Summary: This post aims to give you the most reliable pic to video solution, whether used on desktop, online or on smartphones. If you know how to convert pic to video, you will be able to make striking video slideshows for personal or professional uses.


Have you ever thought of using a pic to video slideshow maker to incorporate your favorite pictures (from scenic spots or wedding ceremony) with your desired background music? With such a pic to video tool, you can make stunning video slideshows to entertain or attract your followers, families, friends and even potential customers. So, what good program shall you turn to? Do you know how to convert pic to video fast and well? This article has everything you need to make a video slideshow with pictures and music.

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PART 1: How to Convert Pic to Video with DVDFab Toolkit

PART 2: Alternatives to Convert Pic to Video

PART 3: Conclusion

PART 1: How to Convert Pic to Video with DVDFab Toolkit

In face of an ocean of pic to video converters, whether for desktop, smartphone or online use, there is one photo slideshow maker worth your full trial due to its multi-purposes. Once you anticipate knowing more about this pic to video converter, the following information will offer you what you desire, even beyond expectation.

Detailed Guide on How to Make Pic to Video:

Step 1: install and run this versatile pic to video software

For a beginner, you can enjoy free download from the official website of DVDFab. After installation, go ahead to launch the program, further navigate to ‘PIC to Video’ from ‘Image Tools’. On the main interface are 20+ independent modules that are able to meet your daily use when it comes to addressing issues related to video, audio and image.

intall and run pic to video converter

Step 2: load the pictures you want to turn into video

Press the ‘+’ button to add photos or simply drag & drop them onto the center area. For free use, you can add images reaching up to 50 at one go. But such limitation does not work for premium users.

load images to pic to video software

Step 3: customize output video

Now it’s time to personalize your video slideshows with advanced options so that they look more unique and striking to your audience.

Title: feel free to name the video as you want.

Output: MP4 and MKV are available at present to decide the output format.

Resolution: select video quality (from 240p to 2160p) from the drop-down menu.

Scaling Options: ‘Scale to Fit’ and ‘Scale to Fill’ are two normal modes to adjust image content.

Delay: set value for the delayed intervals between image playback.

Insert Audio: this is the highlighted feature that most users are dreamed of. With background music, your video slideshows must be more unique, emotional and appealing.

customized options for making pic to video

Step 4: start to convert pic to video

After video customization, tab ‘Start’ icon to launch the conversion process. Here turbo-speed feature powered by CPU, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD leads to a blazing fast conversion task. Hence, you will get your striking video slideshows within minutes. What’s more, you can check the real-time status from the progress timeline duiring the pic to video conversion.

check conversion process of converting pic to video

Now you have understood how to make pic to video from the given tips. What counts is to gain a full picture of this multi-functional toolkit.

Inclusive Features of this Pic to Video Converter:

Video Tools: convert videos between various formats; trim, crop and merge clips; speed up and slow down video; flip and rotate video orientation; sharpen and blur video image; deshake shot videos from GoPro camera; and convert interlaced video into a progressive form.

Audio Tools: convert audio between numerous formats; trim and merge audio clips; turn up and lower volume; normalize audio (change its overall volume by a fixed amount to reach a target level); and denoise volume from GoPro camera.

Image Tools: convert videos from pictures and GIF, and vise verse

Watermark Tools: add text, time and image to watermark your media files

With all features engraved in your mind, you will feel freely to resolve your daily problems, whose functions can be well embodied in an old saying: kill many birds with one stone.

PART 2: Alternatives to Convert Pic to Video

You might want to seek other options apart from this powerful pic to video software. Of course, here are other alternatives for your reference.

Windows Movie Maker (Windows)

This pic to video converter, released by Microsoft, enables you to create and edit photo slideshows, and further share them on OneDrive, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Aside from pic to video feature, you can integrate clips into digital movies with music, titles, transitions and effects.


•  Intuitive interface

•  Offers transition effects, transitions and themes


•  Officially discontinued on Jan, 2017

•  Unable to adjust contrast & saturation, and effects

iMovie (Mac & iOS)

As the best pic to video software for Mac and iOS users, iMovie has won wide popularity due to its clean and easy-to-use interface. You can create stylish trailers and stunning 4K movies via main tracks: Movie and Trailer.


•  Simple interface

•  Useful themes and trailers


•  Limited filters, transitions and titles

•  Only two video tracks

Animoto (Online)

This online pic to video slideshow maker allows users to create compelling videos with pictures and music for personal or marketing objectives. With web-based intuitive interface and compatibility with diverse devices (desktop, tablet, Android and iPhone), you can make video slideshows within several clicks without any effort.


•  Font library and 3000+ music licensed tracks

•  Multiple memories styles, landscape & square videos

•  Video download and share on social media


•  Strong reliance on internet connection

•  Uncompetitive price


VivaVideo, as a powerful video editor, allows users to turn pic into video with music, which proves easy to create videos for regular users and newbies. However, once you expect extra features, you have to purchase its premium version.


•  Three basic options: Themes, Music and Duration

•  Online library and edit button (trim, filters, text and stickers)


•  Advanced features come at a price

• 5-minute watermarked video for free use

SlideLab (iPhone & iPad)

This pic to video app allows for creating incredible video slideshows from photos on iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can add editing options to your images and videos like audio tracks, filters, transitions and animations, thus making your video slideshows stand out from others.


•  Create and edit slideshows

•  Customized options: filters, audio tracks and transitions

•  Share slideshows on social media apps


•  Free download but in-app purchases for most features

The above listed are the possible best options to convert pic to video with music. Whatever you choose, the emphasis is that you shall gain user-friendly experience. Moreover, every penny should be spent wisely. So, from the long term, you had better opt for the most versatile tool, like DVDFab Toolkit, which comes in handy in other situations.


Now you might have understood what to choose when it comes to pic to video software, online tools or apps. With image to video slideshow makers, you will be at ease to share your educational, recreational and even marketing slideshows with your loyal followers, friends or clients. After all, such vivid slideshows speak louder than static images.

Sometimes, you may want to further edit the video with watermark, titles, even hope to adjust the saturation, contrast and brightness. No panic! Here comes the best video editor to help you out. With self-made video slideshows, you will be possibly unsatisfied with their resolution since your smartphone or camera does not excel in shooting photos. To delete or to redo, that is a question! But both options are a waste of time. So, is there any shortcut? Of course, here is a video enhancer waiting for you, thus considerably increasing video quality and image.