How to make an online video call or voice call:

You can even get devices, like Facebook Portal, that allow you to make calls via your TV. It's perfect for family members who don't like to use webcams or computers but still want to keep in touch. Portal doesn't require you to change settings or move the device. We'll be listing some popular methods for voice and video calling online.

And we will also explain the workings of each. It depends on which device you have, and it may vary slightly from iOS to Android. You can then make video or voice calls to any person in your contact list. For a voice or video call, click on the icon to the right. Calls can be made directly from chats. You should see a video and phone symbol in your chat window at the top, right next to your profile photo. 

Overall, WhatsApp calls are good, although there are some issues other apps can fix. Although video calls can be made clear and up to three persons can join a WhatsApp video chat, they may not be as transparent as Skype or Google Meet. Although voice calls may not be as clear as regular calls, they are fine as long as you have an adequate 4G/5G connection. There is a brief silence during a WhatsApp conversation that can make it appear like the caller can't hear what you are saying. WhatsApp is fantastic, it's free and easy to use.

This is a shame because Skype's quality calls are excellent, even though the other features of the app may not be as well-developed. The interface is simple with an Messages and Calls tab on all devices.

We also found that Skype has a high number of spam connections, making it difficult to find the right messaging app. The video calling feature is excellent and automatically links to your Microsoft Account, if any. Skype is recommended for quality video calls, such as interviews and 1-on-1 meetings. Most people will have access to Skype, it's free and on phones, tablets, and it's a decent piece of software.

It's also free for most people. You will find it at the bottom, under a tab that has a camera. This is very convenient - it allows you to access your personal and work email, as well as join meetings, even though you aren't physically near one. Google Meets adjusts the resolution and settings depending on where you are connected and what your surroundings are. People in noisy places will be asked to unmute and mute their video at appropriate times. Google Meet can be used as a telephone calling service or you can turn off the video entirely.

It is more bandwidth-hungry that WhatsApp but offers clearer audio and video. Depending on your Google account level, you can have more people on the call. This is a great tool for small and medium businesses. However, the interface may not be as focused on personal voice or video calling and might prove to be too restricted for personal use. 

The Facebook Messenger app doesn't offer the most pleasant experience for calling people. This was our least favorite voice- and video-calling app. The calling feature feels like an extension to the messaging section of the Facebook app. 

We like the Facebook Portal range. It uses the same technology to call (all via Wifi) and employs the same contacts, but it was specifically made for video and voice connections. The device is easy to setup and has clear quality. Portal doesn't require an internet connection. It doesn't matter if you need a Facebook camera with audio and video recording capabilities, but you do have the option to make FaceTime calls if you own an iPhone, iPad or other iOS device.

This is simply the ability of video calling from your Apple device. FaceTime's video quality and audio are the best of all video calling apps. Although it's simple to use (aside from the fact that you need to download an additional app, which is not available in your contact list), it can be a hassle. It can also cause problems when switching to Android or Windows devices.

However, for people who are already part of Apple's ecosystem it is perfect. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is the capability to communicate via an internet connection rather than using a mobile phone network. Modern smartphones can use VoIP. It won't work if there is no WiFi available. It is not perfect.

Cell phone plans usually include unlimited calls. It's especially useful if you live in rural areas and depend on the internet to communicate.

Many messenger apps have built-in call capabilities. There are many hardware choices, aside from the apps. Zoom is the current king of home-working, with its large video call capacity, which allows you to have more participants in every meeting. Although it's not the easiest to use, businesses are using this device extensively.

The Amazon Echo Show, which allows you to play music and voice-assist, will also allow you to make video calls. While there are many similar devices from other tech companies, the Echo Show is the most widely used.