The Bollywood Badshah owns the worldwide audience's heart while breaking all records of his success with his Rs 1000 Crore plus collection of the Pathan movie. Even though Shah Rukh Khan's smile, swag, and sensation drive you to the theater, there is much more in the film to make it to your offline watch list.

The dependency-free repeat watch of this movie will make your day when you look for refreshment in relaxation. So, Pathan movie download is one of the most convenient options to get the charm back whenever you want an offline entertainment boost. 

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When Pathan Lands on Amazon Prime Video?

After the bumper theatrical release, the world had been waiting for Pathan to watch on the OTT platform. On 22nd March 2023, Amazon Prime Video presented the movie in its service worldwide after buying its digital rights.

While enjoying online streaming on your subscription and service-supported device, Amazon Prime also lets you download streaming video to watch Pathan full movie offline. Here, you can select your desired audio from 4 choices and subtitles from the 18 options in the 4K UHD Pathan movie download.

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Restrictions of Amazon Pathan Movie Downloads?

Even though Amazon Prime Video lets you get the best quality Pathan movie download, you must follow certain conditions in offline streaming. First, you need to see these offline watching limitations; then, you will get to the solution to bypass them.

  • The download is available for a limited time 
  • Offline watches are restricted to specific devices.
  • Downloads are not sharable to everyone.
  • You won't get permanent downloads.

So, if these limitations and restrictions bother you, with the help of StreamFab Amazon Downloader, you can get the high-quality Pathan full movie download from Prime video without any restrictions or limitations.

Get Pathan Full Movie Download from Amazon Prime video

pathan movie download from amazon

StreamFab Video Downloader

With this Amazon downloader, you can effortlessly enjoy Pathan Hindi movie download on any device with maximum customization.
  • Stream Pathan full Movie download without ads.
  • Get theatrical satisfaction with EAC3 5.1 & AAC2.0 audio quality & 1080p resolution.
  • Share Pathan movie online downloads to any device with Mp4 format.
  • Select codec from H.264/ H.265. 
  • Along with Pathan, you can download multiple videos in one go with batch downloading.
  • Save subtitles & metadata with your downloads.
Step 1

Start the StreamFab Amazon Downloader on your Windows or Mac system and head to the VIP service option in the left panel.

Step 2

Under the VIP service header, select the Amazon Prime website & log into your subscribed account. Next, start locating the Pathan movie from the content library.

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Step 3

After selecting, you need to play the video. You will get a pop-up window to customize the video with quality, format, language, etc.

pathan movie download from amazon

Step 4

After that, you must hit the "Download Now" option to get the Pathan Hindi movie download.

How to Get Pathan Movie Download from Free Sites

If you want to cherish your Pathan passion for free, here you go with the top 5 free movie streaming websites such as Vegamovies that allow you to enjoy your favorite Pathan movie download for free anytime, anywhere.


HINDILINKS4U and hdmp4mania are pirated websites to enjoy Pathan Hindi movie download for free. On this pirated website, you can download the Pathan film on any device, where you will get Hindi dubbed movies and series for free.

pathan movie download: hindilinks4u

  • No account or registration required 
  • It supports all web browsers & devices
  • Get resolution in HD 720p 
  • It offers filters like Genre, Category, Release, Featured & Country
  • No audio-video customization option 
  • Ad-free downloading is not possible 
  • Slow downloading speed

2. Movierulz 

Movierulz is a very common name when it comes to getting high-quality Pathan Hindi movie downloads. With this software, you can get your Pathan full movie download on any device without any software installation or registration hassle. Ads-skipping option is there in this site.

pathan movie download: movierulz

  • Get HDRip quality download for free 
  • Get dubbed Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil Telugu & other language movies.
  • It offers a dedicated search & download option.
  • improvement
  • Unlimited downloading is not possible.
  • Very few customization options are offered.
  • Relatively low resolution

3. Filmyzilla 

On the Filmyzilla torrent website, you can enjoy the latest Pathan full Movie download with multiple customizations. Here, you can enjoy the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and dubbed movies in dual languages.

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  • It supports online & offline streaming
  • Select a resolution from 480p/720p/1080p
  • Access Pathan movie on any device with Mp4/MKV format 
  • Ads-free streaming or downloading is not possible 
  • The batch or auto-downloading option is not available.
  • Not real 1080p (720p at most)

4. Desi Cinemas 

On the Desi Cinemas website, you will get a Pathan Hindi movie download with all the essential metadata and IMDb ratings. It can be accessed using any web browser within a few clicks.

pathan movie download: desi cinemas

  • There are multiple categories like action, biography, comedy, crime, etc.
  • There are multiple categories like action, biography, comedy, crime, etc.
  • You can access this site on mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • You can't customize anything in the output profile.
  • Ads-free, unlimited & batch downloading is not possible.
  • Still bad quality.

5. Vegamovies

Vegamovies is a very common name when you want to get a Pathan movie online download for free. It gives you the most hassle-free Pathan movie streaming option in your online & offline world without spending a penny.

pathan movie download vegamovies

  • Enjoy offline streaming with 480p resolution 
  • It is accessible through all browsers, devices & platforms.
  • This web-based downloader has a dedicated "Family Filter" option.
  • A speed control option is available.
  • There are lots of ads & you can't skip them.
  • There is no subtitles selection option.
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Who is Kabir in Pathan movie?

The character Kabir, portrayed by Hrithik Roshan, from the 2019 megahit War under the banner, is referenced multiple times. Pathaan sees the comeback of Ashutosh Rana, reprising his role as the domestic version of Nick Fury, Colonel Luthra, who was seen as the RAW handler in War. 

How to download Pathan full movie?

Pathan full movie is available on Amazon Prime video now! If you want to download the full pathan movie, you can use StreamFab Amazon Downloader to do it.

What is the story of Pathan movie?

Pathan movie recreated the imaginary tale of a Pathan of Islamic faith who selflessly gives up his only offspring to shield his Hindu comrade's child amidst the tumult of partition strife. This dramatic piece was the creation of an internal author belonging to the distinguished Prithvi Theatres. Prithviraj, a man who had translocated from Peshawar to Bombay during the retro 1920s, validated his acting prowess as the protagonist, going by the name Sher Khan.

What is the release date of Pathan movie?

The film "Pathan" hit the screens on the 25th of January, 2023. If Shah Rukh Khan's performances pique your interest, this movie is certainly one to watch.


Whether you have missed blockbuster Pathan movies in the theater, you always enjoy Pathan full movie downloads on your offline world. You can download this movie from an authentic OTT platform or pirated websites. However, to experience flexibility and customization in your offline streaming, you must have professional download perfection of StreamFab Amazon downloader.