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  • Everything To Know About Amazon Movie Rental Service

    Amazon Prime Video is the company’s on-demand streaming platform that is packed with Amazon Prime membership. Therefore, anybody can sign up for Prime Video. And if you do not care about having access to the catalog by Amazon of free movies and TV shows, anyone can rent videos on the platform without a membership. This is possible with the help of Amazon movie rental service. This article will talk about how to find and rent a movie on the service, how to download videos on the service, and answer different Amazon movie rental FAQ. Read below to know more.

  • Amazon & Peacock: Is Peacock Free With Amazon Prime?

    Are you looking for Amazon Peacock deals to get Peacock for free on Amazon Prime? Speaking of which, both the streaming platforms have their own set of users. But, is it possible for users to avail benefits of both the streaming services in a single go? Read below to know if this is possible or not.

  • Is There A Netflix App For Mac?

    Netflix is a popular streaming service and has reached almost every home. The streaming service has its online presence and can be accessed on different platforms via apps. These platforms include Windows, Android, and iOS. But what about macOS. Have you heard about Netflix app for Mac? Well, this article talks exactly about that. Read below to know more about the streaming service’s app for Mac and how to access the platform on Mac devices.

  • Steps for Hulu App Download On Windows/Mac/Android/iOS/TVs/Roku

    Enjoying your favorite content on your all-time favorite Hulu app is a treat to engage in quality pass time. However, adding flexibility to enjoy them on any of your favorite devices would surely double your excitement for entertainment. So, while going through this article, you will get the steps of the Hulu app download on multiple devices to make your Hulu streaming flexible, customizable & enjoyable.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Player Review

    Are you busy searching for the best blu-ray player in order to enjoy the home-theater level experience? Do you feel confused by the various blu-ray players in the market? Is Leawo blu-ray player powerful enough? If you want to get the answers of these questions, this post will provide detailed information.

  • Facing “Video is Still Processing & Can Be Downloaded Later” Issue? Try These Solutions

    A number of people complained about facing “video is still processing & can be downloaded later” error when they tried downloading or playing any of their video uploaded on Google Drive. Users claimed that they saw the video is still processing Drive error even after waiting around for hours. This is very irritating since people are stuck forever and not able to download or play the video on the drive. If you are one of the users facing video still processing Google Drive issue, this article will definitely help you.

  • How To Use Netflix Party Chrome Extension?

    There might be times, where you will be willing to enjoy a new Netflix film with your friends living somewhere far from you. If so is the case, then Netflix Party chrome extension, also known as Teleparty, is all you need. This extension opens the film from the official site of Netflix and shows on the Netflix chrome extension Teleparty and shares the link with your friends. Read the below article to know how to set up this extension and use it to watch movies and shows with your friends.

  • Contrast and Comparison among Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and 4K Streaming

    As technology grows by leaps and bounds, there are a series of new words used to refer to the latest innovation. You must have heard about 4K and Blu-ray, but what’s 4k resolution? What is blu-ray? What’s the difference between? What kind of product should we choose? If you are curious about these issues, this post will provide detailed answers.