Whether personal or product image quality, high-resolution photos gain more visibility and secure better reach in the digital world. If you are an Instagram enthusiast and love uploading your pictures, you must be aware of the struggle of blurry, low-resolution photos. Besides, photos' quality also matters for small or large-scale businesses who need to upload their product for marketing purposes.

Therefore, we are here to address the most common question of many digital users "How to enhance a photo" or "How to enhance a photo quality." These questions are dependent on each other because removing the blurry areas, giving a color and resolution touch-up, or adding effects may enhance the image without losing its quality. So, let's explore how to enhance a photo with the top photo and video enhancer available and upload the best pictures on the internet.

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

Have you heard the term AI? Yes, you heard it right. Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, is the top-notch machine learning network to make things easier for you. DVDFab surprised us by introducing an AI-based photo and video enhancer that can upscale your photos and videos quality in no time and give you the best editing experience.

how to enhance a photo

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is open-source machine-learning software blessed with various algorithms that read videos and photos like a human brain and make adjustments. It is a Godsend tool for beginners as well as for professionals, considering a variety of tools to an upscale picture and video quality. Besides, since it is an AI-based software, it continuously learns and develops itself for evolving results.

Key Features of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

DVDFab Enhancer AI can surprise you in lots of ways.

  • How to enhance resolution of a photo is no mystery anymore. It can enhance your image resolution from 480p to 1080p and turn 1080p images to full HD 4K resolution.
  • The software helps you sharpen the image pixels for high-level clarity and detailing. You may not have to adjust changes manually and be stuck with what suits the best because the AI system suggests you the perfect pixel per inch, considering your photo nature.
  • It has a smooth and straightforward interface that every beginner can start performing in no time, eliminating the need for professional training for learning how to enhance a photo.
  • The software is compatible with Mac and Windows devices.
  • Add lighting to images, boost saturation, make them sharper, add effects, and remove noises from videos within the software.

How to Enhance a Photo Using DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

how to enhance a photo

Using the DVDFab Enhancer AI is no rocket science. With its automatic processing and a wide variety of built-in editing software, the tool helps you boost saturation, automatically correct colors, sharpen the blurry areas, and a lot more with just a click.

Here's what you need to do to open this life-changing software.

Go to the official website ofAi video enhancer.

Launch the software and open it. Ensure meeting all the system requirements for smooth editing.

Now upload your file. Luckily, the software supports wide audio and video formats so that you can give life to the pretty old photos of different formats.

You will see the editing tools all over the screen, start showing your talent.

how to enhance a photo

Select the final file upload. It is a format in which you want your file to be saved.

Usually, the final output formats are MP4 and MKV. And video codecs of H.264 and H.265.

You can convert audio files within the software in easy steps. And boom! Your photo and videos are good to use for professional purposes.

System Requirements for Downloading DVDFab Enhancer AI

The software supports Windows and Mac devices. The minimum system requirements for Windows are:

  • RAM: 8GB
  • CPU: Intel CPU 2015 onwards, AMD CPU 2016 onwards
  • GPU: Nvidia 750Ti or above, AMD; GCN 1.0
  • Or you may also go to their official website to find Graphics card support and other requirements

How to Enhance a Photo- Alternative Ways

You can opt for many alternative ways and learn how to enhance a blurry photo to make it presentable. Adobe Photoshop is a huge name when we think of image editing as it offers stunning tools to sharpen the image quality, add effects/filters, boost resolution, etc.

Let's explore how to enhance a photo in Photoshop and some cropping and editing.

how to enhance a photo

The best thing about Adobe Photoshop is how it gives you full control of the editing process. The super-resolution tool in the software allows you to make adjustments as per your requirements but never compromises the picture quality. You can upscale the image resolution, sharpen the blurry points, add texture or remove noises, and perform a lot more to get the perfect picture.

Moreover, the entire editing process is a piece of cake in Photoshop. You may not have to get professional training on how to enhance a photo in Photoshop because you only have to:

  1. Launch the software
  2. Make your account and make payment for your required plan.
  3. Upload your image
  4. Go to the image size followed by the tools to adjust image changes. If not required, avoid this step. You can deselect the resample option to lock the current image ratio.
  5. Now go to the super-resolution where all the magic happens. Give your old photos the taste of perfection, and this is how we resolve the mystery of how to enhance a photo in Photoshop.

How to Enhance a Photo on iPhone

Fortunately, you can enhance the photo quality on your iPhones. iPhone offers many editing tools while capturing a photo or after the entire shoot to save your time and get the best shot. The best thing about editing on iPhone is you don't need a setup; you can edit multiple photos even on the go.

how to enhance a photo

Moreover, you can download many photo editing apps and experiment with your old photos. How to enhance a photo on iPhone is not enigmatic, considering its huge demand for photos and videos over the cameras.

EnhanceFox Photo Enhancer

Turn your blurry photos into a detailed and clear form with this handy application, designed for iOS users. It helps restore colors, eliminates blurred notes, adds stunning filters, and uses AI photo enhancer to make the photos professional with blurry backgrounds.

The app can offer many features beyond your expectation at an affordable price. With one $4.99, you can gain access to a variety of tools like:

how to enhance a photo

  • Restore old, damaged, and yellow photos into the good quality
  • Enhance color detailing or add filters
  • Scan and convert photos into digital
  • Blur the background and highlight the main photo for better visibility
  • Remove grains or blemishes from selfies and make them presentable for social media sites

Above all, it is a simple app that can help you figure out how to digitally enhance a photo in minutes. The app is safe to download on your iPhone and Mac devices, so what are you waiting for?


The way to capture good photos is using a reliable camera, but no worries if you cannot get hold of those fancy expensive cameras and up with blurry and low-resolution images. This article will walk you through quick steps of how to enhance a photo resolution and how to enhance a blurry photo.

You can now boost the image lighting and saturation, sharpen the blurry notes, add detailing, and play with some effects using the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, an ai video upscaling software. In addition, this article also addresses how to enhance a photo on iPhone using its camera and 3rd party apps for quick editing. We hope you get the beneficial suggestions and retouch your old photos to give life to them.


Are there any low points of DVDFab Enhancer AI?

The software consumes significant time to upscale photos, especially when you upscale the low-quality files to Full HD/4K. Other than that, it is incredible software to work with.

How to enhance a blurry photo?

You can use a sharpness tool to sharpen the picture's focus and remove the blurriness. You can highlight a certain image area by pressuring high pixel density, and you can use DVDFab Enhancer AI to get the job done without ruining the quality.