editing video and photos:

Movavi's highly-respected video editor The company has a number of other multimedia tools that cover many needs. Movavi has a wide range of apps that will suit everyone. Movavi is the perfect work-from home software suite.

Here are seven great ways Movavi Video Suite can make your videos look professional. Video Studio works in a timeline similar to the movie-making apps. You can create intros and titles, as well as chroma key effects that will make you stand out in the background while vlogging. You can add titles and intros, as well as use chroma-key effects to cut yourself out of the background when vlogging.

Movi Video Studio, an all-in one video editor, is able to record and convert screen footage, and then create slideshows to share your edited photos with your family and friends.

Modern slideshows have evolved from old-fashioned projector screens with dull narration and dusty projections. Slideshows are great for sharing via social media.

Movi's Slideshow Videos Maker makes it easy. You can actually have slideshows made from photos with very little input. Slideshow Wizard can be selected from the main menu. Do you prefer to have complete control over your slideshows? You can do that too! It can also be run in manual mode. 

The app doesn't care about the content of your slideshow. You can combine all the images you have taken to record a vacation using preset templates or create your own.

It's easy to share your creation via the app. It's really that simple. Movavi's Screen Recorder software can capture your screen in one click. It allows you to set parameters such as which area of the screen you want captured and whether audio or video will be recorded (ideal for narration). The file will be saved to your computer once you are done.

You can also record from your webcam and edit your screen recordings. You can also show the mouse movement and keypresses. To draw the viewers' attention to the most important areas of the video, you can use the drawing tool. Movavi makes it easy to schedule recordings and limit the time.

One of the most popular tasks on a home PC is made much easier by Movavi. Picverse's image editor app, designed for everyone, is AI-powered and can produce amazing results in photo editing.

Quick Image Background Remove allows you to cut out any figure and then paste it in a different environment. Perverse is able to help restore scanned old photos that have been sitting around gathering dust.

The AI Restore function can hide wrinkles, scratches, and other imperfections. The AI Restore feature can colorize monochrome prints to bring back old treasured memories in a vibrant manner. Movavi range Find out how this can assist you.