Statistics State: According to statistics, YouTube is the second-largest visited website after Google with $19.8 billion in revenue generated by 2021/2022. According to Similar Web 2021 research statistics 74.57%, 16.21%, and 1.37% of traffic have been generated from direct traffic through desktop, search, and referrals respectively.

youtube buffering:Introduction

From day by day increasing traffic to increasing millions of users, since YouTube has made a very prominent mark in your life, before getting into any reason and solution of YouTube or youtube tv buffering issue, you must know what YouTube, YouTube TV, and YouTube buffering are all about.

Youtube is an American online video streaming, sharing, and social media platform owned by Google. In this platform you can like, comment, share, and upload your videos while using any device having an internet connection including a PC, Mobile, Laptop, etc. Owned by Google as the parent organization, youtube has extended with more than core websites including mobile apps, network television, etc.

YouTube TV: It is a YouTube-owned American online video streaming service that provides on-demand and live TV video streaming facilities. This platform is a subsidiary of Google and it also provides cloud-based DVR from 85+ television networks.

What is Youtube buffering?

youtube buffering:What is Youtube buffering?

Buffering is a process of preparing data in a reserved portion of the memory which is known as a buffer in any device. In the case of audio or video streaming, buffering means that software downloads a particular amount of data in advance of starting the audio-video playback. While watching the buffer stored data the post content of the file gets downloaded in the background. So, the entire data preloading process in the buffer makes your playback watching process flawless and uninterrupted. If there is any gap between the data preloading and its playback execution process, the buffering issue starts to interrupt your watching on any online streaming platform, whether it is Youtube or any other platform.

Why does Youtube TV keep buffering?

Unless and until you know why is Youtube buffering, it would not be possible for you to fix the problem while identifying the exact reason for it. Since there are several reasons for Youtube or Youtube TV buffering, you have to go through every single reason carefully to find out the most specific reason for your YouTube buffering problem. Here you go with the basic 11 reasons for Youtube buffering.

1. Poor Wi-Fi signal or weak internet network.

2. If too many devices have been connected to anyone's particular internet network and consume maximum bandwidth.

3. If too many applications or programs run in your system, they consume the maximum system resources.

4. The flash player is not working properly.

5. Any Ad-blocking software or any third-party add-ons services could be incompatible with YouTube and can cause youtube buffering in your mobile app.

6. Maybe the high resolution of watching HD videos causes buffering.

7. Maximum browser caches and cookies consume the maximum storage spaces on your device and it leads to buffering on your PC.

8. Slow servers with fast internet can cause buffering issues.

9. If Youtube TV keeps buffering, it could be an internet service provider (ISP) problem.

10. YouTube errors include 400, 401,503, and so on.

11. Enabling hardware acceleration of your PC can cause buffering of YouTube.

How to fix Youtube buffering issues: 13 solutions

After knowing why YouTube keeps buffering, it's time to stop Youtube buffering slowly with multiple solutions. So, let's have a look at the best solutions Youtube or Youtube tv keeps buffering issues.

1. Make sure that the speed of your internet connection is sufficient to play youtube videos. The internet connection must have standard bandwidth.

2. Instead of a wireless Wi-Fi internet connection, you must try a wired Ethernet connection to experience stable internet speed for your buffering-free YouTube watching.

3. Restart the router of your Wi-Fi internet network by simply turning it on and off in 30 seconds to clear the leftover internet curd and it will increase your internet speed.

4. You can also restart your computer or mobile device to fix the problem of why my Youtube tv keeps buffering.

5. To stream any YouTube video on any device you must have sufficient storage space. So, if too much data is stored in your browser, you have to clear the huge browser cache and cookies to stop Youtube buffering on a firestick or any other devices.

6. Update the flash player that has been used to watch any youtube video. Fixing flash player issues can allow you to bypass YouTube tv buffering super bowl moments.

7. If you are watching any Youtube video in high resolution of HD 720p or 1080p with a low internet bandwidth connection then you must lower the resolution to 360p, 240p, or lower than that to avoid youtube tv buffering on firestick issue.

8. Another best way to avoid YouTube video buffering issues is to download any YouTube content and watch them offline to avoid the internet causing buffering issues.

9. To fix YouTube buffering slowly, you need to update your YouTube app on your mobile or other devices.

10. If you have too many apps running on your mobile or too many programs working simultaneously on your PC then you must get rid of the unwanted ones to save device resources and storage space.

11. Remove all the malicious extensions from the browser to avoid youtube buffering.

12. Changing browsers is also one of the most effective solutions to fix youtube tv buffering issues.

13. You must have your ISP checked and tested to fix YouTube buffering.

Enjoy Buffering free Youtube videos: With DVDFab PlayerFab All-In-One

youtube buffering:Enjoy Buffering free Youtube videos: With DVDFab PlayerFab All-In-One

Since YouTube buffering issue is one of the most unavoidable problems while watching any youtube audio-video content while trying out all the above-mentioned solutions to fix the youtube buffering you must try the DVDFab PlayerFab-All-In-One with the unparalleled benefits of video watching. 

Buffering free watch with PlayerFab-All-In-One

● While watching YouTube videos on this media player without using a browser, you can easily avoid excessive browser cache issues to bypass YouTube buffering problems.

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● If your Ads-blocking software makes your YouTube video buffering then PlayerFab would allow you to watch YouTube content without ads that lead to buffering-free watching.

● You can watch YouTube videos automatically one after one in a loop with this media player.

● You can also speed up or slow down your YouTube video speed with double effects with the video speed control feature of Player Fab as compared to Youtube's inbuilt speed controller.

So, when you know the most impressive benefits of DVDFab PlayerFab, it's time to know what more you can explore in this all-in-one media platform. From DVD, Blu-ray content to local videos or any online streaming content, you play anything anytime on your Windows or Mac computer while searching the video content through this media player only without going to any different streaming platform.


  • Watch YouTube with 1080p video and EAC3 audio quality along with many other video and audio quality options to choose from.
  • Skip unwanted parts of the video with the auto skip intro feature.
  • Adjust playback speed with automatic play option of consecutive episodes of the show.
  • You can select subtitles, audio channels, and other metadata according to your need.
  • This player supports all types of video file formats with ads skipping option.
  • Enjoy high-resolution lossless audio like Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master, etc.


You can experience these exclusive features in a $ 169.99-lifetime subscription and if you are a paid subscriber you can get PlayerFab at $69.


  • 3D videos can be watched with this media player.
  • Watch 4K UHD videos with HDR effects.
  • Through the poster wall, you can manage the local media library.
  • Auto downloaded Metadata that is easy to edit.

So, after knowing the best solution to watch YouTube content without buffering problems and with DVDFab PlayerFab media player, you must pick the best solution to stay hooked to your favorite YouTube world for the longest period.

FAQs about YouTube buffering

How to fix YouTube buffering on firestick by updating FireOS and factory reset?

Updating FireOS: Home screen> Settings>My fire TV>About>Install the update.

Factory reset: Home screen> Settings>My fire TV> Reset to factory default>Reset.

What happens when you pause your YouTube video while facing buffering issues?

When you pause your video for at least a few seconds while buffering, it will give time to the buffer to build up the corresponding part of the video. This process will reduce the buffering time.

How does the youtube tv buffering issue bother you?

While watching your favorite show, series, movie, or favorite live show on YouTube TV, if you face buffering issues, it will not only spoil your watch, it will also spoil your mood, time, energy, and the whole enthusiasm to enjoy the content. Continuous buffering makes you annoyed and frustrated.

Final Feed

So, if you have been getting disturbed by your YouTube buffering issue, then you have probably sorted the best 13 solutions to the 11 reasons for YouTube buffering. From YouTube tv buffering to youtube buffering on firestick, you can handle any type of YouTube buffering issue on any device while following these above-mentioned solutions in a very effective way.