What Is Apple Music Replay 2022?

At the end of each year, Apple allows Apple Music users to discover how many hours of music they have heard and offers statistics into their top artists, songs, and genres with the replay Apple Music experience. The feature is a summary that offers data into user listening habits on the music streaming service over the year. It displays standout themes in users’ listening history, showing your top artists, songs, stations, albums, and genres. The feature also offers users a playlist with their top songs of the year so that users can hear those hits in one sole place.

As per a latest announcement by the California-based tech firm, Apple has made some changes to the design of the Replay feature’s UI and has included new functions such as Personalized Highlight Reel. If users wish to get the experience of the Apple Music Replay feature, they just need to go to the Apple Music app on their phone and scroll down until they see a banner of the feature in the Just Launched tab.

apple music  replay 2022

How to View Your Apple Music Replay 2022?

How to see Apple Music Replay? To view the experience, users must have an active subscription to one of the subscription plans for Apple Music. Keeping this in mind, follow the below steps to know how to watch Apple Music Replay experience. Note that all apple music can only be played on Apple software. If you want to play them on other devices, you need to ask iTunes DRM removal tool for help.

Step 1: Begin by opening the Apple Music app.

Step 2: Click the Listen Now section.

Step 3: Here, click the Replay: Your Top Songs by Year option.

Step 4: Users can also see their replay using a browser.

When users scroll down, they will see different statistics. At the beginning, Apple Music Replay 2022 launches with the total number of songs users have heard in over the year. Next, it shows the top five songs in that period. Following that, the app shows users’ top ten songs, followed by the total number of artists they have heard, including their favorite ten, breaking it down by the number of minutes heard per artist.

The feature also shows the total played playlists and albums and shows the top playlists and albums. It also comes with users’ top stations and displays it with a link to your Replay 2022 music playlist. This comes with a pack of your top songs of 2022. In addition to this, users can share some of their stats using the Share button on social media.

How To Share Apple Music Replay Online?

We have now known that Apple Music Replay displays users their total listening statistics for the year, along with a playlist of their top 100 songs of the year, their top albums, and their top artists. Users can also add their Replay 2022 playlist to their library, as well as playlists for earlier years dating back to 2015 too.

Sharing the statistics of Apple Music Replay to social media is not as easy as you might think. Users can share a playlist from the Apple Music app directly to Snapchat or Instagram by tapping on the three dots on the screen in the upper-right corner. Next, they need to click Share and select their preferred app.

When it comes to website, users can also click the share logo on the screen in the bottom-right corner. This will generate an image of the present story users are seeing. If users do not like the results of their Apple Music Replay 2022, they can change it until the end of the year. The experience is available till December 31 and users can share their results with everyone.

How To Download Songs Offline in Mp3 Format?

Sharing Apple Music Replay on Instagram and other online platforms is okay. But what if you wish to keep hold of all the songs from your Apple Music Replay 2022 experience? However, all the apple audio is of a special format, which can only be played on Apple software. What if you want to enjoy it on another device? Well, the answer to this situation can only be StreamFab All-In-One, a dedicated audio and video downloader that can download music and videos from almost any platform on the Internet.

streamfab all-in-one

Follow the below steps to know how to carry out apple drm removal process and download your Apple Music Replay playlist with this tool.

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap the VIP Services or the YouTube icon on the left channel to find the streaming website you want. You can also copy and paste your music URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

Step 3

Customize the file

Select any song or video that you wish to download. Next, click on the Download Now option to begin downloading.


How to see your Apple Music listening statistics with Replay?

Apple Music Replay is a useful experience that shows users their listening habits over the year. It displays all the numbers and figures that users would like to know about their listening habits such as their top songs, playlists, stations, artists, and albums. The only hidden term is that users must have an active subscription to Apple Music to see their Apple Music Replay statistics.

Is Spotify Wrapped similar to Apple Music Replay?

Similar to Apple Music Replay, Spotify has given users a summary of their listening habits from January to October. This experience includes year’s most popular podcasts and music and is dubbed as Spotify Wrapped. Users can get to know more about their listening habits through ornate visualizations dubbed as Wrapped cards. Spotify Wrapped cards show the artists, songs, podcasts, and genres most heard during the year. Users are encouraged to share their cards with followers and friends on social media.

What is Apple Music Replay 2022 release date?

Since Apple Music Replay is not a feature but an experience, there is no specific Apple Music Replay 2022 release date. The experience is specific to each user as per their listening habits and is usually rolled out by Apple at the end of that specific year.


In a nutshell, we just had a look at Apple Music Replay 2022. We also saw that users can download favorite music from Apple Music Replay experience easily with StreamFab All-In-One.