● Which media should you choose?

> Blu-ray disc formats
BD-ROM - read-only format for distribution of HD movies, games, software, etc.
BD-R - recordable format for HD video recording and PC data storage.
BD-RE - rewritable format for HD video recording and PC data storage.
> Blu-ray disc sizes
25GB / single sided single layer, play time 135 minutes (HD video)
50GB / single sided dual layer, play time 270 minutes (HD video)
> Always use reliable and compatible media
The quality of burned disc depends on the quality of the blank media you used. That's why sometimes we blame them for the bulk of burning errors. Before burning, inspect the recordable underside of each BD media for cracks, scratches, spots and blotches.
The format of the disc can dictate its playability, check your Blu-ray burner drive's and Blu-ray player's specifications carefully, you will get a list of supported format discs. Make sure your discs recordable and playable. You won't know that difference between using the right media and the faulty media until you try a few and compare.
> Recommended quality media
Verbatim  BD-R/RE  25GB/50GB
Sony  BD-R/RE  25GB/50GB
Please visit http://www.videohelp.com to check the list of Blu-ray media comparison, and read the other users' comments for more info about each media.

● How fast can you write data on a Blu-ray disc?
Drive speed         BD-R write time         BD-R DL write time
1×   (36 Mbit/s)          ~95 min.                   ~190 min.
2×   (72 Mbit/s)          ~47 min.                   ~94 min.
4×   (144 Mbit/s)        ~24 min.                   ~48 min.
6×   (216 Mbit/s)        ~16 min.                   ~32 min.
8×   (288 Mbit/s)        ~12 min.                   ~24 min.
10×  (360 Mbit/s)       ~10 min.                   ~20 min.
12×  (432 Mbit/s)       ~8 min.                     ~16 min.

According to the Blu-ray Disc specification, 1x speed is defined as 36Mbps, which means the media itself limited the recording speed. We will suggest to set the recording speed to a lower speed to ensure the maximum quality of the burned data.
Please turn off all the other background tasks in your Windows Task Manager, especially some programs that could interfer with the burning speed. Multitasking is therefore a pain for overtaxing your system and bringing out some burning errors.


● Set target size to 23000 for BD25 and 43700 for BD50

Generally speaking, a BD-25 is a single layer disc and can hold up to 25 GB (Gigabytes) of data or video, a BD-50 is a dual layer disc and can hold up to 50 GB of data or Video. But most of these media cannot hold 25GB files definitely, usual about 23GB or 24GB capacity. If your disc’s capacity (eg 23gb) is less than the total amount of blu-ray materials (eg 24gb) that you need to burn, compress with copying software like Blu-ray Copy or just delete some files to meet the capacity limit.

● Please always use the latest firmware for your Blu-ray burner and player
If you are not seeing any error messages during the burn process, chances are the disc is being created successfully. The next step is to verify playback effect on Blu-ray player.

Make sure that the current drivers and firmware for the BD burner and player are current. You may also want to check the documentation provided with your BD player to make sure the player is capable of playing BD-R or BD-RW discs. Some players require a firmware update to allow for this functionality.

● Please always use the latest version of copy/burn software.
For DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, please get the latest version at https://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm

● The other burning applications
If you have Nero or ImgBurn installed on your computer, you also can choose to use either of these applications for burning to Blu-ray disc.
Nero Burning ROM

Please try these below steps to burn:
1. Start up Nero Burning ROM/Imgburn;
2. Locate the Blu-ray folder that you have ripped by DVDFab Blu-ray Copy on hard drive, there should be a
    folder with the movies name inside that there should be a BDMV and a CERTIFICATE folder;
3. Insert blank media into Blu-ray burner drive;
4. Click the Start button to start the burning process.