How many Bollywood movies have you watched? Do you want Bollywood full HD movie download for an offline viewing? Then is there any Bollywood music you like? How about Bollywood song MP3 download on your iPhone or tablet? In this article, I will tell you more than Bollywood movies and songs download, and I will show you how to make a Bollywood GIF and wallpaper.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Bollywood?

Before Bollywood full HD movie download, try to fix the problem of “What do you mean by Bollywood”. “Bollywood” derives from “Hollywood” and “Bombay” which is one of the main film sectors in India. The other two are South India and Tollywood, respectively. Bollywood is the biggest film producer in Hindi cinema and many people desire Bollywood movie free download. Once in 2001, Bollywood’s ticket profits even exceeded Hollywood. Then do you know “How is Bollywood different from Hollywood”? Continue to read and find the answers.

2. Bollywood vs Hollywood

(1) Releases & Revenues

Bollywood outputs nearly 1000 movies per year but gets about 4% film revenues worldwide. But Hollywood releases 200 movies a year with more than 85% global revenues. So more new Bollywood full HD movie download you can complete every year.  Hollywood invest more for film production.
(2) Theme

Bollywood centers on action, drama, emotion, romance, comedy, family, music and most of them can be found in one movie. However, Hollywood strikes human sensitivity and reality besides bringing entertainment in romance and comedy. And action movie is Hollywood majority release. You will find movies of different themes instead a movie full of all. This is one of the biggest difference of Bollywood vs Hollywood.
(3) Script

Hollywood scripts are in a standard format while Bollywood movies use written scripts to tell a story. There is an example showed below.

(4) Time

Bollywood movies are three hours on average and there will be an intermission, while Hollywood movies are shorter, about two hours. So time spent in Hollywood Bollywood movie download is also different.
(5) Technology

Hollywood is more advanced than Bollywood in film making. You can watch CGI, 2D, 3D movies in Hollywood easily, but they are not found after Bollywood full HD movie download.

3. Bollywood Full HD Movie Download

Now, let’s put the spotlight on the best HD PC movie you cannot miss and I have made a Bollywood movies collection here. They are only a tip of the iceberg. You can pick any film or search your favorite Bollywood movie on YouTube or other streaming websites.

Subsequently, I will show you the best method for Bollywood Full HD movie download with DVDFab Video Downloader. It is available on Windows/Mac/Android and free in 30 days. You can use it for Bollywood movie download from 1000+ websites, and this free video downloader also supports batch Bollywood full HD movie download.

(1) Steps on Bollywood Hindi movie download:

  • Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader (Windows/Mac/Android)
  • Click the option of “Paste URL
  • Input Video URLs line by line (batch download or one by one)
  • Set the “Format” as “Video
  • Choose video quality (HD, Full HD, 4K UHD, 8K UHD)
  • Click the button of “Download”
  • Track the Bollywood full HD movie download from the “≡”icon on the top right > Settings > Video Directory

 i  Free Download            i  Free Download  


Also you can complete Bollywood movie free download with DVDFab Video Downloader on Android. There are detailed information about the operation in the article of Crunchyroll download. And there are many video downloaders helpful for free HD movie download Bollywood in Hindi. Find more video downloaders and know the features of each full HD movie downloader in the article of “Download Xvideo Fast in Batches (Sexy Porn and Home Video)”. With the same steps I have given above, you can use any of them for Bollywood full HD movie download.

(2) Tools for Bollywood full HD movie download:

  • DVDFab Video Downloader (Windows/Mac/Android)
  • Video Garbber (Windows/Mac)
  • Flash Video Downloader (Windows/Mac)
  • AllMyTube (Windows/Mac)
  • YTD Video Downloader (Windows 10)
  • Freemake (Windows 10)
  • Video Downloader Professional (Chrome)
  • Video Downloader (Google Play)
  • Online Video Downloader 
  • Y2Mate (Online)

4. Bollywood Song MP3 Download

According to a study, nearly 99% Bollywood movies include music and dance and there are about 5 Bollywood songs in each film. With the popularity of Bollywood movies, their music is influencing the world. Here, some top Bollywood songs are collected below. Listen to them and see which Bollywood song you like best.

After finding Bollywood video songs you love, it is time for Bollywood song MP3 download. I have found many music downloaders of great help such as DVDFab YouTube to MP3. How about starting from Bollywood song free download with this software? And then I will tell you other Bollywood song downloaders.

(1) Steps on Bollywood video song download with DVDFab YouTube to MP3:

  • Get this Bollywood song downloaders launched on Windows/Mac/Android
  • Start it and search your music (Take Windows as an example)
  • This free software supports 1000+ websites like YouTube, Vevo, etc.
  • Use the “Paste URL” button or search the name of song directly
  • Click the button of “Download” if you search a song/artist name
  • Choose “Music” and select audio quality (320kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps)
  • Start Bollywood song MP3 download or playlist download
  • Play downloadeed Bollywood song from “≡”icon > Settings > Audio Directory

 i  Free Download          i  Free Download  

For MP3 download Android, you can see another article themed SoundCloud Downloader.


(2) Other programs for Bollywood song MP3 download

  • Any Video Converter (Windows)
  • 4K YouTube to MP3 (Windows)
  • 4K Video Downloader (Windows)
  • ClipGrab (Windows/Mac)
  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter (Windows/Mac)
  • Free MP3 Downloader (Online)
  • YouTube MP3 Downloader (Chrome)
  • Flvto (Online)
  • YouTube to MP3 Converter (Online)

DVDFab YouTube to MP3, compatible with Windows, Mac and Android, is the best free software for Bollywood song free download.

5. Bollywood GIF Making

There are many dances in Bollywood movies, so would you like to make a Bollywood GIF after Bollywood full HD movie download? With the help of DVDFab Toolkit, you can convert any video clip of a Bollywood movie to GIF. Now let’s start to learn how to make a Bollywood dance GIF with this free software on Windows.

(1) Steps on making Bollywood GIF:

  • Launch DVDFab Toolkit on Windows
  • Click “Video to GIF” under “Image Tools”
  • Load your Bollywood movie downloaded
  • Set “Start Time”, “End Time”, “Looping”, “Speed”, “Size”, “Frame Delay
  • The two sliders on the timeline can also be used to set time duration
  • Set the option of “Save to”
  • Start Bollywood dancing GIF making

 i  Free Download  

Instead of finding a Bollywood dance GIF on GIPHY, using DVDFab Toolkit to convert video to GIF is a good choice. You can make any funny Bollywood GIF with this free software. Besides acting as a video to GIF creator, this program also works in such aspects below.

(2) Functions of DVDFab Toolkit

  • Convert video to MKV/MP4
  • Split/cut/Trim MKV or other formats of videos
  • Speed up/down videos
  • Rotate/crop/sharpen/de-interlace video/deshake GoPro
  • Merge/extract videos
  • Convert audio to MP3/AAC/ACS/FLAC/M4A
  • Trim audio, denoise GoPro, merge/extract/remux audio
  • Convert video to GIF
  • Convert Video to PIC (PNG/JPEG)
  • Convert PIC to Video
  • Convert GIF to Video
  • Add Text, Time and Image to a video
  • Render subtitles and extract subtitles

6. Bollywood Wallpaper Making

As you can see, there are so many beautiful “Bollywood actress” and handsome “Bollywood actor” in Bollywood movies. After Bollywood full HD movie download, it is still possible to make Bollywood wallpaper. You want a static image as wallpaper or a GIF as wallpaper?

If you want a GIF, just use the one you have made in last part and set the Bollywood wallpaper in your smartphone or tablet.

If you desire an image as Bollywood wallpaper, take a snap of your Bollywood movie and get the exactly clear video image with DVDFab Toolkit (click “Video to PIC” under “Image Tools”). Then use the Bollywood wallpaper on your device through “Setting”.

7. Conclusion

Image you have found a fantastic Bollywood movie, how about watching it offline with the help of DVDFab Video Downloader? After Bollywood full HD movie download, you can convert the video to GIF and set it as Bollywood wallpaper. If you also like music in Bollywood movies, start Boollyood song MP3 download with DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Hope you will get everything you want from Bollywood movies.

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