As Blu-ray discs are becoming increasingly more popular and slowly surpassing DVDs, it’s becoming almost mandatory have good Blu-ray player software installed on your computer. Blu-ray videos may work with your existing player but it’s often a good idea to get a new player that’s better equipped to handle the format while also offering modern features. Ideally, you’ll probably want a free Blu-ray player if possible so that’s what we’re here to talk about today. The pieces of software found below are some of the best free Blu-ray players currently available, so take the time to read about each of them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Part 1: The Best Professional Blu-ray Player That You Can Download for Free

We’re going with DVDFab Player 6 as our very first pick because this player can easily handle any types of formats you throw at it. That includes Blu-ray, of course, but even more importantly, 4K UHD Blu-ray, which is rare even more modern media players. The software also includes full support for 3D videos and even includes a smart upscaling algorithm that allows you to view regular 2D content in 3D mode.

Player 5 includes two distinct playback modes – PC and TV – as well as a host of other great features that allow it to stand out from the crowd. We’re talking navigation menu support for all types of DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, HDR10 and Hi-Res Audio support, customizable playlists and UI skins, a new Preview features that lets you quickly find specific scenes throughout a movie, and so much more. Despite not being a free Blu-ray player per se, Player 5 does offer a free version so don’t hesitate to check it out and see what it has to offer. DVDFab Player 5 is available on both Windows and Mac.

Part 2: Top 6 Best Free Blu-ray Players

VLC Media Player

VLC is a name that always pops up whenever someone makes a list of the best media players. The software has been around for ages and is renowned for its stability and customization. VLC was designed from the get-go to be a free open-source player that’s easy to understand and use. At the same time, though the software has a great number of advanced features that may not be immediately obvious to novice users but can be very useful if you’re an advanced user who knows how to find them. VLC struggles when it comes to navigation menus but is otherwise an all-around very solid free Blu-ray player.


Leawo is one of only a handful of free Mac Blu-ray players so you’ve probably heard about it before if you’re using Apple’s operating system. The software was designed mainly with home theaters in mind so you can expect better picture and audio quality compared to some of the other free options available out there. Leawo was originally designed as a DVD player but has received many updates since its inception and can now do a good job at playing Blu-rays as well. Similar to VLC, the player isn’t that good with navigation menus but that’s actually a pretty common problem with all free players.

Free Blu-ray Player

There’s actually more than one player that uses this rather generic name but we’re referring specifically to the player offered by Blu-ray Master. This one doesn’t support as many formats as our previous entries and struggles harder with higher resolution videos, but the upside is that you do get a nicer user interface. Functionality is often more important than looks but every now and again you may want to use a pretty media player and not worry too much about any extra features.


If you’re looking for a free Blu-ray player for Windows 10 there are few choices better than PotPlayer. The software may seem a bit intimidating at times because it’s jam-packed with extra features but the streamlined user interface makes everything relatively easy to understand. Some of the extra features that really stand out here include the ability to quickly take snapshots of the content you’re watching, a built-in visualizer, and plenty of customization options.


Last but now least, we have KMPlayer. The free Blu-ray player software has been available on Windows for a long time and has recently also started to make its way to Mac. The two versions are pretty much identical and the player is very similar to VLC in terms of its capabilities, though not quite as good when it comes to the extra features or customization. Still, if you’re tired of VLC and want to try out something that looks a little bit different, this free Blu-ray player might be exactly what you were looking for.

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

You probably think this is a bit of an unusual option but you might be surprised by how reliable this free Blu-ray player can be. Home Cinema is based on the old Home Player Classic software but comes with a number of improvements that allow it to stand alongside some of the other popular options currently available. What’s most interesting about the player is that it looks exactly like the old MPC at first glance, likely in order to appease those who grew up with it or those who simply like vintage-looking software.


Still haven’t decided which free Blu-ray player you want to get? Well, don’t worry because you can find a few more good options out there. That said, there aren’t many other players that can be considered better than the ones we talked about here so it’s possible you’ll end up sticking with one of the classics like VLC or KMPlayer in the end. But if you’re looking for something entirely new and innovative we wholeheartedly recommend checking out DVDFab Player 5 as it truly offers a completely different experience compared to all of the others. Again, this is a premium Blu-ray player but you can try it for free at any time and decide later if and when you want to upgrade and take advantage of all its impressive features.

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