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Amazon used to be a book seller online, but it now sells everything: books, tech, furniture and groceries, as well as streaming TV and movies. In a market that is dominated by Amazon Prime Video, Netflix How does Amazon Prime Video compare to the competitionFor years, Amazon's original programming is behind Netflix's Disney Plus, how does Amazon Prime Video stack up against the best TV streaming services. 

The Subsequent Moviefilm by Borat was good. Prime has a decent library, but you can rent additional movies at an additional fee for those who really need it. Although it's not perfect, this is a good option best movie streaming service It's not the best, but worth checking.

It's weird. While The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is still winning awards, Good Omens continues to be a delight, Fleabag is an amazing work of art, they are just a few of the many gems among Amazon's mediocre library of originals. Prime Video suits people who are willing to pay a small amount to rent movies and can do a little bit of research to locate what they're looking for. 

You can also watch a lot of TV series, including the classics The Sopranos and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Amazon doesn't make its own movies so most content is from third-party creators. Amazon Prime Video has a huge movie library.

This includes critically-acclaimed movies like Creed 2 and Blade Runner 2049. As it stands, many Marvel films like Avengers and Iron Man remain on Amazon Prime Video Disney Plus.

However, once the existing deals expire, these movies will no longer be available. Each movie will cost you a fee, however the list includes movies from the last cinema run. The selection currently includes big titles such as Joker, IT Chapter Two and The Gentlemen. There are also cats, though that is not the main point.

Video streaming services usually work in one of two ways. Amazon Prime offers both. While some content comes with a monthly subscription, others are not. Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month If you decide to pay monthly or outright, you will pay $119 each year. If you don't want to receive free shipping and any other benefits that Amazon Prime provides, you can just subscribe directly to Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is $8.99 per month when purchased separately.

This gives you ample time to decide if the content is worth the price. Prime Video does not offer personalized recommendations, but you can browse the site yourself. It's possible to browse by channel. Although this makes it easy to switch from cable to streaming TV, you will still need to pay for each individual channel. 

You can purchase one or more episodes depending on which channel you are using. The same applies to many movie titles. They appear until your cursor hovers over them. Although you can search for a specific genre or title, the results will include additional options that require extra payment. Our reviewers stated that they did not have to wait to see any videos. The mobile app was also very popular with our reviewers.

On the desktop, an overlay screen shows who's in what title. Another tester didn't enjoy Amazon Prime Video via a Roku, as she could not select the episode she desired to view. Prime Video is not available on all Apple TVs. 

Amazon Prime Video, as a standalone service, is not worth the cost compared with its competitors, Netflix and Disney Plus Hulu. Although there are some gems in Amazons Originals, it is not as good as Netflix or Disney Plus. However, Amazon Prime Video offers great value for money if you already have a Amazon account and would like to take advantage of its free delivery.