After completing the Meta information edit, by uploading the edited meta information to DVDFab, you will get corresponding award, which can be used to accumulate to exchange Amazon gift card.

Following are the detailed steps about how-to.


Step 1: Preview and check the edited information

Click the Preview button at the bottom right corner of the edit interface, and then check the edited information on the following pop-up Preview window.


All categories are unfolded, and the information is read-only. 


If you think there is something wrong with the edited information, click the Back button, you will back to the Meta information edition window.


Step 2: Upload the edited information after preview

If you have checked all the information you edited and confirm the accuracy, then you can upload the disc information to DVDFab. This step can easily be done by pressing the Upload button at the bottom right corner of the interface.


If you want to modify the disc information you've edited, click the Cancel button or the close “×” button at the top right corner of the interface, the uploading will be stopped and then you will back to the Meta information edit or Preview interface.


If not, click the Upload button. Under the circumstance that no one has uploaded the Meta information of this BD you are about to upload, seconds later, your uploading is succeed!


If you fail in the uploading, just check your network connection, and click Retry to upload it again. By clicking the Cancel button or the  “×” button at the top right corner, you give up the disc uploading and back to the Meta information edition interface.


If someone has already uploaded this BD, then you will be prompted that you are not able to upload it but can still view it and give DVDFab feedback. Also, you can save what you've edited to the local storage, hence, you can view it the next time you open this disc.


Also, you can upload the the edited meta information directly from the Meta Collection edit interface.


After what you've edited is successfully uploaded to DVDFab, you will get corresponding award. You can check your award by logging in DVDFab Member Center with your FC account.



You can modify the edited Meta information even if the disc has been uploaded successfully! Only if there is some information changed, the reedited disc can be uploaded, and the Meta information will be updated. If nothing is modified, you can't upload this disc again.