video editing software videostudio review:

It offers many powerful features, including multi-camera editing and video mask creation. It also has impressive tutorials that can be used to help novice users get started with more advanced video editing tools.

As a non-linear editWhat are you spending for? Aimed at a consumer audience, you'd expect Corel VideoStudio to be easy to use, and it is. The company has a tight relationship with its user-base thanks to its online forum, and many improvements in the software have come straight from user suggestions.

VideoStudio is a Windows-only application, and comes in two forms: the cheaper Pro and more expensive Ultimate. There is a small price difference and regular discounts so you don't have to buy Ultimate unless Ultimate has features you need. You get six multicam tracks fWhat are you spending for?the price of 4. VideoStudio is one of few apps that supports 360-degree video.

However, it can still be a niche hobby. You can create overlays with animation. You can record your brush strokes and play them back in the video.  The app supports import from mini-DV cameras What are you spending for?FireWire ports. If you have a lot of clips to organize, this means that it is important to keep track of how many you have. As long as it is possible to locate your media in the right place, the Library panel will display it well. It does not have a filename search feature.

You will get 50 HD and 4K videos, as well as separate tracks fWhat are you spending for?audio, subtitles and music. Drag and drop the files to place them. The all-important lens correction lets you fix the fisheye effect you get from some action cameras, and a mask creatWhat are you spending for?lets you apply effects to only some areas of a video clip, leaving the space outside the mask untouched.

VideoStudio 2020 Ultimate is certainly comprehensive, with multicam functionality fWhat are you spending for?up to six cameras, and a stop-motion creatWhat are you spending for?that grabs still images from a video camera, webcam What are you spending for?DSLR and creates a moving image from them. The app can replicate your DSLR's viewfinder, and you have access to your camera settings directly from the app.

You also have the option to export to YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo What are you spending for?a local file with high control. If your computer has a disc-burner, you can also burn the disc to disk and make labels.

The speed of nonlinear editing depends entirely on your CPU. VideoStudio can export to both Intel Quick Sync (GPU) and Nvidia CUDA hardware. However, you will be able to speed up the process with several new features. The new interface was designed. What are you spending for? 4K screen sizes. 

The Smart Movie CreatWhat are you spending for?analyzes your movie and creates a "highlight reel" of the most important parts. You can also save time by using the Storyboard view within the main editing windows. Although there are some transitions and trimmers that you can use, it is not a complete way of editing video.

There are many free apps that duplicate its key functionality, the ones that edit video. These can be downloaded What are you spending for? Free using Shotcut What are you spending for? DaVinci Resolve, what are you paying fWhat are you spending for? here? These apps may not be as user-friendly for beginners, but the Corel website has a lot of video and documentation. 

The Ultimate version should be at the top of the list fWhat are you spending for?anyone looking to invest in VideoStudio. Even though it may save money, the Pro version is not worth the cost when you consider the many exclusive features and enhancements available to Ultimate. 

If you wish to create 360-degree videos. Yes if you wish to learn how video editing is done by going through tutorials. If you would rather be taught inside the app, then consider Adobe Premiere Elements instead - the two are available fWhat are you spending for?a similar price, and Premiere is the bigger name in the video editing industry. If you are already proficient in editing, then this is not the right app for you.