do we need to trim audios? Why do you want only a part of an audio? No matter the audio is a speech or a piece of music, there is no denying that the part you like means much to you. So you could not help trimming it. That’s why we have seen part of music extracted as mobile phone ringtone, or part of a famous speech is used to inspire those who are fiddling around. Then how to trim an audio?

Click “Trim” under “Audio Tools” and load your audio. Then, decide which part should be left by setting the Start Time and End Time or sliding the marker under the video screen directly.

Video Sharpening App

(3) Make Video to GIF

The emergence of GIF videos has left a deep impression on every people. Who can image that videos can be manifested in such a novel and amusing form? But it actually becomes a reality. Have you ever thought of creating your individual GIF videos and use them when chatting with your best friends. It is time to get this skill.

Click “Video to GIF” under “Image Tools” and load your video. Then extract part of the video you like best and set the looping times, playback speed and video size. Follow the folder provided to locate your GIF video.

Video Sharpening Tool


Do you have any blur videos to deal with? Just ask DVDFab Toolkit to help you sharpen video. It is a powerful video sharpening tool and also acts as a video converter, audio trimmer, video to GIF maker and more roles. Install it and let him assist you to solve all types of problems related to videos, audios and images. If you want to Use DVDFab Toolkit to Deinterlace Video, just refer to this article.