With Technology today we have multiple sources for our entertainment. PS4 and Blu-Ray are also some of them. It is also great to know that PS4 not only lets you play attractive and addictive games but can also be used for something more. So, does PS4 play blu-Ray? We will be answering this question and sharing a few more details about both PS4 and blu-Ray and about their compatibility with each other. For now, let us know about PS4 and Blu-Ray briefly, so we can move ahead to answer the question: can PS4 play blu-ray?

What is PS4?

Does PS4 play Blu-Ray:What is PS4?

Sony Computer Entertainment made Playstation bring a sensation in the gaming area, and yes they did make a change again with PS4 on 15th November 2013. Being the 18th generation in video gaming consoles Sony worked fanatically to bring out something like PS4. Even after being for so many years in the market, it has managed to maintain its position and reputation as a great brand and product. This “games first” console offers much more than just playing games with this one. With this amazing device, you can enjoy games of 4K quality. The PS4 camera has a sensor featuring 1280x800 pixels and it can capture 60 FPS.

In September 2016 Sony released the PS4 in the slimmer version, and when you compare it with the PS4 original it is quite handy and small. The PS4 Pro version lets you enjoy games as well as other videos in great quality.

PS4: Features

  • The share button helps in uploading the screenshots while allowing players to focus completely on the game.
  • There are controller sticks that work with ultimate precision and mechanisms for control and with a voice command control it turns awesome.
  • It lets you work even with a PS Plus subscription so if you have it, it will not go to waste.
  • It offers great play time management with proper monitoring of young gamers.
  • If you wish to convert your PS4 to a Blu-Ray player then it lets you create a link for your TV.
  • The appear offline feature allows you to play alone if you wish to enjoy just your own company.

What is a Blu-Ray Player?

Does PS4 play Blu-Ray:What is a Blu-Ray Player?

A Blu-Ray player is a device that allows the playing of a blu-ray disc which is used to store data in the form of an HD video. A blu ray disc helps in storing much more information than it can be stored on a DVD. It can hold up to 25 GB in a single layer of Blu-Ray. Recently 4K blu-Ray players are providing amazing sound and picture quality. Moreover, with features like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision you can easily enjoy NetFlix or shows on Amazon Prime. The first release for the Blu-Ray disc title came out on 20th June in 2006. Moreover, Blu Ray was brought into existence by the Blu-Ray Disc Association. However, the prototype player came into existence in April 2003 in Japan.

Blu-Ray Player Features

  • With 3D capability a blu-ray player lets you enjoy all your 3D movies at home.
  • Picture adjustability lets you switch between ratios of 16:9 or 4:3 while watching your favorite video or any other content.
  • The zoom feature and 4K up version let you have a theater-like experience in the comfort of your home.
  • If you are looking for a few online options then a Blu-Ray player lets you enjoy video games, trailers, and movies with BD-Live.
  • The USB port feature lets you load new movies easily using a wi-fi connection on your Blu-ray player.

PS4 and Blu-Ray: Contribution in Gaming

Before Sony Nintendo and Atari used to dominate the gaming industry and later Sega also joined their league. However, gamers found their space in the real gaming world with the entrance of Sony in the gaming market. In 1994 during December Sony finally found a breakthrough through its PS console. Since then, with its efficient team of developers, Sony brought superior and attractive technology in the form of advanced graphics in command. It also allowed for storage facilities for favorite games.

In 2000, PS2 came into existence, with backward compatibility giving aid to the gamers to use the original PS games in this one as well. Now, also with PS4 semi-custom-designed feature, Sony has managed a combination of GPU and CPU using a single silicon chip. With a faster memory, it responds in quick action to streamline with gamer's aggression during the games. With a feature of connected PS vita and facial recognition through a sensor-laden module, a PS4 consumes lesser power.

If you are still wondering about the question; Does PS4 play DVDs in Blu-Ray, then yes with a Blu-Ray featured optical drive it can read up to 27 MBPS which is almost 3 times the PS3 capacity. The built-in Blu-ray player feature was added in PlayStation 3 to allow playing of Blu-Ray discs with ease. Additionally, in pS4 you can connect through Bluetooth, WIFI, or Ethernet. With PlayStation Eye the gestures and motions of the gamers are fed in as a game input. Moreover, this eye also has a built-in microphone facility that lets the gamer give voice commands. You can also shift your game from TV to PS Vita, a more portable option in case you need to move out of a place.

All these features make a PS4 certainly the best choice for gamers.

Can you play Blu-ray on PS4?

If you think a PS4 is only a device to let you enjoy playing games then you must know it lets you do all the more with its brilliant features. So, can PS4 play Blu-Ray? Yes, a PS4 can play Blu-Ray movies or videos as well. Not only can you enjoy games on a PS4 but you can play both HD and 3D Blu-Ray videos. So, if you have invested in a PS4 already for your gaming needs then you can use it to play Blu-Ray too. This will save you extra bucks as you need not invest in a Blu-Ray player separately.

Can PS4 play 4K Blu Ray?

If you think that your PS4 can play Blu-ray videos and movies, play games, and let you stream your media in 4K then you are right. However, if you are thinking of playing 4K blu-ray on a PS4 then your decision may go wrong as even with much advancement PS4 is not able to play 4K Blu-ray. A PS4 offers you great quality for videos and audio when it is compared to a normal blu-ray device. However, then to a PS4 requires a Blu-Ray drive to play Blu-ray videos. Besides, we recommend the article 4k DVD Player Reviews - PlayerFab All-In-One to you.

Can PS4 play region free Blu Ray?

PS4 games are available easily as they are region-free which means they are not available in a particular region. However, if you are thinking of playing region-free Blu-Ray videos on your PS4 then sorry you cannot do that as of now. Blu-Ray and DVDs are not region-free but are region-locked. Certain region codes are printed on a Blu-Ray disc cover or a DVD case that conform to the particular countries or regions. So, PS4 cannot play region-free Blu-Ray.

Can a PS4 play Blu ray through an external drive?

With an update in 2018, Sony facilitated its PS4 owners with an update where they were able to make use of a Blu-Ray playback in 3D. This was made possible through a PS headset using a VR facility. Additionally, Sony made the update to support only one External drive which can be up to 8 TB Drive via an external source. In case, a formatted external drive is used on PS4 then it does not recognize it.

Can a PS4 play Blu-Ray backward?

Does the PS4 play Blu-Ray backward? Like a Blu-Ray player, a PS4 is not compatible to play backward, not at least with the original PS discs or with PS2 or PS3 discs as well. However, if you have remastered versions of older games, for example, God of War. Additionally, by subscribing to Playstation Now or visiting a PS store you can avail yourself of a lot of games like PS3 games on your PS4 directly.

What is PS4 Pro? Can PS4 Pro 4K play Blu-Ray?

If you are looking for a great product for gamers using consoles then PS4 pro is just the thing you need. It is made to offer you a gaming experience like never and works both with 4K Tv and HDTV options. With a 1Tb hard drive, 3 super speed USB ports GDDR5 8GB RAM this product is a must-have for gamers. It has a custom processor with a single chip and with a Bluetooth facility it also has an HDMI port that supports 4K. However, the bad news is that even if it can play and stream games or media in 4K but just like the normal PS4, PS4 Pro also cannot play 4K Blu-Ray. For more DVD players, you can check the article Best DVD Player Software 2022 to try more tools.

Alternative Solution to play 4K Blu ray discs

You have already got your answer to the question: Can PS4 play blu-ray? However, if you are looking for an alternative solution to play your Blu-ray disc, or if you do not know what to do if your PS4 is unable to play blu-ray discs then do not worry. We got you covered with an amazing solution in the form of a fabulous media player.

PlayerFab All-In-One Media Player

Does PS4 play Blu-Ray:PlayerFab All-In-One Media Player

You already got an insight about PS4 playing Blu-ray and also about what it cannot do. So, if you are looking for a media player for watching blu ray or any content on social media platforms individually you can do all of it with this one. It is well equipped with comprehensive features so this one will not disappoint you with its fabulous resolution and clarity in audio and video tracks. Moreover, it works efficiently with 4K ultra HD DVDs along with Blu-ray videos that also allow easy conversion of videos and audio in a variety of formats.


  • Allows burning DVD, decrypting, and 4K UHD discs along with other facilities.
  • It allows easy conversion for all formats of audio and videos including the Tiktok vs YouTube boxing.
  • The AI support provides an improved quality for images and videos for both YouTube and TikTok individually.
  • Provides playback facilities for local videos and Netflix as well.
  • Rich viewing experience for videos.

System Requirements

Following are the requirements of this software:

  • Intel i3 processor or above.
  • At Least 4GB RAM or above.
  • Runs efficiently on all Windows versions that are above 7 on both 32 and 64-bit versions.
  • Must have at least 40 GB of hard disk space free.
  • Requires a live connection to the internet.

Price: Free Trial version for 30 days

Pro version at $169.99


  • Availability of a free trial of 30 days.
  • Seamless facilities for playback.
  • Amazing support for AI.


  • Not available.


If you are looking for something to assist you in playing your 4K videos that also works as an alternative to PS4 for a Blu Ray Player then PlayerFab all-in-one Media Player can be your option.

Unfortunately, no PS4 does not assist you with playing CDs.

Yes, with a few restrictions a PS4 allows you to play MP3 format with its USB player for music features.

If you are going for 1TB storage it can cost you around $400 whereas with the same storage capacity in PS4 you need to spend $300.


A PS4 can be a great alternative to Blu-Ray where you wish to watch and enjoy videos other than playing the latest games. However, even with the use of the latest technology, we found that even a PS4 Pro cannot play 4K blu ray. Moreover, we also suggested you a solution with Playerfab all in one media player for all your needs you are not getting with a PS4 turned into a Blu-ray player. Can ps4 play DVDs of blu-ray? We hope we were able to satisfy your query of Does PS4 play Blu-ray, with perfect evidence and provided a solution for the same.