how to create apple quick note on mac:

You're in front of your Mac and need to write something down before you forget it. You don't need to open the file Notes app Quick Note allows you to instantly open the. You can format the Quick Notes page as you like, or customize it to suit your needs. This is how it works: First, ensure that you are running macOS Monterey 120.

Select About this Mac by clicking the Apple icon at the top left. Click the Apple icon in the upper left and select About this Mac. If you see an older macOS version, click on the Software Update button. You can trigger the feature by creating a hot corner, which tells the app when the mouse is moved to a particular corner.

Open System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver, click the Screen Saver tab and then select the Hot Corners button. Select any one of the fields that represent the corners of your screen, and then change it to Quick Note. A square box will appear the next time your mouse moves to the right corner. To start the note, click the square box.

You can also make a Quick Not by choosing text from a webpage in Safari. Click the Share icon to select the Quick Note option or add to it. The selected text as well as a link to that web page will be included in the new note. Click the link you see in the note to take you to that web page.

A Quick Note appears with the text you selected and a link to the website. Click the link again to go to the page. The highlighted text will be displayed in a Quick Note. Select the text you wish to change and then click on the Style icon. Select the style you wish to change, such as Headings, Titles, and Subheadings.

To create a checklist using existing text, click on the Checklist icon. To add an image to the Quick Note, click the Photos icon. To add an image to the Quick Note, click the Photos icon. After creating Quick Notes, you can choose how to share them and who.

To view any notes created this way, open the Notes app. Click the View menu to show the folders. A note without a title will be saved as New Note. If you want to give the note a name, you can open it and enter a title.

If you would rather create a fresh note every time, open the Notes app and select Preferences from the top Notes menu. Quick Notes can be managed in the same way as regular notes. Select the Quick Notes folder in Notes. Right-click on a note and choose Delete to delete it. Move an existing note to another location using the Quick Notes folder. The new folder will be selected.