Many people are looking to convert to Blu-rays since it's Blu-ray an awesome media storage technology. It is a superior advancement to DVDs with larger storage and high definition audio and video resolution support. A single layer standard Blu-ray disc can hold nearly 25GBs of data. That’s why Blu-ray discs have become the default media storage standard for high resolution movies. You can still find DVDs of latest movies,but they often don’t get commercially produced just like Blu-rays because of less demand and low video resolution.

Another reason to prefer Blu-rays is that they can hold larger amount of storage as compared to DVDs. So, it would be a better idea to create a Blu-ray disc out of multiple DVD discs,as you can store, or merge multiple DVD movies in a single Blu-ray. Here, in this article we will talk about converting or merging multiple DVDs to a single Blu-ray disc, ISO, or a folder.

Part 1: DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray: Overview, Download And Installation Procedure

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter is a powerful software which can merge multiple DVD discs, ISO, or folders into a single Blu-ray disc, ISO, or a folder. Given below are the notable features of this software.

  • Works with DVD discs, ISOs, and folders.
  • Applies advanced compression technology to create stunning video quality.
  • Highly customizable in regard to DVDs having multiple audios and subtitles.
  • Able to create Blu-ray disc, ISO, folders of different types like BD5, BD9, BD25, and BD50.
  • Uses hardware acceleration technologies like Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia CUDA, and AMD Acceleration for faster video processing.

Part 1.1: A Quick Note on DVD Disc Types

You may not know this that a DVD has 4 types which are DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, and DVD18. The standard DVD types are DVD5 and DVD9, while the last two types aren’t commonly used. With DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray converter you’ll mostly be using the DVD5 and DVD9 types only. Check the individual descriptions of these types.

1. DVD5: It has a maximum capacity of 4.7GB and is the most common type of DVD used by us. It is single layered only.

2. DVD9: Can hold data up to 8.5GB. These types are mostly used in commercially produced movie DVDs. It is a single layered DVD.

3. DVD10: Has a maximum data holding capacity of 9.4GB. It is a double sided single layer disc.

4. DVD18: Can hold data up to 17GB. It is a double sided dual layer disc.

Part 1.2: A Quick Note on Blu-ray Disc Types

Just like DVDs, Blu-ray discs also have 4 types. Out of 4, two are unofficial types. These types are BD5, BD9, BD25, BD50. Check their descriptions below.

1. BD5: In reality no Blu-ray disc of this type exists. A BD5 is just a normal DVD5 which is used to burn a Blu-ray movie under 4.7GB. DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray is able to create a BD5 ISO or a folder.

2. BD9: It is an unofficial Blu-ray disc type and uses a DVD9 to burn a Blu-ray movie having size less than 8.5GB.

3. BD25: This is the standard Blu-ray disc type which holds 25GB data. These discs are physically available for purchase.

4. BD50: The second official BD type which can store 50GB of movie data. BD25 and BD50 are the excellent choices for merging multiple DVDs into a single Blu-ray disc, ISO, or a folder.

We bet that you will not be confused about DVD and Blu-ray disc types from now onwards.

Part 1.3: Download Links And Installation Procedure

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter isn’t available as a standalone software rather it comes as an integral part of DVDFab 12. So, you have to download DVDFab 12 which is available for Mac and Windows. Check the download links below.

  • DVDFab 12 32-bit/64-bit Online Installer for Windows 7/8/10 – Download Here
  • DVDFab 12 32-bit/64-bit Offline Installer for Windows 7/8/10 – Download Now

If you are downloading the offline installer file,then go to the given link and scroll down the webpage to find the offline installer file’s link. Initially you may not see the link because of small computer screen and link’s placement a little below the fold.

The installation procedure is quite simple. Just download offline or the online installer of DVDFab 12, double click to open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. This just requires only few clicks.

Part 2: What’s a DVD/Blu-ray ISO And Folder?

A DVD or a Blu-ray ISO is an exact copy of the movie data stored on the physical DVD or Blu-ray disc. A DVD/Blu-ray ISO image is a single package file that contains this data. Similarly Blu-ray or DVD folders are the exact copies of their corresponding movies data but in form of a folder directory. Many people create ISOs or folder just to make soft copies of their DVDs and Blu-rays which also serve as disc backups stored on a computer’s hard drive. Here are some interesting facts about DVD/Blu-ray ISOs and folders.

  • Serve as the soft copy backups for physical discs.
  • Can be directly played via USB on most TVs and media players including smartphones.
  • Can be burned directly to a physical disc whenever required.
  • Multiple videos can be merged to create a single DVD or Blu-ray ISO.

We are happy to tell you that DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter fully supports disc ISO images and folders. So, even if you have different DVD ISOs or folders,then feel free to follow this article to convert or merge DVDs to Blu-rays discs, ISOs, or folders.

Part 3: How to Convert or Merge DVDs to Blu-rays Discs, ISO, or Even Folders

Important Note: If you have physical DVDs than only one DVD can be converted to a Blu-ray. This is because your computer has only one optical drive which can’t read more than one disc at a time. If you’re looking to merge multiple DVDs to Blu-ray,thenyou should have DVD ISOs or folders of different movies. But if you don’t have ISOs,thendon’t worry. For merging multiple DVD discs to Blu-ray you should follow the steps below first before doing anything.

1. Make a parent folder named ‘Movies’ on your computer’s desktop.

2. Create sub-folders inside this parent folder and name them as ‘Movie 1’, ‘Movie 2’, ‘Movie 3’, etc.

3. Now insert the DVD disc in the optical drive, open it and copy the ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder to the ‘Movie 1’ sub-folder.

4. Remove the disc when copy process gets over and insert the second DVD disc and copy its ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder to the ‘Movie 2’ sub-folder. You can copy multiple DVDs like this.

5. You can merge a maximum of 5 standard DVDs to a BD25 Blu-ray and approx 10 DVD movies to a BD50 disc if you go by their 25GB and 50GB storage size. You should use ‘Passthrough’ processing for this as discussed in the part below.

Now you have DVD folders of different movies and now we can start merging them to Blu-ray format.

Part 3.1: Convert, Copy, or Merge DVDs to Blu-rays Disc, ISO, or Folder Using DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter

At this point you should have installed DVDFab 12 on your system. It is a paid software and if you’re using this for the first time then you’re lucky because you can use this software fully during its full-featured trial period. So let’s begin.

Step 1: Open DVDFab 12 and click the ‘Copy’ tab. Click the ‘Copy Mode Selector’ button and select ‘DVD to Blu-ray’.

Step 2: Click ‘+Add’ and load the ‘VIDEO_TS’ folders of different DVD movies from the corresponding sub-folders named as ‘Movie 1’, ‘Movie 2’, etc. DVDFab 12 will recognize these ‘VIDEO_TS’ folders as a complete DVD. Load these folders one by one,unless you see multiple DVD folders loaded in the program. In addition to these folders you can also load a DVD from the optical drive. See the image below.

Step 3: After loading the DVD folders,click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button as shown in the image above. Click ‘Output’ and select the Blu-ray disc type as BD50, BD25, BD9, or BD5. Choose the right typeas per your need. To check for BD disc types scroll above and read ‘Part 1.2’.

Step 4: Click ‘Processing Mode’ and either select ‘Passthrough’ or ‘Conversion’. Passthrough will maintain the exact DVD quality and size on the output Blu-ray. While ‘Conversion’ can provide enhanced quality. If selecting ‘Conversion’ then you have to also select the ‘Video Quality’.

Video quality can be selected as video bit-rates which are 15, 20, 30 Mbps, ‘Fit to Disc’ or ‘Customize’. On selecting the appropriate bit-rate the final output size estimate will be shown in GBs just next to it. Use ‘Passthrough’ if you want to merge multiple DVDs to Blu-ray.

Step 5: You can also click ‘Custom Menu’ and design your Blu-ray menu or can set the menu to ‘No Menu’ from ‘Menu Mode’. You can leave this now as we will share a tutorial for custom menu designing later in this article. Click ‘OK’ to go back to the main UI window.

Step 6: A commercially produced DVD has many video files along with the main movie. These additional videos can be some promotion videos that is of no use. You can choose to select or de-select these videos and select only the main movie.

Click ‘Choose Other Titles’ and select the video files along with the by-default selected main movie. You can also play a video here to check if it is the right one that you want to select by clicking the green ‘Play’ button which appears on hovering the cursor over the video title. Repeat this step for all the DVDs that you have loaded.

Step 7: A DVD can have multiple audio streams, subtitles, and chapters. You may want to select audio streams and subtitles. This way you can de-select several audio streams and subtitles that won’t be there in the final Blu-ray. See the image below.

Step 8: At this point we are just ready to start merging the DVDs to Blu-ray. But if you want to learn more about the ‘Custom Menu’ then skip the next step and jump to the Blu-ray menu designing tutorial in ‘Part 3.2’ below. You can then resume the tutorial from here again. However, if you don’t want any Blu-ray menu and already selected ‘No Menu’ previously then move to the next step below.

Step 9: Now from here you have three ways to create a Blu-ray from your DVDs. You can either choose to directly burn a physical BD25, BD50, BD5, or BD9 depending on the output size. Secondly you can create a Blu-ray ISO from those multiple DVDs. And lastly you can choose to create a Blu-ray folder.

Step 10: To burn a Blu-ray disc first click the ‘Save to’ location and select the ‘BD-ROM’ optical drive. Click the ‘Start’ button and insert the blank Blu-ray disc for burning when prompted by the program. Your DVDs will get merged to this blank Blu-ray disc.

Step 11: If you don’t have a BD-ROM optical drive then save the project as a Blu-ray ISO. Click the ‘ISO’ button as shown in the image below and select the output location to save the Blu-ray ISO. Finally click the ‘Start’ button and wait till the conversion and merging process completes. You can burn this ISO later to a blank Blu-ray disc.

Step 12: Lastly you can choose to save the project as a Blu-ray folder. Click the ‘Folder’ icon and select the output location. Hit the ‘Start’ button and wait till the process completes. Go to the output location and copy the Blu-ray folder to another location of your choice.

You now have successfully learned to copy DVDs to Blu-rays. You can now play this freshly prepared Blu-ray on your BD player. Remember that some hardware and software players can directly play Blu-ray ISO files and folders, though the device compatibilty list is not that vast but still many of them can play.

Part 3.2: Design a Custom Blu-ray Menu in DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter

Here’s a quick tutorial for designing a custom menu for your Blu-ray disc, ISO, or folder. This part is proceeding directly after the ‘Step 8’ from above that you have skipped to learn menu designing from here.

1. Head to the ‘Advanced Settings’ and click its icon as shown in ‘Part 3.1’. Click the ‘Custom Menu’ button to launch the Blu-ray menu designer. Check the important functions below.

2. First select a menu template. By-default it has only one, so click the ‘Download More’ to download more templates. After that click any template to apply.

3. You can use the tools set to add custom backgrounds, adding image widgets, adding texts. You can also drag and drop the visible text or items on the screen.

4. To add text click the ‘T’ button and replace the ‘Text’ string with your custom text. Use the on-screen text formatting tools like bold, italics, font size, color, and font.

5. Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons in the tools set to access the other menu screens for customization. Click the ‘Preview’ button once you finish designing the Blu-ray menu. Click ‘OK’ to go back to the main UI window.

Now you can resume with ‘Step 9’ from the ‘Part 3.1’ that you have might have skipped to learn the Blu-ray menu designing process in this part.


You just have learned to use a powerful software which has the ability to convert and merge DVD(s) to a single Blu-ray disc, ISO, or a folder. For information on how to copy DVDs to Blu-ray, please visit our detailed tutorial to see how to do so.

After reading this brief article you’ll never get confused about DVD and Blu-ray types. You also now know what a DVD/Blu-ray ISO and a folder is? And most of all you just have learned to copy DVDs to Blu-rays. DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray is currently the best software which is able to convert DVDs to Blu-rays with powerful customization options related to disc types, video quality, custom menu.

This is the one of those reliable software which can collectively process or merge DVDs to Blu-ray without getting crashed thanks to DVDFab’s powerful hardware acceleration technology. If there is nothing left you want to hear from us about this software then it’s the right time to give this software a worthy try. Please download, install, and start using the software to find out how well it works for you.