The best board games provide similar entertainment to what you are looking for in online activities. The small dice, cards, and rule books have their nostalgic elements. We cover the best board games in 2022 that fuel your enthusiasm for playing board games with your friends or family in your free time.

In the digital period, we always find an escape to revive our brain, soul, and inner-self in the form of entertainment. There are plenty of entertainment items available on the internet, and it's updated daily. Still, we prefer something which gives us pure joy and board games are such a source. Our weekend is still precious due to the family getting together and playing the best board games together. The best board games for adults and the best family board games are the most popular board games people are looking for while visiting the store. You can pick anything that assembles your energy, mind power with a pinch of entertainment that gives you a constructive way of spending time.

If we revisit our early age when computer and digital things were in progress, we often sat with our friends and family to play board games. The best board games consist of various players, a set goal to achieve, and multiple processes to reach your destination. If we consider computer games to be excellent coordination of the brain, hands, and decision making, the best board game of all time claims the best mind exercise that level-up your intelligence power, quick reflection, and patience level.

Many game lovers in social gatherings still welcome the best strategy board games and the best board games for parties. In that case, the best party board games bring the dice devotees together and play the best board games for a party to win the match.

Additional information: The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest board game of human civilization. It originated 4600 years ago in Mesopotamia. The game's rule was written on a cuneiform tablet by a Babylonian astronomer in 177 B.CB.C.

We will discuss the best board games that suit your family, party, two players, and solo in the next few scrolls.

The Best Board Games 2022: Bang on the Board!


Chess is considered one of the oldest board games and the best board games of all time. Played by two people, you can say it is one of the best two player board games. There are queens, kings, ministers, knights, Bishop, pawns, elephants, horses, boats, and dice complete the game plan. 'Checkmate' is quite a common word we often hear, and yes, it is the victory word players often use to express their joy. Chess is also called one of the best strategy board games of all time. Also, it can be viewed as one of the best solo board games.

best board games chess

The Features of Chess

  • The board has 64 squares in total.
  • The entire chessboard is divided into two types of rows. The first one, Files are called the eight vertical rows.
  • Ranks are the eight horizontal rows.
  • The pieces are made of wood, plastic, or ivory.
  • The board color is contrasting in appearance, mainly black and white.
  • It’s a two players game.


  • Chess can improve your intellectual level.
  • There are lots of learning elements involved with this game.


  • It's a time-consuming game.
  • It's a bit difficult to learn at the beginning.


If you are fond of the best strategy board games, give Scythe a try. The board game deals with pieces, follow-up stories, characters, etc. The story behind the best strategy board game with multiple players evolves post World War I Eastern Europe. You have to learn the tricks and mechanics to play and win. As it's a multiplayer game, you can spend your weekend with your gang playing Scythe and test whose strategy is the best among your friend's circle.

best board games for adults scythe

The Features of Scythe

  • It's a multiple-player game.
  • The board game contains pieces, figures, coins, cards, etc.
  • There are several layers players have to achieve after crossing or encountering specific difficulties.
  • It's a time-consuming game that might take long hours of sitting and finishing to reach the last level.
  • There is no elimination of players in any of its levels.
  • Every player represents one fallen hero struggling hard to gain his glory and restore power in Eastern Europe.


  • It's a game of history revisit and re-exploration.
  • It's a multiplayer game, and the best strategist will win the match.


  • It’s a time-consuming board game.
  • You have to know about our brief history, or else you cannot grip the game strategy.


If your favorite time pass is playing with witty words and the volume and depth of each word's meaning, you are on the right track. Scrabble is the best board game for kids in which they can play crossword puzzles, vocabulary tests, and many more, experimenting with words and their meanings and building a solid stock of words. You can play solo to test your vocabulary level and identify your weak points in building linguistic development. 

best strategy board games scrabble

The Features of Scrabble

  • It's a two to four players board game, but you can play solo.
  • The player can use seven letters tile to make a word.
  • You can make a word using the letter already present on the tile.
  • Scores are based on the weightage of the letters and the words you are making in the grid.
  • It's a classic mind game that boosts up the vocabulary and stock of words.


  • It's a great source to develop word-making skills.
  • Game rules are easy and quick grabbing.


  • Players might get boring.
  • One cannot play if one does not know how to make a word using a specific letter.

Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter, the name itself defining what kind of board game it is. Yes, your assumption is perfect. As one of the best adult board games, It's the game of aliens with the energy power, and the war to conquer the earth. Every player has their own strength and set of rules to attack or defend the opponent and score. If you learn the tricks and understand the mechanism, you cannot stay away from Cosmic Encounter. Cards and dice are the things players need to move, play, and score points.

best board games cosmic encounter

The Features of Cosmic Encounter

  • It's an alien game that involves the strategy and war plans of the players.
  • There are 51 alien races players have to get.
  • There are flare cards that help to boost up the power to the aliens.
  • Premium components and tech cards help players to build the strategy with impressive technological aspects.
  • It's a multiplayer game with premium extensions to reach a certain level.


  • It's a strategic war game that gives a thrilling feeling.
  • Extremely engaging game.


  • Power does not share; unequally, some get more and some less.


As one of the best cooperative board games, Pandemic teaches you how managing a society in a harmonious state teaches us to do proper planning, and following a strategy can save human civilization. The board game Pandemic was available a long time before the current situation hit the world. In this game, players decide the strategy, jointly take the decision and work with each other. It's a social game in which your involvement is required in every move. During the play, players will get a new role like scientist, doctor, medical assistant, quarantine expert, etc., and earn the points.

best adult board games pandemic

The Features of Pandemic

  • The Pandemic board game consists of 48 prime cities around the world.
  • Two decks of cards include two variations: Player cards, and Infection cards.
  • There are 24 cubes of four colors, and each color represents different diseases.
  • There are six research stations.
  • It's a multiplayer social game.


  • The game can build a fantastic cooperative mindset.
  • Strengthen the social bond between the players.


  • It's a challenging game, and in the end, you might lose.

In the torrent of online games, board games are still doing well, and successfully catching the attention of board game enthusiasts is a good sign. Board games require skill, interest, and patience of how long you can maintain your consistency.

If you plan to switch your focus from online games to board games and want to know information, you can ask us; we will provide your answer.

A Quick FAQ that Provides You with the Necessary Information

Cubitus, Destinies are a few examples of the best new board games recently launched.

Love Language, Talk Flirt Dare are suitable matches for the best board games for couples.

Dead of Winter and Pandemic Legacy are the best coop board games you can consider.

It depends on how much time you invest in playing board games, the purpose, and the field of interest. The board games cover all the vital aspects, human psychology, and entertainment elements. Please select one or two based on your choices and then buy it; create a group with your friends or cousins, or you go solo and start playing.

Final Words

The best board games are constantly churning the fact that you can learn certain aspects by playing them. You can select the best two person board games or go for the best board games for families as per your demand. If your kids are hyperactive, you can give them the best board games for kids and experience how they concretely spend their time and engage themselves. The board games also can break the monotony of using a laptop or PC. So, not only kids or grown-up children, but professionals also consider board games as the best way to revive your mind and think power. If you have any interest in the other mobile phone games, you can click on the terms.