Part 1: How to Put DVDs onto iPad by Ripping them to MP4

The ultimate solution to watching DVDs on the iPad is to rip them into a format that is compatible with the device. This can be achieved with an ideal DVD ripper tool. Below are some popular software programs that can help you do that. But one thing to remember is that please use these DVD ripping programs only for personal use. Now, let's have a look.

1. DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper allows you to rip and convert any encrypted DVD / ISO file / Folder to any video & audio format playable on any device, media player, or home theatre.

DVDFab DVD Ripper is able to rip DVDs into 1000+ digital formats that can be played smoothly on your iPad and any other desired devices. Its most notable features is that it is now the only one that can detect and remove copy protections from both old and the latest DVD discs, making any dvd to digital conversion possible.

This DVD ripping software also features various advanced settings for video/audio parameters and a built-in video editor that enables you to edit and modify your output as you like, including cropping, trimming, merging video, adding watermarks and subtitles, and even changing the color of the video.

Moreover, all the meta information from your original DVDs will be synchronized in the output video, so that you can easily manage your video library on your iPad. DVDFab also ensures lossless quality conversion at ultra-fast speed with its optimization for a multi-core processor and GPU acceleration. 

Then, how to transfer DVDs to an iPad using DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Download and install DVDFab 12. Click the Ripper module on the main screen. Then insert your DVD source into the optical drive, and DVDFab will automatically detect and load it. If your source is already on the computer, click the + button to upload the source DVD, or simply drag and drop it to the main interface.


:How to Convert DVDs to Digital With DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter Free

After loading the source file, click Choose Other Profile to access the profile library. Here click "Device" - "Apple" and you can choose your desired iPad device as the output. You can also click "Format" to select a digital format, like MP4 that is compatible with your iPad device.

Then go back to the main interface and customize your output video. You can extract subtitles from DVD to SRT format, select audio tracks/language, or add external subtitles. You can also set audio and video parameters using the Advanced Settings section and Video Edit section.



:How to Convert DVDs to Digital With DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter Free

Finally, select an output directory and click the Start option to start the ripping process. After that, you are free to put the digitized DVD videos onto your iPad.

Note: DVDFab DVD Ripper also launches a lifetime-free but simplified version - DVDFab HD Decrypter - that can rip most encrypted DVD to MP4 or MKV format only. This freeware will fulfill your basic DVD to iPad ripping needs.

2. HandBrake

Handbrake is a free converter that is compatible with both Windows, Mac and Linux. It is able to rip DVD to iPad along with Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, and PlayStation, among others. The tool allows you to rip general Blu-ray or DVD discs to .MP4, .MKV and WebM video formats and some audio formats.

There are also some cutosmized otptions such as selecting chapters and subtitles. However, HandBrake fails to process DVD or Blu-ray that contains copy protections.

How to transfer non-encrypted DVDs to iPad using HandBrake?

Download, install and launch Handbrake to your device. Insert your disc into the DVD drive and Tap on Source in the upper left corner and load your DVD file.
Then you can directly select the target format as MP4 File. In addition to this, they can go to Preset >> Devices. Here, they can select from Apple 1080p30 Surround, Apple 1080p60 Surround, and Apple 720p30 Surround as per their iPad model.
Tap Browser and enter the output path. Finally, tap Start to begin the ripping of your DVD to the iPad.

how to put dvds onto ipad:2. HandBrake

3. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is another well-known DVD to iPad converter that is compatible with Windows 64bit and 32bit versions. The tool has the ability to rip DVDs to iPad, Xbox One, iPhone, MP4, PS4, MPEG, MOV, ISO image, and so on. You can also convert ISO image or DVD to Mp4 and many other video formats.

This DVD ripper offers fast ripping speed with the help of Intel/NVIDIA hardware acceleration. The tool also allows you to fine-tune the DVD with parameter settings and a built-in editor. Below are the steps that need to be followed.

Install and launch WinX DVD Ripper Platinum on your device. Insert a DVD disc and tap the DVD Disc option on the main interface to load the DVD titles. You can also load a DVD folder by tapping Folder.
A window named Output Profile will appear. Navigate to the Device Profile section and select Apple Device and choose to iPad Video. Next, select your iPad device.
Tap Browser to choose a folder to save your output file.
Tap Run to start ripping your DVD to the iPad.

how to put dvds onto ipad:3. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Part 2: How to Transfer The Ripped DVDs to iPad

Now that you have ripped the DVDs to a compatible format, transferring them is pretty simple. Use the below options to transfer DVDs to the iPad.

1. DVDFab File Transfer

DVDFab File Transfer is an easy-to-use and free tool that can be used not only with DVD Ripper, but also with DVDFab Remote, UHD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, and Video Converter. The main usage of this tool is to transfer video files from one device to another device such as iPad tablets and smartphones wirelessly and automatically. Follow the below steps to know-how.

Download and install DVDFab Transfer on your device.
Click Utilities and select File Transfer. While selecting the output as Mobile in the Ripper modules, the window for DVDFab File Transfer will automatically appear after the DVD ripping task is completed.
Click the Add option at the top right corner to load your output videos. Now, connect your iPad with the help of DVDFab Remote.
Tap the Transfer option to begin the transfer process. Lastly, your video files will be saved on your iPad once the process is done.

DVDFab File Transfer

2. iTunes

Another way of transferring your ripped DVD to an iPad is by syncing your content with the help of iTunes. Once you are done ripping your DVD to MP4 format, you can sync the MP4 files with the help of iTunes. Next, you can watch them on your iPad easily.

iTunes is the default app by Apple for media management that permits the syncing of all kinds of media, including music, movies, and apps, to your iOS devices. iTunes works as a free tool where you can copy the DVD on PC and then add them to iTunes and lastly synced to iPad. Below are the steps to follow to know how to transfer DVD to iPad with the help of iTunes:

Open the iTunes app on your PC. Tap the File options and click Add File to Library. Browse for the DVD file that was copied to your computer and add to iTunes.

how to put dvds onto ipad:2. iTunes

The added video will be seen on your iTunes app below the Movies tab. 
Now, connect your iPad to your computer, and it will appear connected to iTunes. Choose the added video on your iTunes and sync it with your iPad.

how to put dvds onto ipad:2. iTunes

3. USB cable

If you prefer using wired solutions, you can always connect your iPad to the PC with the help of a USB cable. Next, you can transfer the converted video files to the iPad on HDD. This is the most direct way and quickest method used for transferring the files.


Is it legal to rip a DVD in the UK?

No, it is against the law to rip DVD you own to watch on electronic devices including an iPad. In 2011, the UK Government made it lawful for people to make copies for the personal use of their media, but that did not mean it was lawful for people to break the Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology that defends DVDs. As per the government report: "The use and supply of equipment to circumvent technological measures are therefore unlawful in European and UK law in recognition of the harm it can cause ."

Since DVDs have digital protection, users do not get a DVD Import feature in iTunes together with the CD Import. Technically it is unlawful in the UK to copy any media, but the rule has never been used when it is a product you have and it is for your own personal use. Where the rule gets a little stricter is if you start selling, or sharing, copied files.

How to record movie DVD to iPad format via using QuickTime Player?

QuickTime comes pre-installed on your Apple device. It is not only a media player, but a recorder to capture your audio, screen, and movie. It is able to rip movie DVDs to iPad format as well. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the app and the DVD on Mac.

Step 2: In the File menu, choose New Screen Recording.

Step 3: Tap the red Record option and begin to play your movie DVD.

Step 4: Once done, click the Stop Recording option in the menu bar.

Step 5: Add a name to your recorded movie, select an output path, and save it.


All in all, you just had a look at different ways to know how to put DVDs onto an iPad. Among those, using DVDFab DVD Ripper to rip DVDs into iPad compatible formats and subsequently transfer these files back is the best option. Whether it's for personal enjoyment or professional use, having this skill will undoubtedly enhance your multimedia experience and provide convenience in our digital age.