Google Play Music has been a free product of Google since 2011. Users enjoyed high-quality music for years until, in Dec 2020, Google Play Music transferred its label, and it was officially made available by YouTube Music. If you visit Google Play Music for Chrome, it will show that "GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE."So, Does it mean Google Play Music has stopped its services? No, Google has transferred its services to YouTube music. Now you can enjoy more than 70 million songs on YouTube music for free.

Google Play Music

google play music


Google Play Music app offers a variety of genres for its users to enjoy music such as Jazz, Hip hop, Pop, and Classic. Along with music, podcasts, audiobooks are also available. One of the advantages of listening to music on Google Play Music is that you can access the app being offline. The chrome extension is a fantastic tool to listen to background music while working.


  • Absolutely free
  • Available on Windows, Andriod, iOS
  • High audio quality
  • Many Audiobooks and podcasts are available for free


  • Pop up ads might destroy the user experience
  • Dull interface as compared to other music apps
  • Sometimes it takes more time to upload

Common Problems You May Encounter When Using Google Play Music

You Google Play Music Not Uploading

The common most problem is that your Google Play Music is not uploading. The main issue lies with the format of the song. Make sure you upload music and songs that Google plays music supports, such as MP3. Another reason is a weak internet connection. In case you possess a dull internet connection, you may face no uploading issue.

Your Google Play Music Is Not Playing A Song

If your Google Play Music is not playing a song, maybe it's because your Google account is not synced, or perhaps you have changed your Smartphone. Sign in again or check your mobile storage to clear unnecessary data.

Error Appears While Playing Music

If an error appears while playing a song, you need to download the song again or update your Google Music App. Uninstall the app and download the new version again.

5 Best Google Play Music Alternatives

Google made an official announcement in 2020 that Google plays music going away, and YouTube Music will be providing its services instead. However, there are other alternatives available for Google Play Music. Check out the list below and find the best alternative.


google play music alternative soundcloud

If you are looking to listen to some quality music. Soundcloud is an excellent option for you. You can upload and share music with your followers. Also, you can promote your music on Soundcloud. Along with music, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks and podcasts. You can subscribe monthly for $9.99.

It is available on both the play store and the App Store. Just sign in with simple steps, and there you go. Explore various genres with the search bar. You have access to millions of songs for free. Also, you can make some passive income with Soundcloud Go+, which means people will pay to listen to your music.


google play music web player alternative spotify

Google Play Music shutting down? Don't worry, Try Spotify. It is the world's most downloaded app for music. You have access to incredible music for free. You can download and share your music, create your playlist, add podcasts and give the playlist a name. The free version might not have every song available. Also, it does not work while being offline. The free version might destroy the user experience with unnecessary ads. Spotify also has a premium version and can be a little expensive as compared to other music Apps. It comes with $120 yearly. It supports Andriod and iPhone and works best for podcast lovers.

Amazon Music

google play music alternative amazon music

Amazon is not just a delivery service anymore. With Amazon Music, you can listen to high-quality music. More than 70 million songs are available on Amazon Music. It supports Andriod and iPhone and windows too. With Amazon's unlimited prime family plan, you can connect six devices at a time. It offers a free trial for 90 days. One drawback is that Amazon Music does not have video content. It supports a live feature but lacks live radio. The premium version comes with $9.99 per month and is ad-free, and won't disturb you during your content consumption. You can connect Amazon Prime Music with a smart TV.


google play music alternative youtube

To enjoy video music, YouTube is an exciting choice, and that is for free. Use the search bar to explore different genres of music and share them with others. YouTube allows us to comment and give feedback. However, there is copyrighted music, and it will not be available for download. As a music creator, you can make money by uploading your music. But YouTube takes time to build organic views and subscribers. With the kids youtube feature, you can control the content that comes in your kid's feed.

Apple Music

google play music alternative apple music

Apple Music is the second most downloaded music app after Spotify and has over 90 million songs. The best feature is that the download is available offline. Unfortunately, Apple Music can only be accessed by Apple users. There is this debate on whether Apple Music is better or Spotify? Both have their features to go with. But Apple Music is cheaper than Spotify. It comes at $9.99 per month. However, it offers a free trial to start with. Unlike Amazon Music, it has a radio feature. It supports Beats 1 Radio, a global radio station to listen to. You can leave a feed or comment and connect with your followers. The best feature is it is ad-free. It has just been a few years since its launch, but it has proved to be a better alternative to Google Play Music.

People Also Ask

Is Google Play Music completely free?

Yes, Google is entirely free, with thousands of songs in different genres to listen to.

Is Google Play Music no longer available?

Yes, Google Play Music has been shut down, and YouTube Music provides its services.


Google Play Music was highly used for music, audiobooks, and podcasts. But since 2020, it has shifted, and now YouTube Music is providing its service. Thousands of songs were available on Google Play Music, and Android and iPhone supported it, but the Google Play Music web player was the best of all. However, the new alternatives to the app have evolved music in other ways.