An MP4 Video player allows playing of MP4, WebM, Mp3, and many other popular formats with the ease of a specific player in the form of an application or software. There are several freeware options as well as premium versions available as an MP4 video player for Windows, MAC, and even Android. This can make you drool for the options and avail you of the best on the list.

Are you struggling to find a suitable MP4 video player for your files? Well, you can do this and a lot more with amazing video player options which can help you with the following as well:

  • Converting videos to many different formats with ease of application.
  • Finding suitable subtitles for movies and also adding them to your output video file.
  • Taking a lot of advantages of conversion at a supersonic speed saves you much time for other stuff.
  • Providing a smooth playback option without much loading time.
  • Allows options of creating a playlist along with adding the contents of a full folder at once.

List of Top MP4 Video Player Options

Following are the top MP4 video player options:

DVDFab PlayerFab

mp4 video player for windows dvdfab playerfab

If you wish to play your videos in high quality then this MP4 video player for Windows can be your option. DVDFab PlayerFab is a stylish platform that has a sleek interface that allows an amazing experience for watching videos. The adjustment facility for thumbnails provides an easy location of accurate scenes. The high definition quality of files can be played easily even without codecs.


  • Very easy and simple to use.
  • The user interface comes with PC and TV playback modes to assist its users.
  • It allows the gathering of info on the movie from web sources.
  • The settings of the playlist are highly customizable.
  • The video quality support is of high quality and supports almost all the popular formats.

Price: Free Trial



  • Amazingly impressive features.
  • The navigation menu enhances the pleasure of the viewers.
  • Provides crystal-like picture quality to videos.


  • The paid version is costly.


mp4 video player download videolan

It is the best you can look for while searching for an MP4 video player for windows and it is nothing but your very own popularly known as VLC. VLC is an open-source platform that is capable of playing many other media other than playing MP4. It is exceptionally easy and simple to use with a user-friendly interface that can be used even by beginners.


  • Allows playing almost every format from files, webcams, devices, and streams too.
  • There is no need for a codecs pack so you can play anything like MPEG-2, MKV, etc.
  • Runs comfortably on any platform like Linux, Windows, or even MAC.
  • Completely free without any adware or spyware.

Price: Free


  • There is full support of almost all the file formats.
  • It is easily expandable through plugins.
  • It can be customized easily.


  • The non-availability of editing metadata in an easy way may be a tough task for beginners.


mp4 video player for windows kmplayer 64x

It is a great platform for MP4 video player downloads which works for Windows very well. This software allows playing of other formats of media as well. The user-friendly interface allows easy functionality of the software. The extensive features become visible with just a right-click. With this software, you can create your playlist.


  • Availability of creating a MyList and setting for subtitles as well.
  • There is a quick button to use various functions efficiently.
  • The timer facility allows you to keep track of videos.
  • The cloud play option allows enhancement to its already gorgeous features.
  • The zoom feature allows pan function as well.

Price: Free


  • The user base is strong.
  • Allows fabulous support for 4K and 8K videos.
  • All the codecs are already present in the software.


  • There is no support available for Linux.

GOM Player

video player mp4 gom player

This software is brought into existence by a Korean company and it allows easy and operational software for your MP4 video player downloads. This software provides clarity in its features and also lets you work on your mobile with GOM remote application that can be downloaded anytime. It can also be used for your video-watching needs.


  • Being an amazing MP4 video player for Windows it can also be used for searching movie subtitles.
  • Has a vivid playback of 360 degrees.
  • There is a control panel to use for the playback of video.
  • The plus version is ad-free and provides smooth UHD and 4K resolution of videos.
  • The design of this software is user-friendly and simple to use.

Price: Free

GOM cam Plus Version at $65

GOM Encoder Plus Pack at $60

All in one pack at $95

YouTuber pack at $120 and $100


  • User friendly.
  • Amazingly simple and easy for beginners as well.
  • Amazing control for playback of videos.


  • The paid version may seem costly to the user looking for a budget option.

Real Player

mp4 video player for windows real player

With this amazing MP4 video player you can use features like cropping, rotating, and sharing. The slideshow function shows you the progress on the full screen where you can look for slide intervals, transitions, and shuffle options. With this software, you can also sort, and share the videos using its simple interface. It is a great MP4 video player for android. In addition to these MP4 video players, we recommend the Best MKV Player for Windows to you.


  • Amazing preset options allow the creation and saving of your project.
  • Menu key equips you with an option to add a ringtone and you can share it too.
  • There is an amazing graphic equalizer that allows you to tune the audios.
  • The playback control options allow you to use shuffle and repeat functions.
  • You can browse the playlists easily with its easy-to-use dashboard.

Price: Regular plan at $49.99 per year

Downloader Express at $24.99

Plus plan at $39.99

Premium plan at $4.99 per month


  • You can browse playlists, Artists, etc. with the easy to work with software.
  • With premium access, you get an amazing graphic equalizer.
  • Using it as a video player for MP4 you can also set your ringtone.


  • The power features like photo effects, video editing, etc. are not available.

WonderShare Video Converter

mp4 video player windows wondershare video converter

This fabulous MP4 Video player for Windows acts as a tool for transferring, burning, converting, and editing for all your video needs. Guess what you do not even need a third-party recorder to record your videos and audio Wondershare does it all for you. Moreover, if you wish you can add labels or watermarks for your work to brand or personalize them. How much do you know about VLC player, check the post VLC Media Player and Its Best Alternative and you'll have new finding.


  • Helps in extracting audio and CD burning.
  • Can be used as a GIF maker.
  • Allows video and photoconversion.
  • Dragging and dropping facility.
  • Availability of live 24/6 support.

Price: Free Trial



  • Availability of support from camera and mobile.
  • Provides quality of high definition.
  • Availability of lifetime updates of software.


  • The paid version may be out of budget for some people.


mp4 video player windows bs player

In case you are looking for a power-saving MP4 video player for Android then a BS player is the thing you need. It consumes very little battery and works on accelerated hardware. You can share your MP4 videos from Wi-Fi or other networks too. It also allows a multi-core decoding facility and improves the speed of the playback to the next level.


  • Allows better and faster transfer of files without using much data.
  • It supports a playback facility even in the background.
  • You can easily go forward or backward and access the next and previous menu options.
  • There is a lock function for kids to safeguard their devices.
  • Allows multiple streams of audio and subtitles as well.

Price: Free


  • A child lock facility is available.
  • Multicore facility for decoding.
  • There are multiple streams for audio.


  • It may not function professionally for experts.


mp4 video player windows MplayerX

If you are looking for an MP4 video player for MAC then this one is just the thing you need. You just need it to playback anything that you wish to with this one and will find it consistent and stable at the same time. If you are lazy enough to change the episode to the next of your favorite series then this player provides automatic play for it.


  • A powerful Mp4 video player for MAC.
  • The user interface is pretty simple to use.
  • Amazingly fast speed for decoding.
  • It supports almost all the video formats making it comprehensive software.
  • Automatic play for the next episode of your favorite series.

Price: Free

Pro version at $5.99


  • Very simple to operate.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Availability of faster speed for decoding.


  • Crashes and lags at some time.

Emby Premiere

mp4 video player for windows emby premiere

If you were in search of a video player for MP4 then this one will do the job for you. This premium software serves as a Personal media platform where you can enjoy your media by installing your server. There are a lot of free Emby apps that are available with the pro version of this software.


  • It is available to use for Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  • DVR and TV functionality for users along with covert art plugin feature that allows over 30 overlays for movies.
  • Allows local streaming through Roku, Apple TV, etc., and a remote streaming facility is also available.
  • Allows the user to download content and view it offline.

Price: $4.99 monthly.


  • Availability across various platforms.
  • Download content and watch it offline anytime.
  • Cinema mode gives access to trailers of films and a small introduction before it starts.


  • It is a bit technical for beginners.

DivX Player

mp4 video player divx player

If you are searching for a portable option of an MP4 video player then this one is available for both MAC and Windows. It will let you watch all your videos in great quality and you can even convert them as per your need into MP4, HEVC, and many other formats. In case you are looking for an option of streaming any of your videos to tablets, Chromecast, or even gaming consoles then it lets you do even that.


  • It is professional software that allows you to use MP4, HD, FLV, and other formats in the video player.
  • There is an option for Chromecast and tablet as well.
  • Allows playing of videos in 4K quality from the library.
  • The latest codecs make it a reliable option for an MP4 video player.
  • It also converts videos easily to any other desirable format.

Price: Free Version

Pro version at $19.99 for one time.


  • An ad-free pro version is available.
  • Allows playing of a variety of formats.
  • Allows playing of videos in 4K quality as well.


  • The Pro version may appear costly to beginners.


What are free MP4 video player options that can be used for Windows?

KMPlayer, GOM player, etc are a few MP4 video player options that can be used for Windows easily.

What are the options for an MP4 video player that can be used for Android devices?

If you want a paid option for an MP4 video player for Android then Emby Premiere can be used effectively. However, for a free alternative, you can access BS player.

Which MP4 video player allows Chromecast function as well?

DivX MP4 video player allows all functions of an MP4 player and also allows Chromecast function.

What are the options for an MP4 video player download?

There are varieties of MP4 video player options to download as per your use. These can be MX players, All Video Downloaders, etc.


To search for the best MP4 video player you must look out for certain specifications. However, sometimes it is difficult to choose whether you are looking for an MP4 Video player for Windows, Android, or MAC. But there is no need to worry anymore as we have listed the best video player for MP4 format for your use. These MP4 video players can be used for any device so you can choose the one you wish to use it for. Moreover, there is a mix of both freeware and paid versions of the players for your wishlist. We hope you will get the right deal with this article.