Introduction to SpankBang Download

Nowadays, it's not hard to search for adult videos on Google. As one of those adult content streaming platforms, SpankBang is a free porn video-sharing website and has attracted increasing registrators. However, recently, a question on "SpankBang download" appears on Google search trends. 

The reason is exposed: SpankBang removed some videos from time to time. So, users may not watch any desired video in the future so they are eager to find a way to download videos on SpankBang for offline playback to avoid this problem.

SpankBang Download

How to Download SpankBang Videos for Free?

In the following content, we are going to describe the five best ways to SpankBang download with ease. All those methods are tested by different users on different devices. Let us start!

Method 1: Download SpankBang Videos in Batch Mode Safely

spankbang downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

With StreamFab YouTube Downloader, you can effortlessly download SpankBang videos and content from other popular porn sites losslessly.
  • 100% safe and clean to use with an in-built browser
  • Get ad-free downloads with batch mode and fast speed
  • Unlimited download SpankBang videos with 1080p resolution 
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device
  • More hot adult sites are supported, such as PornHub & OnlyFans Downloader

How to download videos from SpankBang with StreamFab?

Step 1

Download this video downloader

Install the SpankBang downloader on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap the YouTube channel to find the SpankBang site, or copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

Download SpankBang Videos

Step 3

Customize the file

Search for the video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

Download SpankBang Videos

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.

Method 2: Download SpankBang Videos via SpankBang site

Adult streaming sites rarely allow users to download videos directly from their site without buying a premium package. Luckily, one website that will enable you to download as many videos as needed directly for free is SpankBang. 

Step 1: In the first step, go to and sign up for your registration.

Step 2: Now search out the videos you need to download. Below, you can see a "Download" button. After playing the video, click on it.

spankbang download:How to directly download from SpankBang videos?

Step 3: It will show you a list of quality options, but sometimes these may be locked. You need to unlock them by uploading a test video to SpankBang. 

Although SpankBang provides a function to download videos, this method is not recommended. This method is simple, but definitely not the best.

  • Supported by SpankBang itself
  • No need to download any assistant tool
  • It is easily affected by the server's performance
  • Not all videos from SpankBang are downloadable
  • The downloading speed is slow and you may need to pay for downloading

Method 3: Record a Specific Part of SpankBang Videos

If you don't need to download entire SpankBang videos and want to record some of their parts, here is the easiest process to follow in the tutorial. This method is suitable for saving Spankbang videos on your mobile devices.

Step 1: Move to the "Settings" option of your phone & then to the "Control Center." Select the "Screen Recording"

download spankbang videos

Step 2: Remember to activate the "Microphone" option. Go to the SpankBang website and wait for the three seconds countdown to initiate the recording process.

Step 3: To end recording, you can click on the red record button in the Control Center, or you can click on the status bar above & select "Stop."

Now, you've downloaded the videos from SpankBang successfully, and you can right-click on the file to see more choices, including open folder, play, convert, remove selected, and rename.

  • No need to download any software
  • Download SpankBang Videos for free
  • The procedures are complex, and it costs a lot of time and efforts
  • The quality of recorded videos is unsatisfactory
  • The scene and audio might out of sync

Method 4: Save SpankBang to MP4 with Downloader Extension

In addition to downloading SpankBang videos with a special video downloader, it is also possible to download videos from SpankBang using the video download extension known as Video DownloadHelper. Add this extension to your Google Chrome and follow these steps to proceed further:

Step 1: You only need to open Chrome's extension store, type "Video Downloader Plus," and add it to your Chrome.

how to download from spankbang using chrome extenstion

Step 2: Now go to and search for the desired porn or adult movie or video. The "Video Downloader Plus" will directly analyze the video file on the video page.

Step 3: Here, you only need to tap on the download icon to save SpankBang videos in your system.

  • No need to download software
  • It works as a free spankbang downloader
  • The downloading speed is very slow
  • You account might be in risk due to use extensitons

Method 5: Get SpankBang Video Downloading using YT Saver

Apart from the four aforementioned methods, there are also useful tools that provide a simple solution for downloading SpankBang to MP4. Let’s consider an example, YT Saver.

Step 1: After downloading and installing YT Saver, visit SpankBang and copy the required video URL.

Step 2: Tap on the setting icon displayed on the top right side and select the required output format like MP4. Once done, hit the "Apply" button.

Step 3: After that, tap on the "Paste URL" and let the Downloader automatically detect the copied link.

spankbang download:How to download SpankBang videos using YT Saver Video Downloader?

Step 4: After detecting, it will initiate the process of downloading spankbang videos.  

Step 5: When completing, click on the "Downloader" folder and see your video there. 

  • You can choose the format and video quality
  • Other sites like Xvideos are also supported
  • As you can see from the screenshot above, the speed is very slow. It consumes a lot of time.
  • Need to pay to unlock higher quality option and more sites

Addition: Comparison Among the 5 SpankBang Downloaders

We have compiled a comprehensive comparison of the five available downloading options. We sincerely hope the information is helpful and offers valuable assistance when you download videos from spankbang.

Features StreamFab SpankBang Screen Recording Extensions YT Saver
HD quality up to 1080p 720p/1080p 720p/480p 720p/480p 720p/1080p
Batch Mode YES  NO NO NO YES 
Supported format MP4, MP3, MKV, etc MP4 MP4 MP4 MP4/MP3
Downloading Speed 10X turbo speed Fast Low speed Extremely Slow Slow


You can see that the article talks about the five best ways to download SpankBang to MP4 or download pornhub videos for free. They included direct ways, video recording, and using the other SpankBang Video Downloaders. You can choose anyone based on your needs.

BTW, Numerous streaming websites employ the unique file type. So does SpankBang. In other words, the reason why "incompatible format" appears is that those videos are encrypted by m3u8. So, the first choice is to select an m3u8 downloader, which enables you to download SpankBang videos freely.